In NZ’s frenzied quest for gun seizures a 12 YO girl is still shaken after 30 armed Police raided her family’s property & pointed a gun at her

“The worst thing was they pointed a rifle at my 12-year-old daughter who was picking up horse poo. They told her to put the fork down and walk towards them. She is still anxious and shaken. The whole family is.”

Why is it necessary, in the quest for seizing guns from adults to ‘protect the public’ (so we are told) to terrorize young children? How is that conducive to protecting the public, the rationale that is being given for this sudden strange turn of events? Do these Police persons not have children themselves? Are they not trained to realize the trauma that this behaviour will embed in a child’s memory …. for life? This is the stuff of movies & it’s happening right here in New Zealand. It is not new however. This same behaviour occurred in 2007 when the Tuhoe people in Te Urewera (who are no strangers to illegal Police raids) were raided & similarly, armed offenders boarded a school bus, terrorizing little children.

Armed Police at a road block in the 2007 Te Urewera raid on the Tuhoe peopl

They also detained a family with little ones, one of them a four year old, in their family garage with no food, water or toilet for NINE hours. To update yourself on that one, watch ‘Operation 8’ on Youtube.  If you listen to the first minute of the video you will hear a 12 year old child describing what happened:

I saw all these people in black, and this man had a dog and it was right behind me and, just saw all these lights and, these guns, and it was really scary. All of us had to get down on our knees and put our hands on our heads. They asked for my name, did I know anything about terrorist things, or if I’ve been in trouble with the Police … I just started crying, and crying and … my nan tried to come over to me and asked me if I was okay, and then the Policeman behind us said ‘Shut up, don’t talk to her’ and moved closer towards me and pointed the gun down at my head.   Oct 15 2007

Those children would not sleep in their bedrooms for three months after this event, they were so afraid. They all slept together in their lounge. Shame on the NZ Police. Protecting the public? Really? When you see images of these armed offenders (see image above) they are enough to strike terror into the heart of an adult let alone a child. It all really beggars belief. Was this all a warm up for today’s scenarios?

Do read the article below, it’s from mainstream’s Stuff even (which surely tells you something). Pontificate on what has happened to your country Kiwis. The article describes a similar raid on another person.

Police seize gun collector’s firearms in ‘over the top’ raid

A community-minded contractor who dug the mass grave for victims of the mosque shootings for free says police went “way over the top” in raiding his house to seize his 11 firearms.

The colourful figure – who asked not to be named for security reasons but whose record of helping out people in the community and raising money is known to have endeared him to many – said about 30 police raided his west Christchurch block on April 2 about 5pm while he was still at work.

Some were Armed Offenders Squad members and others were in ordinary police uniform. A specialist search squad searched his house, outbuildings and a granny flat housing his 80-year-old mother.

Up to 30 police officers raided a gun collector's home and seized 11 firearms. (File photo).

“They even went through her underwear drawer. The worst thing was they pointed a rifle at my 12-year-old daughter who was picking up horse poo. They told her to put the fork down and walk towards them. She is still anxious and shaken. The whole family is.”

Police then rang him at work. He arranged to stand in the middle of the yard and asked the police to leave their guns in their vehicles.

“They still pointed their guns at me and made me walk towards them with my hands up. I got to them and said, “put that away before you hurt yourself”.”

He is now waiting for an explanation. He does not believe police were acting on a tip that he was dangerous. Police refused to comment, citing privacy – despite the man providing a privacy waiver.

“Unfortunately for privacy reasons we can’t respond to requests which seek to confirm whether specific individuals have made complaints to police, or if police have attended a specific address,” a police spokesperson said.

Some of the officers were from the Armed Offenders Squad, while others were in ordinary police uniform.
Some of the officers were from the Armed Offenders Squad, while others were in ordinary police uniform.

The man said: “I’ve seen them raid the Headhunters with less firepower than they raided us. It was just out of this world. Way over the top.”

He accepts police might have wanted a chat with him because after the mosque shootings, he had bought an AR15 rifle, from Gun City. The mosque shooter used an AR15 class rifle and they are now banned under new arms legislation.

rush of gun sales was reported in the aftermath of the March 15 mosque shooting after it was announced gun laws would change. The AR15 is amongst the most popular as a semi-automatic sporting rifle often used for deer, goat and pig hunting, as well as competitive target shooting.

“But all they needed to do was ring me and say we are coming around for a chat. If I was really up to no good I would have bought a firearm off the internet. Everyone knows that.”

The contractor said he had had a firearms licence since 1982 and had been shooting as a sport since he was 12.

He collected firearms and had two other AR15 rifles before the shooting.

When he bought the firearm, he thought he would be able to keep the gun under a grandfather arrangement where those who owned the guns before the law change would be allowed to keep them.

“It would have told a story.”

His confidence in the police had gone down to about zero, he said.

All his guns were confiscated in the raid and he is now trying to get them back.

“This didn’t need to happen. I’m not a criminal. They could have made a few other checks and seen I was not a risk.

He had two assault convictions from 35 years ago and had been out of trouble since, he said.

An Ashburton farm manager, who also declined to be named, told Stuffhe was also angry about the way he was treated by the police.

He was in his garage searching through his deep freezer shortly after eating lunch on Thursday when his wife told him there were some police officers coming up the drive.

“There were about three armed police that came out from the back of my section, and three more units pulled up at the driveway.”

Of the 14 police officers, eight were “heavily armed”.

The officers wanted to speak to him about the terror attacks, his views on police, Muslims and other religions. He was then asked if anyone was home.

“I said ‘no, my kids are at school’. Then they sent a team in to clear the house like in the movies, going into each room guns pointed clearing the house.”

The man said the officers told him the hour-long visit was initiated in part because he purchased an A-category AR15 from Gun City a day after the March 15 terror attack. His gun, which was being held in a secure safe, was seized, along with some other items including a scope and ammunition.

He told Stuff he travelled from Ashburton to Christchurch after the attack to buy the gun because he had always wanted one. His wife was planning on buying him one for his birthday in June, and was worried they would become harder to buy.

“It was probably the wrong decision but I thought if I don’t get one now I may miss the opportunity.”

He said he was not racist or anti-Islamic.

“I said so I’m not a fan but I understand there are good people out there, there are good Muslims. I’m not a fan of the religion but I’m not going to go out and kill people.”

He said the number of police officers was over the top and believed a call or visit from a local police officer would have been enough.

“I can’t understand why they needed that many armed police to come in here to ask me my views on this and then seize my gun.”



Header Photo, NZ Armed Offender : (note not from the actual incident)


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  1. Well, New Zealand has been designated the hideaway for the so-called elite who want to destroy civilization. They can’t have peasants armed and in their own neighborhoods don’t you know? God knows what they have planned but the fact they have chosen somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere tells me that a nuclear event in the Northern Hemisphere could be their choice. Due to jet streams/etc all radioactive fallout will remain in northern hemisphere. New Zealand is being primed for what the Deep State criminals have planned next.

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  2. So a police force that 2/3 of responding officers describe as making racist comments is now over-zealously applying gun raids … on people who helped Muslims?

    Hmmm … maybe I’m overthinking it, but given what we now know about police ignoring warnings before the Christchurch terrorist attacker – whose name we are supposed to forget, and is *not* being charged with terrorism?

    I’m just. a. little. bit. sceptical.

    Can just hear racist cops going – right, they want gun bans, we’ll give them gun bans – stir up a f***ing hornets nest.

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    1. He who shall not be named turns out, it seems, to be a 38 year old gentleman of no name from a country next to Palestine.
      So says Veterans Today. I’m buying!


  3. We need to stop voting for the globalists. I call our P.M. “Jacksinda” for the jack boots she’s using to stomp us with. She’s another Helenesque communist. #One-term-Adern.

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      1. Yeah all the major parties all globalists. Not sure about Winston. Have you looked at New Conservatives? I heard Elliot Ikilei in an interview last year after Goff banned free speech in Auckland, when Molyneux and Southern weren’t allowed to speak here. Elliot Ikilei made the most sense, the other interviewees were stupid liberals.
        So I’ve been following that party ever since. Their views are a lot like ours. And they want 1080 phased out.

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  4. Ardern, it seems to me has agreed to allow NZ to lead the NWO charge for disarmament of the people so that the only ones with guns will be the military and the police. It would appear that the Queen Bee of the Hive is obeying the dictates of the UN

    Comments from popular sites worldwide are saying Chch was BLATANTLY organized (clearly revealing multiple players) in order to achieve the expected reactions and comments so that “swoop” tactics could be applied across a number of boards, e.g. gun confiscations, Facebook censorship, hype about “hate” speech, closure of or targeting of truther channels, and so on. Doesn’t look good.
    These “people” are so slimy they could slide under a closed door.


    1. Hi Helena, good to hear from you. And yes, you put that all so well. So well summarized & slimy, hang yes!! Blatantly organized they say & yet NZ stands in firm denial of course as if we are all thick as short planks 😦


  5. you people most of you are speaking my language ..god bless the f*** out of ya and f*** the global satanic cabal


  6. I would like to be put in contact with Families who have had Armed Offenders pointing guns at their underages.
    I am personally still going to court against the Waikato Police for the exact same thing.
    They came 3 times in 8 days.
    No Warrent looking for a man i never heard of.
    Twice I had 2 uniform police.
    Then on the Friday last day of January school holidays the house was surrounded with guns by 4:45 am
    I still don’t know if the real reason is because I am on anti-1080 pages or they are just raciest.
    They detained my 11 yearold and put her in the back of their paddy wagon without my presence.
    She had walked towords them with her hands in the air beside her 27 year old brother.
    Her 20yrs old brother had just rung 111 and tried to stay in bed.
    2 reasons.
    Obviously he was scared of 6ft men dressed in black pointing guns at us all.
    But worse he had only just got home from night shift at 2.30am.
    Anybody on night shift would understand not being able to just jump out of bed thinking calmly on just 2hrs sleep!!!
    The Armed Offenders should know how difficult this is.
    They slept through the Not 1 but 2 Mosque Tradgedeys!!!
    Or is this just blatant racism.???
    And they have no intention of using their abilities to Protect any of us.
    Because they never show up unless a male cop has been hurt.
    Thats how it felt for a lot of people in Dunedin and Aromoana .
    Also Tuhoe.
    And now peacefull families throughout New Zealand.
    All i know about Labour is i’m never voting for their Police State Antics again!!!
    I get on with some Police .
    I hate the Waikato. They don’t deserve to be called police if they can’t act human without a gun.
    Yet everyone expects Uniform Police to act Civil at All Times.
    Im happy to report in my Personal Experience from Otago to Waikato Most Do!!!
    And most of the time without guns!!!!
    Armed offenders need Better Detectives to arrange things and Training by Uniforms on how to be more civil!!!

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    1. You’ve had a somewhat ‘interesting’ time there Ladonia. We’ve entered a very different era and certainly it’s disturbing to see children treated in this way.


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