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Horowhenua District Crs are Told How To Vote – a Cr Speaks Out

Revelations here from an honest Councilor who tries to represent the people who elected him! Cr Ross Campbell posted this video on his Facebook page recently.
Please folks, take care how you vote this coming LG election. Find Crs/representatives who stand for truth and integrity, these are the ones who will represent you democratically as they should. Help stop the growing corruption and lies in our District Councils.

Horowhenua Mayor Brendan Duffy’s select Committee – is a non elected group that tells the elected councilors how to vote – says elected Councilor Ross Campbell of the Miranui Ward in the Horowhenua District, lower North Island. In this video he explains more and is expressing his concern about the way things are run. There is a  lack of democracy.

And if you would like further confirmation of this state of affairs within the HDC & other LGs, visit the Local Government Watch pages … there you can read about a former Cr Mrs Anne Hunt’s experience in being eye balled & told how to vote. This is happening people, in our Councils NZ wide… check out the other Councils that have also come to light. Rodney for instance.  I have heard personally of it happening in one other Council. Please read the Agenda 21/2030 pages for further information on why that is happening, and watch the video there by former Australian politician, Anne Bressington. (Search the sub pages to Agenda 21, Agenda 21/2030 in NZ also).


A word of endorsement from Councilor Michael Feyen … “Take the time to have a listen to Councillor Ross Campbell’s very good summation of what we are up against in this HDC District. If the Horowhenua wants to progress it won’t be under the current regime.”  Cr Feyen is standing this election for the Mayoralty.

Horowhenua Disrict Council and the non elected committee that is making decisions


“My name is Ross Campbell and as most of you know I’m the District Councilor for the Miranui Ward which takes in Tokomaru & Shannon, Opiki, Akarua, Buckley & Mangaore and this lovely part of the district of Miranui.
I’ve got a few things that concern me when I’m in Council. One of them is these … we get a lot of information at Council … we get information from the NZTA you know, that’s the roading people; we get Government departments telling us all sorts of statistics and things, what they are likely to do and what they want to do. We get a lot of information from statistics of course, we get market trends, we get inquiries from overseas investments … we get information from Regional Councils, Health Boards and so it goes on … there’s a lot of information coming in. This information is meant to be used in briefings to councilors, to help them in their decisions, planning the district, and which way we want to go, if we want to go forward or we want to go sideways or whatever the case might be, and so we use this information to help us make decisions. But this concern is something that I want to bring to you … it’s not always the case.

Our Mayor … some of you might not know this … our mayor has formed a group of his closest business associates. They’re the people who he mixes with. And together with these associates there are developers, there are retailers, there are manufacturers, contractors, who have been selected by him. They’ve formed themselves into what we call an Economic Development Committee. That’s what the Council calls it but I actually call it an Economic Advantage Committee … over their competitors.

You see all the information that we receive is passed on to this committee who are not elected people … they’ve not been elected to be there by you, who may be arguably your closest competitor in your business, and these people all get an unfair advantage over their closest rivals, and that rival could be you. Because of all this information coming in, they know where the trends are, they know the direction the council’s thinking. They are privy to information that gives them an advantage over others, especially at this time when we Councilors are told often to be quiet about the different possibilities that may happen. These business associates of the Mayor actually came to our table at Council the other night and addressed us and advised us to vote for the policies that would benefit them!

What is that? To me that’s insider trading. I call it that but you may call it something different. But I’m not allowed. This handful of business associates that our Mayor has selected are receiving an advantage over their competitors, and it’s just not right. These folks have not been elected by you. They’ve never sworn allegiance to the district, and are being rewarded for their faithfulness to the Mayor. Go figure.

What do you think? Just last week a decision was made to announce to the retailers in Levin as to where the road of national significance was going. But we wouldn’t announce it until February 2017. As it was told to us by the Mayor we shouldn’t announce it before the election as the Mayor, because of this, could get skinned alive. So just whose interests are we looking after? Folks, we must get out there and vote, and elect those you trust … not those who are there to furnish the Mayor’s ego and their own business pockets. That is one of my concerns and over the next few weeks, I’m going to share some of the other concerns I have. They are concerns that I believe you need to know about … that we haven’t got a Council that’s working directly for you … we’ve got a Council that is working for the few.


Please folks, take care how you vote this coming LG election. Find Crs/representatives who stand for truth and integrity, these are the ones who will represent you democratically as they should. Help stop the corruption and lies.

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