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Hurricane Dorian


Based upon 15 days of covering the events surrounding Hurricane Dorian, including numerous forensic pics, articles and videos, I’m convinced that Dorian was a Man-made Directed Energy Weapon Hurricane in the Bahamas. To the best of my knowledge, no Hurricane I know of, except Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, “stalled” and remained motionless for over 18 hours in one particular location. Quite literally, the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands of the Bahamas have been wiped-off the face of the earth. According to one gentleman, “there is no port…there is no power…the hopes of restoring power anytime soon is impossible…there is no help”. in another report I just listened to on the BAHAMAS PRESS website, looting has been widespread. In addition, the website reported there has been no less than 72 homicides in the past 3 hours, as criminals are brandishing guns and stealing whatever cash they can from the wallets and purses their own fellow Bahamians. The government and the media have been complicit in covering-up the true destruction and death toll in the Bahamas. While the media reports only 35 deaths have been attributed to Dorian, one Abaco Island rescue worker declared in a video that he saw at least 200 victims just in his sector, most of them unrecognizable. Below you will find a compilation of videos and articles that I’m sure will break your hear. Be sure to share this post. Thousands of people in the Bahamas need to get the word out and are in desperate need of our help. “IT WASN’T JUST A HURRICANE…BODIES EVERYWHERE…YOU COULD SMELL IT” ~ FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT OF DORIAN’S UTTER DESTRUCTION OF ABACO ISLAND IN THE BAHAMAS Video * Sept. 8, 2019 https://www.facebook.com/BPresslive/videos/362581517986486/ THE BAHAMAS: “THE BODY COUNT IS HIGH. THIS IS UNREAL. PEOPLE HAVE TO KNOW.” Video * Sept. 7, 2019 Officials have said that the death toll could be staggering as the full extent of the damage caused to life and property by Hurricane Dorian slowly becomes clearer. The Major category 5 Hurricane smashed the islands with winds of over 175mph for up to 48 hours after stalling, This left residents being battered for far longer than would often be the case resulting in horrendous conditions for anyone who tried to see it out. On Thursday Health Minister Duane Sands warned of a “staggering” final count. “The public needs to prepare for unimaginable information about the death toll and the human suffering,” he told local radio. The International Red Cross have also said they estimate roughly 13000 properties were badly damaged or completely destroyed. https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeWeather.co/videos/2882694675078913/ DORIAN’S DESTRUCTION IN THE BAHAMAS Video * Sept. 5, 2019 https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeWeather.co/videos/2412088369029403/ HURRICANE DORIAN: NEW AERIAL FOOTAGE OF THE WIDESPREAD DEVASTATION THE ABACO ISLANDS OF BAHAMAS Video * September 4, 2019 https://www.facebook.com/WeatherNation/videos/383796952513193/ BAHAMAS: ABACO ISLAND BISHOP’S FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT OF DORIAN: “THERE IS NO GAS STATIONS…THERE IS NO PORT…THERE IS NO POWER…THE HOPES OF RESTORING POWER ANYTIME SOON IS IMPOSSIBLE…THERE IS NO FOOD STORES…THERE IS NO HARDWARE STORES…THERE IS NO BANKS…THERE IS NO HELP” Video * Sept. 8, 2019 https://www.facebook.com/BPresslive/videos/2548815348531665/ HURRICANE DORIAN REMAINED STATIONARY OVER GRAND BAHAMA AND ABACO ISLANDS FOR 18 HOURS, DUMPING AN ASTOUNDING 24 INCHES (609 MM) OF RAIN From Prof. RS “Rick” Duarte, Jr. * Sept. 3, 2019 Extremely-dangerous Hurricane “Dorian” dumped over 609 mm (24 inches) of rain over parts of Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands and claimed lives of at least 5 people. The current forecast track takes its core north of Grand Bahama Island through this evening (EDT). The hurricane will then move dangerously close to the Florida east coast late today through Wednesday evening, very near the Georgia and South Carolina coasts Wednesday night and Thursday, and near the North Carolina coast late Thursday and Thursday night. In the early hours of Tuesday, September 3, Hurricane Dorian had been stationary over the island of Grand Bahama for 18 hours, most of the time as a Category 5 hurricane, NASA’s Goddard Space Center reports. Early Tuesday morning, Dorian’s central pressure had risen and its wind intensity had dropped to Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. In addition, Dorian had experienced an eyewall replacement cycle on September 2, so by Tuesday morning September 3, the geographic extent of its tropical-storm-force winds had expanded. These rain estimates come from the NASA IMERG algorithm, which combines observations from a fleet of satellites, in near-realtime, to provide global estimates of precipitation every 30 minutes. The storm-total rainfall at a particular location varies with the forward speed of the hurricane, with the size of the hurricane’s wind field, and with how vigorous the updrafts are inside of the hurricane’s eyewall. Dorian’s core is finally moving away from Grand Bahama Island, NHC forecasters noted 18:00 UTC today. However, dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge will continue on Grand Bahama through this evening (EDT). At the time, Dorian’s center was located about 105 km (65 miles) N of Freeport, Grand Bahama and 170 km (105 miles) E of Fort Pierce, Florida. Its maximum sustained winds were 175 km/h (110 mph), placing it on the upper end of Category 2 hurricane. The storm was moving NW at 7 km/h (5 mph) with minimum central pressure of 959 hPa. A slightly faster motion toward the northwest or NNW is expected later today and tonight (EDT). A turn toward the north is forecast by Wednesday evening, September 4, followed by a turn toward the NNE Thursday morning, September 5. On this track, the core of extremely dangerous Hurricane “Dorian” will gradually move north of Grand Bahama Island through this evening. The hurricane will then move dangerously close to the Florida east coast late today through Wednesday evening, very near the Georgia and South Carolina coasts Wednesday night and Thursday, and near the North Carolina coast late Thursday and Thursday night. It will remain a powerful hurricane during the next couple of days. A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for Jupiter Inlet, FL to South Santee River, SC A Storm Surge Watch is in effect for North of South Santee River, SC to Cape Lookout, NC A Hurricane Warning is in effect for Jupiter Inlet, FL to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL; North of Edisto Beach, SC to South Santee River, SC A Hurricane Watch is in effect for North of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL to Edisto Beach, SC; North of South Santee River, SC to Duck, NC; Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Grand Bahama and the Abacos Islands in the northwestern Bahamas; North of Deerfield Beach, FL to Jupiter Inlet, FL; North of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL to Edisto Beach, SC. https://watchers.news/2019/09/03/dorian-dumps-over-609-mm-24-inches-of-rain-on-grand-bahama-moving-toward-usa/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

Photo: Wikipedia, By U.S. Customs and Border Protection – 190906

‘Don’t get on the Fema Barges’ from a volunteer rescuer at Hurricane Harvey

This video relates events experienced by a volunteer rescuer who was on the ground at Hurricane Harvey in Texas. He has a lot to say about his experiences there and advice that you can well store for future reference as hurricanes continue to spawn & devastate populations right where they live.

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