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White Island and the new “NEMA”… NZ’s Civil Defence as we knew it closed Dec 1st!

If you only ever read the mainstream version of world events you will likely consign this to conspiracy but there are events unfolding in your country since those in March this year that are not what they seem. People will be aware now of course of the eruption two days ago at White Island in the Bay of Plenty. I lived there for five years & earth tremors in that region are frequent from the Island. The entire area is connected right down to Taupo volcanic wise. It is also a tourist spot with tours onto the island and recently there had been an increase in volcanic activity. Whatever were they thinking, taking tourists on there? Read further down some observations by Nigel Gray who closely observes & records weather manipulation and earth events on his Youtube channel Imaginzation. He comments on the curious transformation of our Civil Defence just days before this event. Firstly though, the eruption & mainstream’s coverage:

“Eight people are missing and five confirmed dead after a volcanic eruption on White Island / Whakaari. A further 31 are in hospital receiving treatment. Those still on the island are not likely to be alive, according to police who have carried out aerial searches. A pilot also carried out a physical search of the island and found no signs of life.”

READ MORE: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/12/white-island-eruption-live-updates-no-signs-of-survivors-on-whakaari.html?fbclid=IwAR3ICf62CEzVQBv-iC4JCdceWqwpYIc7Uq8FO0oM0npwfG9iM4-Mgj99MOo Note see images & videos by Michael Schade a tourist who had just left the island 20  minutes prior:

From Prof. Nigel Gray
10 Dec 2019

I think what we are seeing here looks like strategic planning. Police allowed a man only 5 weeks in the country to get a gun license online using online “friends” as references and purchasing 2000 rounds of ammunition “by mistake”. Now we have a situation where “just by chance” 10 days after Civil Defence is closed down and a new agency established for the country called NEMA ….. National Emergency Management Response (note the familiarity to “FEMA” here!) and we have an “overlooking” of the dangers so the new agency can do their first “operation”! The eruption? Set off with EMF….it was already showing an uptick in activity so it would have been an easy target. They have been doing EMF in that area for months now, including two beams that set off a swarm of earthquakes in Wairoa….and yes, we have those beams recorded.


Note that this new legislation passes more power to local authorities and Ministry of Health when a pandemic happens…..ie. to enact mandatory vaccination etc. So yes, there we have it, Big Pharma do have their part in this too!

“The vast majority of emergencies are managed at the local level. This means the local council – or potentially other lead agencies, such as Police for an armed offender emergency, the Ministry for Primary Industries for a biosecurity or food safety emergency, or the Ministry of Health for a pandemic emergency – are in charge.” (from the NEMA website)

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Interesting isn’t it? Why ever were folk touring that Island with the noted increased activity and warnings in place? …. On other fronts we’ve had two Police shootings recently, both in which a man was shot dead. We have Police now armed with weapons and armored vehicles. We have the measles scare on an island not too far away that has now mandated vaccines with NZ making noises for some time now about the same. Before the last election Labour said they ‘hadn’t ruled it out’. No mention in the media re Samoa of the two babies that died immediately after their vaccination just months prior to mandating. Note, prior to the patenting of vaccines death from measles was extremely rare. The South Island’s West Coast has just been hammered with 1080 & a subsequent by kill of the wildlife with the ongoing denial of the dangers of that class 1A ecotoxin to humans. And they have just switched 5G on in that area, in spite of the industries’ and colluding government’s blatant lies that it is harmless. It isn’t. Why else won’t Lloyds insurance cover wifi / 5G damages? Now it is also live in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. Enjoy your fast downloads people but don’t forget to get the ongoing stats from your hospitals on stroke, cardiac problems, cancer and miscarriages. All illustrated by independent science. EWR