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A long standing community garden in Tauranga that supplies a local food bank is going to be billed $314 pa for occupation of council land

BayfairCommunityGarden at Facebook

“We have had a bit of a shock this week with a demand from the Tauranga City Council that we pay an annual fee of $314.00 for occupation of their land. We have cultivated a garden on the Hillier fenceline for 18 years, 6 years before that on Hillier Centre land, which was sold to expand their organisation. All of us are volunteers from the nearby community with the sole aim of supplying the Tauranga Food Bank each Tuesday with a variety of fresh vegetables. Last year we sent them 539 banana boxes of vegetables.
We are a not for profit and unfunded group but small donations and generous businesses keep us going.
Most of us are retired and this morning I worked out our average age at 75!
With housing so difficult for struggling local families we know we are contributing in a very practical way.
We, along with all others we have spoken to, are appalled that our council wants to charge this totally unfair fee.
We do not have the resources to meet the council’s demands.