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A renowned toxicologist has called on the US Govt to halt the CV VX distribution

From The Health Forum NZ fb page

“We could potentially sterilize an entire generation”

So many esteemed scientists now standing up and speaking out demanding a HALT to the roll out of Covid 19 vaccines…
These are not quacks, cranks and conspiracy theorists.
These are scientists with years of professional experience.

Renowned toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., has called on the U.S. government to halt COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Late last month, Lindsay told a meeting of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) in Atlanta that the vaccines “must be halted immediately due to safety concerns on several fronts.” ACIP had convened to discuss blood disorders linked to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
DR LINDSAY WHO HOLDS A DOCTORATE FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AND HAS MORE THAN THREE DECADES OF SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE cited potential blood clot, fertility, and immune issues related to the jabs. Her full testimony can be found on YouTube.
“This is not a coincidence”
“In the mid-1990s, I aided the development of a temporary human contraceptive vaccine which ended up causing unintended autoimmune ovarian destruction and sterility in animal test models, despite efforts against this and sequence analyses that did not predict this,” Lindsay told ACIP.
“I strongly feel that all the gene therapy [COVID-19] vaccines must be halted immediately due to safety concerns on several fronts,” she said. Dr. Lindsay warned that the vaccines could hinder the production of syncytin, a crucial protein for fertility and pregnancy, and negatively impact pregnancy outcomes as a result.
“First, there is a credible reason to believe that the COVID vaccines will cross-react with the syncytin and reproductive proteins in sperm, ova, and placenta, leading to impaired fertility and impaired reproductive and gestational outcomes,” she argued.
“RESPECTED VIROLOGIST DR BILL GALLAHER, PhD made excellent arguments as to why you would expect cross-reaction due to beta sheet conformation similarities between spike proteins and syncytin-1 and syncytin-2,” Lindsay said.
“I have yet to see a single immunological study which disproves this. Despite the fact that it would literally take the manufacturers a single day to do these syncytin studies to ascertain this. It’s been over a year since the assertions were first made that this could occur.”
“We have seen 100 pregnancy losses reported in VAERS,” the vaccine injury tracking system of the U.S. government, as of April 9, Dr. Lindsay continued. “And there have been reports of impaired spermatogenesis and placental findings from both the natural infection, vaccinated, and syncytin knockout animal models that have similar placental pathology, implicating a syncytin-mediated role in these outcomes.”
Lindsay also pointed to reports of irregular menstrual cycles following COVID-19 shots. “We simply cannot put these [coronavirus vaccines] in our children who are at .002% risk for COVID mortality if infected, or any more of the child-bearing age population, without thoroughly investigating this matter,” she said.
Otherwise, “we could potentially sterilize an entire generation.” “Speculation that this will not occur and a few anecdotal reports of pregnancies within the trial are not sufficient proof that this is not impacting on a population-wide scale,” Lindsay said.
Dr. Lindsay noted that “all of the [COVID vaccine] gene therapies are causing” blood clots, as well. “This is not isolated to one manufacturer, and this is not isolated to one age group.”
“We are seeing coagulopathy deaths in healthy young adults with no secondary comorbidities. There have been 795 reports related to blood clotting disorders as of April 9th in the VAERS reporting system, 338 of these being due to thrombocytopenia,” she added.
“There are forward and backward mechanistic principles for why this is happening. The natural infection is known to cause coagulopathy due to the spike protein. All gene therapy vaccines direct the body to make the spike protein,” she said. Lindsay cited a paper published in the Journal of Hematology & Oncology in 2020, which showed that infusing spike proteins led to blood disorders in mice.
“Spike protein incubated with human blood in vitro also caused blood clot development which was resistant to fibrinolysis” — a process that stops the growth of clots. “The spike protein is causing thrombocytic events, which cannot be resolved through natural means,” she said. “And all vaccines must be halted in the hope that they can be reformulated to guard against this adverse effect.”
Lindsay’s comments were cut off at the ACIP meeting before she could mention her third concern, though that final point has been published on the website of Dr. Jennifer Margulis.
“Third, there is strong evidence for immune escape, and that inoculation under pandemic pressure with these leaky vaccines is driving the creation of more lethal mutants that are both newly infecting a younger age demographic, and causing more COVID-related deaths across the population than would have occurred without intervention,” Lindsay said.
“We have enough evidence now to see a clear correlation with increased COVID deaths and the vaccine campaigns,” she continued. “This is not a coincidence. It is an unfortunate unintended effect of the vaccines.”
Her conclusion: “We must halt all COVID vaccine administration immediately before we create a true pandemic that we cannot reign in.”
DR STEPHANIE SENEFF PhD a protein synthesis expert and research scientist at MIT, expressed that she “absolutely shares these concerns” in an email to Margulis.
“The potential for blood clotting disorders and the potential for sterilization are only part of the story,” Dr. Seneff said. “There are other potential long-term effects of these vaccines as well, such as autoimmune disease and immune escape, whereby the vaccines administered to immune-compromised people accelerate the mutation rate of the virus so as to render both naturally acquired and vaccine-induced antibodies no longer effective.”
The CDC nevertheless resumed injections of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine last month, though a Norwegian government commission has renewed calls for the jab to be shelved. VAERS has tracked more than 4,400 deaths following COVID-19 vaccine injections as of Monday. The survival rate of the virus has been estimated to be as high as 99.8%.



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57 top scientists & doctors release shocking study on CV VXes & demand immediate stop to all VXes

From en-volve.com

A group of 57 leading scientists, doctors and policy experts has released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the current COVID-19 vaccines and are now calling for an immediate end to all vaccine programs. We urge you to read and share this damning report.

There are two certainties regarding the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. The first is that governments and the vast majority of the mainstream media are pushing with all their might to get these experimental drugs into as many people as possible. The second is that those who are willing to face the scorn that comes with asking serious questions about vaccines are critical players in our ongoing effort to spread the truth.

You can read an advanced copy of this manuscript in preprint below. It has been prepared by nearly five dozen highly respected doctors, scientists, and public policy experts from across the globe to be urgently sent to world leaders as well as all who are associated with the production and distribution of the various Covid-19 vaccines in circulation today.



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“Turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction” – a vaccine and virology world expert is asking humanity to “STOP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”

“A pre-eminent vaccine and virology world expert, Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, imploring the world to STOP mass vaccination. What we are doing is forcing the virus into more virulent and deadly forms. It’s called VIRAL IMMUNE ESCAPE and one of the wisest experts in the world is asking humanity to STOP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.”

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From and featuring a UK Column video (view at 6-16 mins). Dr Geert Vanden Bossche (formerly with Bill & Melinda Gates Fndn and GAVI) sounds a serious warning on the vaccine rollout for covid.

UK Column 84.8K subscribers

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Environment Court orders halt to Auckland Council’s 1080 drop in Hunua Ranges

[NZ Herald] A trust opposing Auckland Council’s 1080 poison drop in the Hunua Ranges has won a court injunction temporarily suspending the operation.

The council had already begun covering the bush with non-toxic pre-drop pellets, to be followed up with 1080 within seven to 10 days, despite being aware of the application to the Court from the Friends of Sherwood Trust.

Judge Jeff Smith said the pre-feed drop had commenced just prior to a telephone conference.

“The Council proceeded with the drop in the knowledge of this application and therefore at its own peril in the event that the interim orders are granted for the long term.”






Petition to stop the aerial spreading of 1080 poison

Petition of Josephine Violet – Stop aerial release of 1080 poison