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Kim Hampson

⁣ Reiner Füellmich with Whitney Webb’s testimony 2/7/21 (bitchute.com)
this goes into transhumanism 1946 from Julian Huxley – Aldous Huxley’s brother – eugenics gene editing  – gave speech – he was founder of UNESCO

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa | New Eastern Outlook (journal-neo.org)  Very interesting – similarities to Covid

Max Igan chats with Courtenay, Dirk and Trina – Part 1 (odysee.com)

New Nuremberg Trial to take place on September 21st 2021 on the Isle of Man (ourtube.co.uk)

Letter-to-Sir-Simon-Stevens.pdf (covid19assembly.org) (Regarding suspension of MD’s license to practice, NHS, UK).

Sue McCully

The Real Cause of COVID-19 (Not a Virus)

La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of Graphene Nanoparticles

Dave McDonald

4,115 Vaccinated People Have Been Hospitalized With COVID-19 ‘Breakthrough’ Infections: CDC


Vaccination 101 (a useful informative site)

Photo: Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

A Complete History of Depopulationist Corporation BAYER

From humansarefree.com

Bayer AG is a chemical and pharmaceutical giant founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and his partner, Johann Friedrich Weskott. 

Today it has its headquarters in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It trademarked acetylsalicylic acid as aspirin in 1899.

It also trademarked heroin a year earlier, then marketed it world-wide for decades as a cough medicine for children “without side-effects”, despite the well known dangers of addiction.

During the First World War, Bayer turned its attention to the manufacture of chemical weapons including chlorine gas, which was used to horrendous effect in the trenches. It also built up a “School for Chemical Warfare”.

During this time Bayer formed a close relationship with other German chemical firms, including BASF and Hoechst.

This relationship was formalised in 1925 when Bayer was one of the chemical companies that merged to form the massive German conglomerate Interessengemeinschaft Farben or IG Farben, for short.

It was the largest single company in Germany and it became the single largest donor to Hitler’s election campaign.

After Hitler came to power, IG Farben worked in close collaboration with the Nazis, becoming the largest profiteer from the Second World War.



Photo Credit: Image by Jesse Bridgewater from Pixabay