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DOC cowardly cover-ups exposed re:clandestine 1080 loading in Whitianga’s CBD

This is an article from Fishing and Outdoors that exposes the finer details around the assault of Graeme Sturgeon who came to observe the unloading of 1080 in the CBD of Whitianga. This is the March 2018 issue published on Mar 3, 2018.

For our coverage of this issue as it unfolded go here and here

Clyde Graf interviews Graeme Sturgeon on the assault case the Court dismissed

Clyde Graf is with Carol Sawyer and Kathy White.


The Crown vs Graeme Sturgeon – 1080 Poison Assault – “Charges Dismissed” … here’s the post-decision video interview …


So very, very wrong what these good people were put through.

Graeme Sturgeon is interviewed here by Clyde and Steve Graf. Frankly speaking, I feel privileged to know such amazing people.

Yet despite what Graeme and Julie have been through, as Graeme says here they will not give up the fight to save their water and wildlife.

Other heroes to me are hardworking and generous-spirited John and Denise Allen, who organised a campsite on the outskirts of Thames and set up to cater for however many people turned up – up to 300 people if necessary.

Fighting 1080 poison is fighting the NZ government. There is no environmental battle harder than that.

So much of the time it feels impossible, futile – insane even – to be trying to stop this taxpayer-funded, propagandised industry, where helicopter companies like EPRO and HeliOtago make many tens of millions every year; where senior management in DoC and OSPRI are on salaries they could never hope to replicate, even closely, in the private sector; where trucking firms like those owned by Trojan Holdings ( Northern Southland Transport, Upper Clutha Transport, Cromwell Transport ), transport all the 1080 required in the lower South Island all the way from Whanganui in the North Island to points south; where the factory that manufactures all the 1080 baits in NZ, Animal Control Products, ( trading as Orillion ), in Whanganui,, has two nominal directors – the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Agriculture – and has a chairman, Terry Murdoch, who is an owner of Christchurch Helicopters Ltd – which company has a contract with DoC re orange-fronted parakeet translocation and has Dept of Conservation written on their helicopters ! Oh, and let us not forget one of the owners of Christchurch Helicopters is national All Black hero Richie McCaw…. Carol Sawyer

Photo: screen shot from TV Wild’s interview

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A former DoC Field Centre Manager speaks out: “Appalled” by DoC staff behaviour at Whitianga 1080 drop

By Carol Sawyer


These two photos are of DoC-employed security ‘guards’ (thugs?) at the aerial 1080 operation near Whitianga, Coromandel Peninsula, October 2017.


On the first photo, Paul Thomas comments :

“As a former manager of DoC I’m just appalled at the behaviour of staff. I find this behaviour abhorrent! It has NO fit in conservation!! Nor has 1080!! Conservation is about connecting people to manage what is precious to all of us! There is NO connection here, only failure!!”:

Of the second photo (header image) he says “The disconcerting and ugly face of DoC – a disgrace !!”

I have posted these comments up again with his permission. Intrigued, I asked Paul for his background. He says :

“I was Field Centre Manager in Reefton 1990 to 1998. Managing predominantly Victoria Conservation Park (NZ Largest) and part Lewis Pass National reserve! Before that I was a conservation officer based on Kawau Island – Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park. Before that a conservation officer at Waipoua Forest Sanctuary! My career started as a reserved ranger at Trounson Kauri Park 1987, just before DoC came along! Post 1998 I did some project management work for DoC in historic resource management ! Which I continue now in community based built heritage projects, I do the projects as a volunteer. I do though have a continued interest in the natural environment. I’m a Lincoln Parks and Recreation Management graduate.”

Thank you, Paul, for speaking out.