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Fight against 1080 goes to Te Taitokerau Māori Land Court

A must watch is yesterday’s interview of Alan Gurden & Emille Leaf. They refer to the problems raised in this article that 1080 is purportedly addressing.

The article below is from Herald:

An urgent injunction has been lodged in the Māori Land Court Te Taitokerau to stop the Department of Conservation making 1080 drops over public or private land.

The injunction was accepted at the Te Taitokerau land court in Whangārei on Thursday afternoon on the grounds of the urgency of the case, said a spokesman for the applicants.

The injunction will be considered today.

Lodged by Northland men Riki Ngatoki and Hayward Brown, it was prepared with the help of Nga Tikanga Māori Law Society Inc.

The Department of Conservation (DoC) is due to drop 1080 poison over Russell State Forest and part of Cape Brett in the next two weeks, weather permitting, after laying taster bait last week.

A spokeswoman said a copy of the injunction was delivered to the Whangārei office late last week.

DoC has called off all planned drops until the outcome of the injunction is known, she said. DoC could not comment further while the matter was in that process.

The injunction did not specify the Northland drops but applied to the use of 1080 anywhere over Māori land in New Zealand, Ngatoki said.

Another case is expected to be heard in the Environment Court this week, lodged by Auckland opponents of 1080 trying to stop a drop in the Hunua Ranges.

But Nga Tikanga Māori Law considers the matter its injunction is based on is about land and ownership rights.

It is understood Māori Land Court injunction refers to land boundaries and legal descriptions in the intended Northland drop zone.

Ngatoki said the underlying argument is about returning to tangata whenua the right to say what happens on Māori-owned land. He said poisoning the land and water was not part of the values of past generations or of tikanga Māori.



Photo: Carol Sawyer

Helping New Zealanders fight Cancer Naturally

Police officer Anton Kuraia is a cancer patient who is now thriving after treatment and is preparing for an 809 km walk. 07 November 2014 Photograph by John Stone. NAG 08Nov14 -
Police officer Anton Kuraia is a cancer patient who is now thriving after treatment, seen here preparing for an 809 km walk, raising awareness and funds to help other cancer sufferers.
07 November 2014 Photograph by John Stone.

Helping New Zealanders fight Cancer Naturally

I’ve added a new page to the site this week on health (titled ‘Health and Wellness’).  Featured there is New Zealand man, Anton Kuraia, a Northland Policeman with a young family who, after a course of chemotherapy, was sent home with only four weeks to live. Fortunately, he then heard about IV Vitamin C therapy, and decided to give it a go… amazingly,  with success.

“…to show New Zealanders that there is always hope, even after a terminal cancer prognosis, and that there are options out there for you.”

His wonderfully encouraging story featured several times in the New Zealand media (links on the Success Stories page) … I found his website, contacted him and asked to feature his story here. If you explore his site you’ll find a page called ‘Bundle of Hope’ … where he and others have raised money to help others source the same treatment he received. Donations are welcomed.

The site also provides information on lifestyle, diet and environmental influences on health.

Here is a link to the envirowatch page which also has links to the media articles:  


Here is a link to Anton’s website: http://www.the809foundation.org.nz/my-story/

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