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Medics are murdering live aborted babies or leaving them to die people! an undercover investigation (US & Europe)

“….three doctors (an anesthesiologist, an obstetrician and a pediatrician) took an hour to kill a newborn. Because as it was alive, the child struggled vigorously and they could not give him the lethal injection…”

“…The doctor came in and asked me if he was still breathing, or else we would make an injection for that “to be resolved.” Five minutes later he came back and grabbed a syringe. … He then pierced the baby in the heart…”

(LiveActionNews) – In the United States, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act requires abortionists and staff to give medical care to a child accidentally born alive during an abortion. However, Live Action has discovered through undercover investigations that many abortionists ignore this law.

abies are also born alive after abortions in Europe. The ACLJ, which is promoting legislation to protect these infants, has compiled testimonies from nurses and midwives.

MK, a student nurse in France, tells the following story:

The child was born alive, and to prevent it from crying, the doctor quickly covered his face. He was then taken into a side room…. I was able to find that there was no apparent defect, he struggled to breathe and he had some slight gestures. He was fully formed, had eyelashes, hair, nails … …The doctor came in and asked me if he was still breathing, or else we would make an injection for that “to be resolved.” Five minutes later he came back and grabbed a syringe. … He then pierced the baby in the heart, …The child, during the injection, moved all its members. I do not know what that meant, but perhaps he suffered. The little boy lived just a quarter of an hour. The medical team told the parents of the child that he was stillborn. This is why we did not want him to cry at birth: it would be too traumatic for them. What shocked me personally, is the cold-blooded doctor (head of department) that had injected the child in the heart. The fact that the child was alive was a problem that needed to be addressed: it has never been contemplated to tell the parents what really happened.

Mr. XB, a doctor, gave the shocking revelation that the head of the Genetics Department of a hospital in the South of France ordered that babies in the third trimester be aborted alive, so that their brain tissue would be fresh for research. When XB left the hospital, he spoke to a nurse and expressed his disgust at the infanticides:


Stand up for justice! : rally tomorrow 3/11 Aotea Sq. Ak, for murdered Maltese journalist who reported on Panama Papers

(Thursday 2 November 2017)


SOLIDARITY RALLY for murdered Maltese journalist / anti-corruption ‘whistle-blower’
Daphne Caruana Galizia!

WHEN: Friday 3 November

TIME: 12 noon till 2pm

WHERE: Outside Aotea Square
Next to Auckland
Town Hall
Queen St, Auckland

WHY: At 2pm, Friday 3
November 2017
in Malta, is the funeral
of Daphne
Caruana Galizia.

Daphne Caruana
TWICE ‘blew the
whistle’ – exposing
(through the
Panama Papers
dodgy NZ
‘foreign trusts’ had
been used for
money-laundering by
Maltese ‘Politically
Exposed Persons’
2 days after Daphne
Caruana Galizia was
murdered in a car
bomb attack (16
October 2017)
it was announced
that former NZ
Prime Minister would
become Chair
of the ANZ.

The ANZ was
mentioned more
times in the Panama
Papers than
any other Australian

On 1 August 2017, at
Rutherford House,
Victoria University, in
front of a meeting of
200 people, the
(former) Chair of
International, Jose
Ugaz, stated
that John Key
should be
investigated over
the Panama

(I was at that

Please – if you are
able – stand
up for JUSTICE for
brave Daphne
and help send a
message of
against corruption
around the world!


(Rally co-ordinated by Penny
Bright – NZ Anti-corruption