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The DoC contractor who ADMITTED to dumping 75kg of 1080 poison into a Stewart Island swamp was let off with ZERO consequences

By Carol Sawyer

On Feb 21, 2019, I wrote:

No surprises here – they can hardly prosecute someone for dumping 1080 when they sign off on the dumping of 1080 themselves !

‘Environment Southland director for policy, planning and regulatory services Vin Smith said Environment Southland completed its review of the DOC investigation in November (2019).

“After seeking legal advice, we’ve decided not to take this further as it was indicated the evidence would be insufficient to lead to a successful prosecution.” ‘ Stuff, 27 January, 2019.

See link here :


WHAT DO THEY MEAN – INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE ?! The contractor, Tony Leith, admitted it!

On July 14, 2018, I wrote :


DoC’s acting deputy director-general for operations, Reg Kemper says, of contractor Tony Leith’s dumping of 3 x 25 kg bags of 1080 in a swampy area of forest on Stewart Island :

“It beggars belief that a qualified professional hired to do pest control would think it is acceptable to dump toxin…….He has assured us that it is a one-off incident.”

So how come last night’s news carried the story that this same contractor dumped an 8 kg bag of 1080 in the same block on Stewart Island, which was discovered last April, and REPORTED TO DoC at the time ?


1080 poison bait to be dropped directly into water on Tongariro Crossing (GrafBoys)

Published on Aug 6, 2018

I have been requested to amend (which means remove) the video clip about the Medical Officer of Health permitting 1080 poison bait to be dropped directly into water around Turangi, and the Tongariro Crossing. It was loaded a couple of days ago, but I have been asked to amend it, because the MoH stated he was concerned for the safety of staff, after a name was accidentally left on the poison approval document contained in the video clip. The clip has now been removed, and is RELOADED here, with the amendment. Please share it. The question is, what about the safety of the people that drink the water around Turangi, and the Tongariro Crossing – let alone the rotting carcasses that end up polluting waterways for months after – what about the safety of the public, from the poisons that the Medical Officer of Health has approved to be aerially spread across land and water??? (The choppers have been seen spreading pre-feed bait, today) …