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Sneaky TPP – KIWIS, Wake Up! … Learn what it means for NZ.

Lori Wallach


THE TPPA, Risks and Realities. PARADIGM Episode 1 Vinny Eastwood

The glaring conflict of interest – John Key is a shareholder of the Bank of America (page 29 of 2015 register of financial interests for MPs)

What is the TPPA and what does it mean for NZ?



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Published on Nov 10, 2015

With the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) no longer secret Thom discusses what’s in the trade deal with Public Citizen’s Melinda St. Louis, radio host and author Ari Rabin-Havt, and the U.S. Business and Industry Council’s Kevin Kearns.
Full Show 11/9/15: Exposing the Disastrous TPP
Thom Hartmann on Science & Green News: 11/9/15
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Full Text of TPP Trade Deal Revealed — and Critics Say It’s Even Worse Than They Thought…

Just how bad is the TPP? (w/ Congressman Alan Grayson)…

also of importance (blast from the past):
Reports: 98% Of Pacific Seafloor Covered In Dead Sea Creatures 145 Miles Off The Coast Of California…

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Nuclear Experts: Million cancers could result from Fukushima — Already hundreds of times more thyroid cancers… “Just the tip of the iceberg… worst is yet to come …. read more at the source on Youtube (below video)

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