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The same tech that makes your life easier is being weaponised

WATCH AT LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFD_Cgr2zho&t=41s

The New York Times 3.52M subscribers A tank that drives itself. A drone that picks its own targets. A machine gun with facial recognition software. Sounds like science fiction? A.I. fueled weapons are already here. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n More from The New York Times Video: http://nytimes.com/video ———- Whether it’s reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It’s all the news that’s fit to watch.

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AstraZeneca jab trips Bluetooth notification, connecting TV to man’s body

From markcrispinmiller.com

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From a friend:

Unbelievable! Make sure you see 55 seconds in as he walks up to a TV in an establishment without his cellphone and it senses a sensor and trips the TV to connect to him! Everywhere he goes, he keeps getting a Bluetooth notification.

AstraZeneca Shot Bluetooth Side Effect


Extremely troubling:

Deaths Increase Dramatically After Mass Inoculations:


“The Highwire” took to the street to do their own magnetic testing. Six out of 15 people’s arms attracted the magnets:



France: the ‘papers please’ forms go digital & your phone will vibrate if you exceed distance &/or time away from your home

Hitler would be envious I’m sure. Total surveillance & control all from your handy smart phone. Two articles here updating the papers requirement from the esteemed authorities to leave your house. Getting very Orwellian isn’t it? NZ is following suit with Police checkpoints over Easter we’ve just heard. In case you dare to head off somewhere different and cater to the state of your non-essential mental health. EWR





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