For the Birds: The serious decline of birds

Birds of New

Photo by Chris Bosak
Even common birds such as robins are declining, according to a new study.

Several articles published last week confirmed what we all knew already: Birds are in decline.

What was enlightening, in a bad way, was the degree to which birds are disappearing. Citing a report from the journal Science, the articles reported that there are 2.9 billion fewer birds in the U.S. and Canada now than there were in 1979. That’s a decrease of 29 percent.

The 2.9 billion fewer birds certainly is startling. The 29 percent decline is also eye-opening, but to be honest, that number doesn’t really surprise me given the percentage decline of some species. The wood thrush, for example, has declined 62 percent from 1966 to 2015, according to the North American Breeding Bird Survey. Its beautiful flute-like song still echoes throughout our woods, but not nearly as often as it…

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4 thoughts on “For the Birds: The serious decline of birds”

  1. We live in the heart of a national park in New Zealand. The non native thrushes have the most beautiful song at the dawn chorus… yet the one eyed woolly hat brigade want them gone from NZ – ‘not native’ they cry.
    We have dozens of species of non native birds taking refuge in the Kahurangi National Park and why shouldn’t they have the right to live? Someone told me this weekend that their were more thrushes and blackbirds in NZ than in their own native countries. That is startling.
    Last month the same group killed an iconic tree, a tree that is in NZ history books was poisoned by drilling and then pouring roundup into the holes. The same people poison our forests with 1080, a poison most of the world will not touch with a ten foot barge pole. This poison is dropped from helicopters, with the intention of killing ‘possums’. It is sold to NZ as the program that will save our birds… a look at the latest statistics taken through the Official Information Act shows you how horrendous this program is. Scroll to the txt image if short of time.

    When are people going to get up off their arses and tell the governments EnvironMENTAL departments to go to hell?

    THE PEOPLE IGNORING THIS ARE AS COMPLICIT AS THE DECISION MAKERS! I hope they all can sleep at night when the streets are silent at dawn and dusk.

    Thank you very much to NZs Pam Vernon for reposting this article.


  2. I have sadly noticed the decline in insect and birdlife even in some ways it appears that rural areas have more of a decline than towns ehere birds and insects go to get away from aerially dropped poisons. Last week a plane was noticed spraying over our homes in our valley settlement so not only insects and birds but people and their gardens are being sprayed without our consent.

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    1. That’s pretty blatant Aroha, over homes! I’ve noticed folk concerned with glyphosate spraying near their homes. Did anybody inquire what it was being sprayed? Remembering the apple moth debacle a few years back. Think you could be right re the birds heading to town areas where it’s safer. It’ll then be the 5G that will hit them if it ever gets here & hopefully not.


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