Top NZ Scientist Describes “Global Warming” as Pseudo-Science

Sto Vounó

The widespread obsession with Global-Warming-Climate-Change, in opposition to all factual evidence, is quite incredible. (Dr David Kear)

Dr David Kear is a former Director General of New Zealand’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) – as such he would have been considered one of New Zealand’s top scientists. He has been publishing on sea levels since the 1950s.

In 2013 Dr Kear prepared a booklet in which he set out his views on the globalist climate project. In the booklet, Dr Kear describes:

  • his experience with the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change
  • the corrupted science behind the Global Warming narrative
  • the corrupted science behind the claims of rising sea-levels
  • the demonisation by “Global Warmers” of the “essential and innocent gas, carbon dioxide”.
  • how councils are making zoning & other decisions purely to satisfy a false narrative, with total disregard for the facts

Think globally, act locally (UN…

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2 thoughts on “Top NZ Scientist Describes “Global Warming” as Pseudo-Science”

  1. On one side of the fence, you have those scientists that lean towards “global warming,” and on the other side, you have those scientists that do not.
    It’s all about the “divide and conquer” game.
    Divide the people to control the people

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