By Carol Sawyer

Free speech is under threat in NZ.

monitoring-1305045_1280.jpgLike many of you, I was born into a New Zealand where people did not lock their doors. Now, many people have security lights, CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, and some are starting to have phones at the ready to video armed policemen coming to their homes.

I am posting up all the links I have so far on these events in the last couple of weeks. I am sure there are more than these… this will be the tip of the iceberg.

What we know:

We know that the police have a list of at least 100 people they are watching.. for what we don’t quite know. They won’t tell us. (I am sure the number will be higher than 100 though). Here is an interview about this by Sean Plunket with Stephen Franks of the Free Speech Coalition on May 8, 2019:


At least two people, who have committed no crime other than to own an AR15, have had 14 and 30 armed police, respectively, arrive at their door unannounced. It appears they bought these guns in the rush of people buying the guns before the legislation changed and they were banned. Gun City reported a rush on sales, so these two are two of many. They were presumably not planning to commit mass murder! There is an amnesty on these guns until September 30th. Maybe it doesn’t apply to guns bought since the massacre. This seems unclear. I have asked gun-owners and no-one seems to know.

The stories of these two people are here:…/police-seize-gun-collectors-firea……/05/10/more-mad-government-ant…/…

As well as this, people who own no guns and have committed no crimes, have been visited by armed police – one of them by 15 armed police. The reason for one of the visits appears to have been that the man was making Youtube videos and the government didn’t like his political views.

Their stories are here:…/what-happens-to-those-who-spe…/…



So… some visits are about guns and some are about political views. They all seem to have one thing in common though. The people visited are being questioned by police about their political and religious beliefs… about what they think of Jacinda Ardern, about Trump, about Muslims and other religions, whether they have friends in ethnic minorities, and the like.


On May 10, 2019, I spoke to Travis Mills, Private Secretary ( Police ), about this matter. He told me, and I quote:

“It is highly unlikely that police would be questioning people’s political preferences. Who you vote for is not a matter for NZ Police.”

Therefore if this has happened, you need to lay a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority ( IPCA). Phone 0800-503-728, or fill in an online complaint form at


The NZ Police do need to tell us what The List is about, and what “misdemeanours” will cause you to end up on The List.
Anti-1080 people, including myself, have already been spied on by government agents. Here is the story that broke on the Spy Files, March 10, 2019 :…/doc-s-chats-with-thompson-and-c…

Presumably at least some Anti-1080 people are on The List, as well as Anti-vaccine people, and people who would like us to be One nation/ One people (that is now called “hate speech” by Justice Minister Andrew Little). In fact anyone who speaks out against government policies or Jacinda Ardern had better watch out.

The only thing George Orwell got wrong was the date!


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  1. It now seems we can all expect a Police Raid at any time, Just like the other countries with corrupt governments

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  2. Does it really matter?, any of us that speak out against the government and their beloved leaders, will be on the list very soon. See, I hate to make comments about Ms Ardern. I can’t really mention, that she is a total piece of garbage. Cause that could get me in a lot of trouble in today’s environment. So I won’t mentioned that at all! The rest of the government?, I don’t really know, they are down the ladder a bit in the corporate structure. See, the CEO is the culprit she calls the shots. Really? So me being on the list really doesn’t matter. When the police comes around they will be videoed and recorded and it will go on social media. You all do the same you hear!!

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    1. omg tinnelle 😦 Have you tried the alternatives folk are going to atm? MeWe is one. (Although I figure they’ll all eventually follow like dominoes??)


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