The history of global warming scares and fabrication of climate alarm – Sen Malcolm Roberts Australia

Published on Sep 25, 2011

Carbon Tax Corruption Scandal; Part 1 – series Introduction by the Galileo Movement. Join volunteer Malcolm Roberts and the Galileo Movement for this first in a series of videos that explain the deliberate manipulation and misrepresentation of science that is the basis of the government’s carbon tax. In this video: understand the scope of this series and how people really care; the difference between pollution and global warming; The Galileo Movement’s founding and purpose; the need to base our care on informed facts; the humanitarian danger of taking action without being accurately informed. The annotated script with links is available here:… Suggest watching Part 2: Rogues Gallery… For more information and to see the source of our facts please visit our research site – Especially Section 6. ‘Political Scam Exposed’ here:… Basic facts on carbon dioxide, pages 1 & 2 here:… Summary of the corruption of climate science:… For Malcolm Roberts’ short report on CSIRO and detailed appendices on many topics uncovered in the report:!.html