Mayor of Buller concerned about imminent 1080 drop

It is so good to see a Mayor who is aware of the issues with 1080. There are others we’ve noted previously, one being Queenstown, the other the Horowhenua where Mayor Feyen has indicated he would like to see alternatives to poison. Likewise a former Mayor of Taupo indicated the same & during his term attempted unsuccessfully to have it banned, exposing at the same time the gravy train that accompanies the 1080 poison industry.

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2 thoughts on “Mayor of Buller concerned about imminent 1080 drop”

  1. So many people are concerned over DOC’s illegal poisoning of our land & water, Some Doctors who have tried to warn the General Public about 1080 poison have been Threatened by DOC & have had to move overseas, DOC’s Top scientists like Mike Meads & Nick Head have been Fired for warning the public about the “Very Real” dangers of 1080 Poison. This corruption must be stopped

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