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DoC sends 116 TONNES 1080 poison to landfill, 2016-2019 … 66 TONNES to the Manawatu-Whanganui region

By Carol Sawyer

This includes 66 tonnes of 1080 baits targeted for the 33,000 ha aerial 1080 drop at Makarora in 2015.

The pre-feed was dropped at Makarora but the poison was not. Bad timing, and initial faulty flight charts, (by HeliOtago Ltd presumably), meant the drop was postponed and then foiled by the onset of winter.

See story here:


DoC Wanaka announced the poisoning would happen the following Spring but this never eventuated. The poison was dumped. They have conveniently left this out of the OIA response to John Veysey in February, 2019 (see attached), and pretended they haven’t kept records.

Just as well WE do !!!

The comment in the OIA response to Mr. Thompson about Makarora, February, 2017 – “No toxic bait was transported to the operation site. The transport cost from storage to landfill was $8,000” – is I think, just DoC being tricky. It was again rumoured to have been stored at the storage shed at Haast. This is backed up by the fact that the poison operation had been due to happen any day, but as the prefeed didn’t happen until May 27, 2015, winter had set in and they just couldn’t drop the poison.
The loading site at Cameron Flat, Makarora, would have been too dark and cold. As it was, the prefeed was done in icy conditions (see photos).

So WHY did DoC leave the 66 tonnes out of the “1080 poison to landfill” chart sent to John Veysey of Coromandel as a result of his OIA request in February this year? The OIA response only admits to 34.31 tonnes of 1080 poison to landfill. (See attached)

Add in the 66 tonnes from 2015/16 and the 16.2 tonnes of flood-damaged 1080 poison baits from Haast this year (as stated in a recent OIA response to David Haynes), and we have a massive 116.51 tonnes 1080 baits to landfill… admitted to by DoC anyway. Is this ALL ?!!! How much have OSPRI and regional councils dumped?

Also, where in the ‘Manawatu-Wanganui region’ were the 66 tonnes of 1080 baits dumped? At the Bonny Glen landfill at Marton again?




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With NO community consultation & in spite of health warnings by an ag-pilot a 1080 aerial operation at Luggate is soon to go ahead

By Carol Sawyer


OSPRI Programme Manager, Southern South Island, Eric Chagnon, responded to Tracey Morrow of Luggate today… see comment highlighted in screenshot. (Tracey had written a long email outlining all the concerns about this drop, which I will post up separately). The advertisement for the 1080 drop was in Thursday’s ‘Wanaka Sun’. His response states “We are consulting with landowners and other affected parties”. Well there are only two landowners, who have not said a ‘dicky bird’, and a whole small town less than a kilometre away which Eric is IGNORING, so I am not sure who the “other affected parties” are.

He also says, in justification for non-consultation,

“This (drop) area is much smaller than previously planned aerials”.

Is there a sort of hectare limit below which you do not need to consult? Fascinating. This is a new one!

This man needs to front up… and NOW.

On 10 August, 2017, ‘Wanaka Sun’ (yes, this debacle has been going on for two years) Eric Chagnon’s predecessor, Brent Rohloff, wrote …

“Consultation with the Luggate community would be conducted “well before” the drop was due to be completed.”

Eric Chagnon also received the following communication from Cherilyn Walthew (Luggate 1080 Action Group) today:

“Dear Eric,

It is with alarm that I read of OSPRI’s intentions, in the Wanaka Sun, to start dropping poison around the settlement of Luggate as of the 1st June, 2019.

To date, OSPRI have not fronted for genuine consultation with the Public as was promised back in 2017 by one of your predecessors.

There are still a number of questions that the community would like you to answer prior to the commencement of your poisoning operation and given that you and your Organization appear reluctant to come and discuss this, we would like to take this opportunity, on the 1 year anniversary of your organization walking out of the last promised community consultation, to invite you to a genuine consultation event.

We are aware that your staff have made claims of being “ambushed” in the past with our questions and there have been other claims that you were concerned for the health and safety of your staff. These are very distressing claims and I can assure you there is absolutely no threat to your staff from our community. However we will also look to invite a number of other people to attend the consultation meeting including MPs, local councillors, DoC representatives, Police etc. to ensure that you feel fully comfortable in your environment.

In addition, we are including a copy of the questions that have been raised by the community in advance of our requested meeting so, that you can prepare yourselves appropriately.

We are aware that the 1080 discussion has been subject to many claims of “misinformation”, particularly around these aerial operations. Therefore, in good faith, we will appoint an independent “fact-checker” to adjudicate on the answers.

We are happy to take on the administration of arranging the meeting and co-ordinate the additional guest list if you would let us know a date that will suit you and the relevant staff members you require to attend. We will be happy to try and accommodate any date after the 11th of June. I realize this is after the date you had indicated commencement for this operation. However, had you come to us earlier, we may have been in a position to arrange things a bit quicker.

In view of the lack of facilities in Luggate, our suggested venues would be either the Hawea Flat Community Hall which we can secure at no charge, and is available on either Monday evenings or Thursday evenings after 7pm. Additionally, we are checking dates that the Lake Wanaka Centre is available and will forward you some dates as soon as possible. The Lake Wanaka Centre will have an associated charge and we would expect you to incur this cost as part of your community consultation budget, if this is the preferred venue.

There has been some reluctance in the past by your organization and associated parties to answer these same questions. However it is a matter of public urgency that you do so before irreparable damage is caused by your actions, as was nearly the case in 2017 with the residential water supplies.

This list of questions has been generated by the wider community at a gathering in Luggate on the 21st of May. This was coordinated by local volunteers and is a community initiative under the collective name Luggate 1080 Action Group.

Before commencing the poison operation, we formally ask that in the spirit of human decency, you answer these questions first.

Given the urgency of this subject, please respond with your intentions by close of business on Tuesday, 4th of June so, that may continue with arranging the necessary details and ensure invites are put out to the relevant parties.

Yours sincerely and on behalf of people representing

Luggate 1080 Action Group

Cherilyn Walthew
Tracey Morrow
Carol Sawyer
Kirstin Dana
Joel Lund”

Eric Chagnon, a man of few words, responded today:

“In response to your email and to a voice mail message from Carol Sawyer left earlier today, I confirm that there will be NO aerial operation going on in Luggate VCZ over the Queen’s Birthday weekend.”

Questions arising from the public meeting held at Luggate are attached to this post.

4 luggate.jpg

5 luggate

6 luggate

7 luggate

1 luggate.jpg

2 luggate.jpg

3 luggate.jpg


OSPRI admits to killing 92% of deer at Molesworth Stn in an aerial 1080 drop

It’s nice to see OSPRI – a govt department and poisoning agency – declare that 92% of deer were poisoned in a recent aerial operation across part of Molesworth Station, situated in the South Island.

However, the comment in the news item that states that more deer die in open areas than in the forests following 1080 poison drops, is incorrect. Deer in poisoned forests die in high numbers following the operations, as we have proven over the last 13 years of filming poison drops. The baits are cast all across the forests and waterways, and the deer are more likely to be poisoned in the forests because the baits offer a more easy meal. Deer in more open terrain have more access to grass, their favourite food, so are better nourished. In any case, the poison bait is an attractive cereal food that most animals and many birds love to eat.
Less than 2 x standard sized baits can kill a deer, and just 2 and a half baits can kill a 400 kilo cattle beast (research presented here … https://youtu.be/9EmNIR1iBrk ) And according to our Govt-owned poison factory, just 1 x standard sized bait may kill a child.

When we investigate poison drops in heavy forests, the deer kill rate is estimated to be between 75 – 95%, depending whether the operation is the first – a virgin drop – or a repeated, on-going poisoning program.

Here’s the declaration about the deer poisoned at Molesworth Station. Good on OSPRI for being honest about it, it makes a pleasant change … https://www.odt.co.nz/…/1080-drop-wiped-out-deer-nzs-larges…

1200px-Molesworth_Station_Fence_Gate wikipedia
Molesworth Station, Sth Island NZ …  Photo: Wikipedia


1080 drop wiped out deer on NZ’s largest farm

Officials have confirmed that about 90 percent of deer on a block on New Zealand’s largest farm were killed during a 1080 poison drop targeting possums.

The drop was carried out by TBFree NZ in October 2017 over a 62,000ha block on Department of Conservation-owned Molesworth Station, as part of a nine-year programme to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (TB).

Eight helicopters using GPS dropped toxic bait at 2kg/ha over the station, but the operation was halted when scores of red deer were found to have been killed.

Ospri, the Government-backed company that DoC permits to run pest control operations on public conservation land, later commissioned an aerial survey in February last year to compare deer abundance on a similar-sized block nearby that wasn’t poisoned.

That revealed deer abundance was 88 percent lower in the poisoned area.

Another survey, carried out by Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research last month, found there had only been a slight increase in deer numbers, and that it could take six to eight years before the population fully recovered.

The mass by-kill horrified opponents to 1080 and deer hunters alike.

Experienced helicopter pilot Bill Hales, who has 40 years’ experience as a wild animal recovery operator, earlier told the Herald the drop was a “crying shame of a wasted resource”.

“Why not let us guys in there for three months before you have a poison drop and harvest the product? Why waste the resource?”

Today, Ospri chief operating officer Matthew Hall maintained the use of 1080 for large scale pest control operations was still currently the most effective tool to achieve the company’s TB eradication goals.

“Our work also has biodiversity benefits by reducing possum, rat and stoat numbers.”

“Recognising that there can sometimes be a significant deer by-kill from pest control operations, Ospri is working with industry partners to develop improved deer repellent baits.”

The company was trialling two new repellents in the hope that they’ll be more effective and available for operations to treat the remaining TB risk areas of the 180,000ha station.

“It is important to note that the by-kill was higher in the open terrain of Molesworth than in a heavily forested region like the West Coast.”

Ospri, which manages the TBfree eradication programme, conducted the possum control operation to interrupt the TB infection cycle on the station.

Despite the successful interventions in the wider region, TB-infected wildlife remains present on Molesworth and adjoining properties, and represented an infection risk for the cattle farmed there.

The station had the longest continuous TB-infected cattle herd in the country.

The project to clear infection on the station was seen as pivotal to eradicating bovine TB and reducing the impact of the disease on New Zealand’s meat and dairy exports.

TB eradication in Molesworth was expected in 2026.

The newly-released figures come after the SPCA initially called for a ban on 1080, saying it was “deeply concerned” over its use, before changing its position and acknowledging there was a “a need for population control of some species”.

Monitoring data by the Department of Conservation has shown that aerial 1080 operations were effective at protecting under-threat native species and restoring forests.

Scientific data collected over more than 60 years had confirmed that, when used in accordance with New Zealand regulations, 1080 presented little risk to humans or the environment, and left no permanent or accumulative residue in water, soil, plants or animals.

However, DoC acknowledged 1080 posed risks to dogs, livestock, deer and pigs if they were in poisoned areas.





Photo Credit, Molesworth Station: wikipedia

Pest control is big business: 1080, the curious trail of sourcing, manufacture & investment

By Carol Sawyer


Newly confirmed information – Orillion’s sales of 1080 baits comprise:

To DoC – 30 to 50% per annum
To Ospri/TBfree – 20 to 30% per annum
To Regional Government – Up to 10% per annum

Predator Free NZ, Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP), (and maybe the Island Eradication Group) account for the rest it seems.



3) Orillion/ Animal Control Products Ltd, 408 Heads Road, Whanganui

On 9 April, 2019, Claire Ogilvy sent this OIA request to the state-owned factory in Whanganui that makes 1080 baits, Animal Control Products Ltd, trading as ‘Orillion’:

“Can I please get an official response to the following questions:

Where does Animal Control Products Limited currently source the Compound 1080 used in bait manufacture? Are Connell Brothers Ltd still the distributors? If not, who is?

Does Animal Control Products Limited manufacture Compound 1080 itself, or has it ever manufactured Compound 1080 itself, in New Zealand, or had it manufactured on behalf Animal Control Products Limited by any other manufacturer or entity?

How much contingency stock do you hold?”

The very prompt reply is attached.

(If only government departments were so quick to respond, but they usually make us wait to the limit, 20 working days, and then add some.)

This reply engendered further questions… (see screenshots 5 through 8 below).

To me, some of the most important information to come out of the correspondence is this. Why? Because everyone focuses on the Dept of Conservation and what these figures tell us are that DoC is only half the problem!

Orillion’s sales of 1080 baits comprise :

To DoC – 30 to 50% per annum
To Ospri – 20 to 30% per annum
To Regional government – Up to 10% per annum

Presumably Predator Free NZ, Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP), and maybe the Island Eradication Group account for the rest.

5. Tull
6. Tull
7. Tull..
8. Tull..

(5,6,7,8) OIA correspondence with Orillion



4) Pest Control Research Ltd, 8 Centrum Lane, Izone Business Park, Rolleston

As well as ACP Ltd/Orillion, there is a factory in Rolleston, near Christchurch, Pest Control Research Ltd/Kiwicare Corporation, that has been manufacturing 1080 baits since mid-2018, when it finally received consent to produce them. Up until that time it had only been making the non-toxic ‘prefeed’ baits.

The Dept of Conservation is now sourcing 50% of its 1080 baits for its ‘Battle For Our Birds’ programme from PCR Ltd, and the other 50% from Orillion.

PCR Ltd (Rolleston) is 49% owned by the West Coast Regional Council and 51% owned by Pest Control Investors Ltd.

Pest Control Investors Ltd has one shareholder, Kumara Trustee Ltd.

Kumara Trustee Ltd has one shareholder, Pest Control Investors Ltd.!

So the investors are well hidden and we do not (at this stage) know who they are.


The attached response from Animal Control Products Ltd (Orillion) is puzzling in one regard. The correspondent, John ?, says:

“1080 technical grade material has never been made on a commercial scale in New Zealand and Orillion has never been involved in the manufacture of the compound in New Zealand or internationally”

How, then, does this tie in with the written answers to questions from former Green Party leader Jeanette Fitzsimons by Jim Sutton, NZ Parliament, November 2002, where he appears to state pure 1080 was made in NZ – at the very least between 1998 and 2002!? (See below).




It seems clear that, unlike Orillion, the Rolleston factory, Pest Control Research Ltd, is not sourcing its pure 1080 poison from Tull Chemical Co, Oxford, Alabama.

Not only does John ? (ACP Ltd) say today
“We are unaware as to where the source of 1080 for our competitor PCR originates from although China most likely has capability to manufacture” … 

but a reliable source of my own wrote a few days ago”
“Rumours suggest China. There is no way to find out. MPI know but won’t tell, despite Orillion’s source having been widely published by government agencies and others. Questions probably need to be asked.”




9) Connell Bros information

1) Here FYI is the Connell Brothers website. They import the pure 1080 into New Zealand from Alabama :


(See screenshot above).


1) An aerial photo of the Tull Chemical Co in Oxford, Alabama
2) Tull Chemical Co, Oxford, Alabama

2) We know from Mandy Ram, a Kiwi living in the USA, that Tull Chemical Co, Oxford, Alabama, (Orillion’s supplier), sources the chemicals used to manufacture its pure 1080 poison from China, and that the last shipment of chemicals they received was in January, 2019.



1) An aerial photo of the Tull Chemical Co in Oxford, Alabama
2) Tull Chemical Co, Oxford, Alabama
3) Orillion/ Animal Control Products Ltd, 408 Heads Road, Whanganui
4) Pest Control Research Ltd, 8 Centrum Lane, Izone Business Park, Rolleston
5,6,7,8) OIA correspondence with Orillion
9) Connell Bros information
10,11) Answers to written questions to NZ Parliament by former Green Party leader, Jeanette Fitzsimons, re manufacture of 1080 poison in NZ.

PS I am not attaching all the photos in this email – just the screenshots of the correspondence. “Tull 4” was sent after the first reply ( Tull One ), so they are not in order:

“No funds” for pre 1080 drop possum monitoring at Timaru Creek yet OSPRI can still claim they’ve killed 97% of the population



Yesterday, in a Stuff article by Will Harvie, (link at end) we were told:

“At Timaru Creek near Lake Hawea, deer mortality” (from 1080) “was 90-95 per cent.”

On 20 June, 2018, the Timaru Creek area beside Lake Hawea, Central Otago, was aerially poisoned with approximately 10 tonnes of 1080 poison baits, over a 6,825 ha area.

Approximately 40% of the area was to receive poison baits coated in deer repellent, we were told by OSPRI/TBfree at the time. Presumably this happened as Will Harvie goes on to say the deer kill was “50-62 per cent when deer repellent was added to the 1080 bait”

There was NO justification for this 1080 poison drop. It was ostensibly to kill POSSUMS. No pre-drop possum monitoring was done.

OSPRI’s poison “justification” was 5 pigs killed in 2016 near Stodys Hut (the edge of the drop zone) having Tb, and a ferret killed in 2016, 5 kms from the drop zone, and found to have Tb. ( OSPRI said, in its published justifications for the drop, that the ferret was in the drop zone, and then later admitted in response to an OIA request that it was 5 kms from the drop zone.)

NO possums were found to have Tb. Mind you there is absolutely zero empirical scientific evidence to show that possums give bovine Tb to cattle, anyway!!

There are no Tb-infected herds for hundreds of kilometres in any direction.. OSPRI said at the time they don’t have funds to monitor possum numbers before a drop, only money to monitor them afterwards! They said they “assumed” there were enough possums in the drop zone to warrant an aerial 1080 drop !!!!

However despite this, at a recent Upper Clutha Deerstalkers’ Assn meeting, 21 March, 2019, OSPRI Operations Extension officer, Jennifer Lawn stated 97% of the possums in the area had been killed by the 1080 drop. Remember there was NO pre-drop monitoring done ! How, then, can she know this ?


Is 90%+ deer-kill the “new normal” for 1080 drops ?

On 27 March, 2019, officials confirmed 92% of deer were killed at Molesworth Station in a 2017 1080-drop to kill possums.

Now we have officials confirming 90 to 95% deer killed at Timaru Creek in a 2018 1080-drop to kill possums.

Do you think they have forgotten deer are not possums ?


Photos :


The map of the drop zone, outlined in red. The yellow area was supposed to have had deer-repellent added to the 1080 baits – so it would only kill 60% of the deer ! – Map from OSPRI



The drop zone at Timaru Creek itself, and looking across at the area from the shores of Lake Hawea – Photos Carol Sawyer

Authorities fail to display 1080 warning signs & an SPCA rescue dog is fatally poisoned in Taupo Forest

From Stuff.co.nz

A beloved rescue dog was dead within hours after ingesting 1080 poison on an afternoon walk in a Taupo forest last week.

Buster’s owners Stacy and John Lewis are angry about the lack of notification about the drop in Motouapa’s Hatepe forest and say signs were not in place warning of the poison danger.

They said it was every dog owners nightmare- to watch them die in pain.

“He started by peeing inside, which was unusual.” Stacy said.

“Then he went outside for another big pee and starts screaming and running around the house in a blind panic.

“We tackled him and took him outside where he has his first seizure.”



PHOTO CREDIT: Stuff.co.nz

Over 5 years NZ$3 million has been provided by DoC alone to the eight main New Zealand Universities – so how independent is their research?

This article is from the ‘NO to 1080  use in NZ’ facebook page, and points to the conflicts of interest that exist regarding the funding of our universities. Universities that will not be biting the hand that feeds them. There is also funding from OSPRI, EPA and TBFree. So are you still feeling confident that DoC’s research on 1080 is safe & reliable? I’m certainly not. Any research you roll out from the independent scientists is quickly ‘debunked’ by the mainstream media. Some of the ‘debunkers’ write to this site but I decline to air their propaganda. Read the short article below.
docs funding for universities
Who stands to lose?
Who stands to lose the most financially when New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DoC) finally gets closed down, after being exposed as the corrupt government agency that it is? Sixty four years is a long time for Government departments to be operating without the proper accountability, reviews and transparency that tax-payers deserve to see. DoCs propaganda has been repeatedly protected by so-called ‘experts’ in positions of power.

One of the main sectors benefiting from perpetuating the disinformation about the harm from so-called ‘pest’ species and the ‘safe as a cuppa tea’ propaganda about the risks of 1080 poison in our drinking water and food chain is Higher Education.

Official Information Act (OIA) responses have revealed that over the past 5 years, over NZ$3 million has been provided by DoC alone (additional funds have come from Ospri, TBFree and the EPA etc) to the eight main New Zealand Universities. Massey University has gained the most (nearly $1m), much of this money is in ‘consultancy fees’ (rather than research funding) via their ‘College of Sciences’. Massey has approximately the same number of students as Otago, Victoria and AUT, which begs the question: How are students – our potential future scientists – benefiting from this funding? Clearly there are many staff at Massey and other New Zealand Universities who rely heavily upon DoC cash to support their salaries.

This potential conflict of interest breaks all the rules in terms of staff codes of conduct, ethical research and integrity of scientific facts. Education needs to be as unbiased as possible, not reliant upon conflicts of interest.

When will it end and when will rigorous, independent, valid scientific research into the harm done by 1080 poison operations begin?

NOTE: For further articles on 1080 use categories at left of the news page.

If you are new to the 1080 poisoning program, a must watch is Poisoning Paradise, the doco made by the GrafBoys (banned from screening on NZ TV, yet a 4x international award winner). Their website is tv-wild.com. Their doco is a very comprehensive overview with the independent science to illustrate the question marks that remain over the use of this poison. There are links also on our 1080 resources page to most of the groups, pages, sites etc that will provide you with further information to make your own informed decision on this matter.

If you are pro poisoning of the environment, EnvirowatchRangitikei is not the place to espouse your opinions. Mainstream would be the place to air those. This is a venue for sharing the independent science you won’t of course find there.

And finally, we don’t advocate violence in any way shape or form.




Although officially there are virtually no possums in the area DoC says it’s going ahead with a South Westland 1080 aerial drop anyway which in turn will create a rat plague


By Carol Sawyer

A DoC source told me today that the Hope River area had possum monitoring done and the bite cards showed there are virtually no possums in the area. I have been informed that the people who did the monitoring can’t understand why this drop is going ahead, and that DoC were thinking of cancelling it but that now, however, DoC have said that even though there are no possums there, it is too late to stop the drop, and it has to go ahead.

It’s all a bit confusing because it is an OSPRI drop and OSPRI drop 1080 for possums only, but it is also a DoC drop, as it is on DoC managed land and the map says Battle for the Birds and “rat control”. I guess with this method they’ve got a bob each way !


Of course 1080 poison, as DoC admit themselves, is no good for rat control because after an initial knock back they end up with a rat plague. I have been told by an editor of www.1080science.co.nz that the reason for rat plagues following 1080 drops is that “Nature abhors a vacuum”. After a 1080 drop there is a vacuum, the rats are the fastest breeding creature in the forest, and there is more food available.

“…..increased rat abundance following possum control is a consequence of greater availability of, or reduced competition for, seeds and fruit.”

Here is scientific proof of rat increases after 1080 drops :

“Ship rat demography and diet following possum control in a mixed podocarp–hardwood forest”


IN CONCLUSION, the drop will go ahead without justification. It will kill the non-existent possums and cause a rat plague. Good work again, DoC and OSPRI.



“The treatment area covers up to 31,338ha comprising of land between the Gorge and Jerry Rivers in the south,to the edge of public conservation land on the true left of the lower Cascade River, and part of the Arawhata Conservation Area. The area includes the Cascade, Gorge and Hope Rivers’ catchments.
We wish to advise that this operation is due to take place as soon as practicable from 10 August 2018 onwards, weather dependent.” Jennifer Lawn, OSPRI, 27 July 2018

Site of DoC’s aerial 1080 drop

Photo (Header image) Ngaire Hart : “Aerial View Mouth of the Cascade River Emptying into the Tasman Sea West Coast South Island New Zealand”



Despite 4K+ signatures against, a 1080 drop over Luggate, Alice Burn & Luggate Creek is going ahead

By Carol Sawyer


Despite a petition against the Luggate 1080 drop having 4,208 signatures, and a massive effort by some members of the local community to stop this drop, or at the very least have their concerns heard.

Despite the fact that, with no justification, OSPRI walked out of a public meeting, held to discuss the Luggate 1080 drop – a fact backed up in a media report by TBfreeNZ committee member Phil Hunt, who was there at the time.

Despite the fact that they have since destroyed the film they took of that meeting, which would have shown a calm and non-threatening gathering of 30 people, whereas they claimed they walked out over fears for their safety.( They had two security guards – these OSPRI men are mice ).

Despite the fact they have refused consistently to answer Luggate community queries since, ( with OSPRI Operations Extension officer Jennifer Lawn even hanging up the phone on Luggate resident Tracey Morrow, saying she didn’t have time for this conversation).

Despite the fact they have steadfastly refused to do any proper community consultation

Despite all of this and more……the drop goes ahead. These people care nothing for small communities or their concerns

1 ) OSPRI notification of aerial 1080 drop scheduled 19 July, 2018 – Wanaka Sun, 12 July, 2018

2 ) Map of drop zone ( We think ! There have been four maps !)

3 ) Photograph of public meeting in the Lake Wanaka Centre, 31 May, 2018, after OSPRI walked out. Phil Hunt, TBfree NZ committee member tried to assist by answering questions as well as he could.

See here : https://crux.org.nz/…/government-agency-walks-out-of-wanak…/





NO ONE is allowed to do an epidemiological study in NZ to see how 1080 poison may behave in our populations living within the poison and dust zones

If you draw one up [an epidemiological study] & obtain funding, you will literally be told no one else at your University will have funding, they will have it taken away and your life will be in danger. This is the absolute truth and happened in NZ … Mary Molloy 

Mary Molloy, spokesperson for Farmers Against Ten Eighty ( FATE ) says :

“What is happening in this country? You have just heard that Dr Charlie Baycroft has been threatened by the Health Department for having an opinion which is not supportive of 1080, where else is this influence?

Well numerous farmers are threatened by the Biosecurity Act if they don’t permit the “controls”, poisoning etc by Tbfree. They send in big guys to stand close to you, cut you off and intimidate, this is the norm.

If you say beggar off then you are told that you are the “only ” person with concerns.

Next you are patronised, with you mean well but are not thinking or science based and this is from an organisation which continues to use antiquated testing and fails to declare us Tbfree when we effectively are.

Then a man who came from UK to do a documentary, how many years ago Terry Brownbill? He is unable to sell his doco. to the BBC because our government lied and pressured the BBC – freedom of speech, the press Nada not here for a long time.

Constant persecution of the Graf Boys and refusal to use any of their footage on TV, World recognised films can’t be shown in NZ, why?

Scientists vilified for taking a stance against 1080, called ridiculous names to vilify and destroy their credibillity – their work dries up.

DOC telling lies like 1080 breaks down into salt and vinegar like your crisps really, harmless in water, won’t kill native birds but if it does they will “bounce” back, more crap but believed by most public who live in cities.

Newspaper editors screamed at down the phone by Tb-free propagandists and threatened with the Press Council.

Photographs allegedly produced used by DOC and Tbfree to establish untruths so that people accept insidious poisoning to continue.

1080 dissolves in water, correct but it is not rendered harmless and does not breakdown like DOC and TBfree say, conditions need to be absolutely right temps of 20-30 degrees , in sunlight and still water, where is that in NZ bush?

1080 is biodegradable, rubbish hardly in NZ as organisms that can achieve that (2) are very rare in here.

1080 is safe in water, according to DOC and TBfree but MOH says it is harmful in water.

NO ONE is allowed to do an epidemiological study in NZ to see how this teratogen, class 1a poison may behave in our populations living within the poison and dust zones.

If you draw one up, obtain funding, you will literally be told no one else at your University will have funding, they will have it taken away and your life will be in danger. This is the absolute truth and happened in NZ.

This list is endless and seems hard to fathom, how can this happen in NZ? Well it can and it does, WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? ”

SOURCE at Facebook

Note: don’t expect that extensive links can be provided for this information. Clearly it is from the experience & feedback of the writer and in the realm of information that will not be found in the ‘official’ records. I do hear similar information however from people who email me. Remember also the young woman whose Doctor suspected 1080 poisoning, and subsequently whose heart the NZ lab LOST? Say no more. See our page on suspected 1080 poisoning.
What can you do about it? For starters educate yourself on the independent research (links at the 1080 pages main menu to that, plus search other articles here by using categories & search box) & spread the word on the truths you find. Secondly you could support the upcoming hikoi in whatever way you can starting 14th June 2018.