The Truth About What is Happening in Christchurch New Zealand

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Hotel Grand Chancellor is a story that needs to be told. Maybe a book
someday! It was finally announced on Wednesday but it is the story behind
the delay that is interesting.

This story also applies to the rebuilding and repair of Christchurch which
Fletcher Building are overseeing.

The tender was to RCP (project managers for council) but was passed over to
CERA once they arrived.

CERA is staffed entirely by Fletchers employees.

CERA delayed the announcement for a month to enable Fletchers to study the
other tenderers info & submit a late bid. The day it was submitted CERA
awarded them the tender.

Fletchers price was 3 million higher than anyone else’s!

Fletchers have no intention of doing the demolition, taking the risk, or
putting up the bond to cover the risk. They are just appointing themselves
as project managers to clip the ticket & then getting the original…

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