DoC’s own census on Kea numbers reveals a decline from 60,000 in the 1970s, to an estimated 1 to 4,000 now … an open letter to Amanda Gillies

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch


(posted by Carol Sawyer)

“Our little piece of paradise was ruined for ever”

Introduction: On yesterday’s ‘AM Show’, the usual garbage about people opposed to 1080 was spouted by Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson. (Go to ‘The AM Show Catch-Up’, 9 March, 2020 – and fast forward to 2 hours, 25 minutes.) According to them, anti-1080 people are a ‘loud, ignorant, uneducated group” of “extremists”. Amanda Gillies said there may be some issues with 1080 but she didn’t think it was “the devil incarnate”. However Amanda was not strident and fixed in her views than the other two, so Jeff Patchett of Brightwater, Nelson wrote her a letter. Here it is:

“Dear Amanda,

I am writing to you specifically because I respect you and your values. You have a compassionate heart.

I have always been a fan of The A.M. Show…

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French police fatally shoot teenage assailant following beheading of teacher in Paris


People gather in front of the Bois d’Aulne college after the attack in the Paris suburb of Conflans St Honorine, France.

The teenager who beheaded a teacher outside the school in a Paris suburb where he taught had approached pupils in the street and asked them to point out his victim, anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said on Saturday.

Police shot dead the 18-year-old attacker, who was born in Russia, minutes after he murdered 47-year-old history teacher Samuel Paty in broad daylight in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on Friday.

A photograph of the teacher’s body, accompanied by a message claiming responsibility posted on Twitter, was discovered on the assailant’s phone, found near his body. Ricard said the Twitter account belonged to the attacker.

The post was removed swiftly by Twitter, which said it had suspended the account because it violated the company’s policy.

Ricard quoted the message as saying: “In the name of Allah…

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Vaxed – vexing questions about the Coronavirus pandemic

Red Sky in the morning

We’ve just gone into lock down in New Zealand where we have to stay at home.  While I agree with the government’s measures and accept that Covid-19 is a genuine pandemic – something is wrong.  To coin a verse from Shakespeare’s Hamlet; “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

That doesn’t mean I’m ignoring or minimising the threat of Covid-19 – we shouldn’t, but I have questions.  I’d rather ask the questions now and look silly in six months time, rather than keep silent about some things I’m discerning behind the scenes.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Coronavirus-3.jpg.optimalWorld Health Organization Warns That Coronavirus Poses A Greater Global Threat Than Terrorism

The bad smell emanating from Denmark is a mandatory vaccination for Covid-19 once it becomes available.  Yes, Denmark has passed legislation for it to be mandatory!

Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law

Vaccinations should never be mandatory.  Will other countries try…

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Covid-19, the economic pain to come

Red Sky in the morning

As a small business we’re trying to navigate our way through the Covid-19 shut-down.  Being an essential service (Information Technology) we’re trading under extremely limited circumstances.  We may survive, but it’s impossible to do any forecasting right now and I have no confidence in the government.

Coronavirus edicartoon-3-3_2020-03-02

I’m questioning this so-called pandemic and the government’s actions, or inactions.

On the 25th March, NZ went to level 4 lock down.  We only had two days to prepare for it.

Was this whole thing necessary?  Does it fit the definition of a pandemic?  How is it different from a Sars outbreak?

“How bad is this?  How evil is this one?” asks Duncan Garner, TV news presenter for Newshub.

“It’s not the most evil that we’ve had. Sars and Mers coronaviruses were more severe. They killed, were set up to kill a lot more people …” replied Doctor Petousis-Harris.

Doctor Helen Petousis-Harris…

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Life Hacks: Smoothie Secrets and My Best CLEAN Smoothie Recipes


  1. Orange: for immunity
  2. Green: for strength 
  3. Purple: for cleansing

If you have been reading my blog recently, you know that I did a fast and made a bunch of fruit- and vegetable-based smoothies with varying degrees of success.

Now I wanted to share with you the recipes for some good ones I made and point out their health benefits. Fruit, yes has sugar, but it also has fiber and other stuff. I include vegetables and fats in all of these for a balance that will leave you sated for awhile.

I have been working on three and then an “Everything” version.

First, I will offer some tips to make smoothie making super easy!

I, for one, get up at 5:45 am and race out the door with my smoothie in one hand and my coffee in the other at 6:30 am. My morning routine amounts to: get out of the…

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the lethal text


Whirl up, sea —

whirl your pointed pines,

splash your great pines on our rocks,

hurl your green over us,

cover us with your pools of fir.

(Oread, by H. D.)

Carbon is the element of life, common to all known life-forms. Its unique and astonishing properties make life possible. With four electrons available for covalent bonding, carbon forms a unique diversity of complex organic compounds, with more than ten million described to date; and yet that figure is only a tiny fraction of those theoretically possible. Carbon has an unusual ability to form polymers — macromolecules with repeating sequences, such as DNA — at temperatures experienced on earth. Carbon’s physical properties vary widely according to the allotropic form it takes, forms as distinct as graphene and diamond: soft and hard; opaque and transparent; conductive and insulating. Carbon will not ionise under any except implausibly extreme conditions. Its allotropes are thermally…

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Science Explains What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Oatmeal Every Day

Ultimate Support Guy

When you think of oats, you think of them as an ingredient in breakfast cereals and oatmeal. Over the past decade, oats have become an extremely popular health food. According to Healthline, oats are loaded with fiber (10.6g) and contain avenanthramide, which is only found in oats. Avenanthramide can help reduce arterial inflammation and regulate blood pressure. For those who eat oatmeal every day, whether it’s for breakfast or a snack during the day, there are certain things that it can do for your body.

eat oatmealProvidr

Help Control Weight: When it comes to losing weight, there are times we can always use a little help. So if you eat oatmeal, you might be able to control your weight. A study that was published in 2009 in an issue of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research gives evidence of this claim. The study concluded that a compound found in oatmeal…

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I titled the above report “OBAMA’S (AND SAUDIS’) DIRTY WAR.” That’s because the blatant lying to, and the deception of, the American people happened on Obama’s watch and on his orders (2013-2017). But this is by no means an exception.

I remember covering an almost identical story in the mid-1990s in Bosnia. Only this time the Liar-in-Chief at the White House was Bill Clinton. And the arms were illicitly shipped to the Bosnian Muslims via various circuitous routes, including Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

Some of them even included Iran, a country with which the US has had no diplomatic relations since 1980.

On Apr 5, 1996, the Los Angeles Times revealed that Bill Clinton “directly participated” in a decision to…

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Agent Orange and chilling photos of the war-crime that the US got away with…

The NZ Govt/corporation only acknowledged the damage this product did to its soldiers in around 2007. My father had to fight the authorities to have the name of a young soldier who died in Vietnam, included on the war cenotaph in our little rural town. This war was surrounded with much controversy in years we little knew of the covert goings on that we are more aware of now. And yes this product was produced in New Plymouth, go here to read up on that.

Hutt's World of People


This Kiwi soldier and others who served in Vietnam died through the effects of Agent Orange?


Spraying from ground and air – Agent Orange contained one of the the most toxic chemicals ever – dioxin. This chemical was also manufactured in NZ to spray canefields in Fiji.

See some of the most horrible images connected with Agent Orange.

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The sellout of NZ

Another excellent expose of the corruption within our clean green paradise (not) …

Red Sky in the morning

Thanks to greed, poor planning and economic mis-management, we can kiss goodbye to dreams of home ownership and a quarter acre section for the kids to run around on.  We now have people living in cars – unheard of before the economic reforms of the 1990’s.

New Zealand now has the highest housing prices in the world, next to Qatar!

How did we get here? These are a number of causes; (1) Supply and demand, (2) Land restrictions under UN inspired initiatives like Agenda 21 and now C40, (3) Foreign banks creating NZ’s money, and (4) Economic mismanagement.

(1 and 2) The demand for land out-stripping supply. The Auckland City Council has been restricting the amount of land that can be built on. Our media haven’t reported on this – but in December the Auckland City Council signed up to the C40 Low Carbon City Group, a group of councils…

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Death of the Pacific Ocean:Fukushima/Mass-Extinction, in Progress

More information on Fukushima … the disaster that contrary to mainstream media reports never went away. It continually gets worse… (article, with thanks, from

Useful Eaters: If you are not in the kitchen you are on the menu.

2016 is here. And with a vengeance.
“Vengeance is mine” allegedly sayeth the lord.
You could say the same thing about Mother Nature.
Because when any creature defies the Laws of Nature, the grace and good-will of Mother Nature issues a courtesy-warning, and our insticts and intellect can pick it up loud and clear: it’s called “danger.”
And when that danger is recognized, all manner of evasive or problem-solving tactics and strategies can be devised and deployed.
But when danger is not recognized, and warnings ignored,the outcome is “written” so to speak, almost “predestined” by God and/or Nature itself:

Mother Natures final notice of terminal error.
For almost 5 years now, according to Japanese and other scientists, 300 metric tons of intensely radioactive plutonium water has been pouring relentlessly into the pacific ocean, from the THREE nuclear power plants STILL BURNING at Fukushima.
In other words, to date, 529,500…

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