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CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Were Given an Hereditary Cancer Virus Via The Polio Shot During 1955–1963

This highly enlightening article is from marygreeley.com  It will shock you. And thanks to thecontrail.com, I’ve added further links to information pertaining to NZ and this issue.

“The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio shot which was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40).”  Although quickly removed from their website, it has been cached and reproduced in the article.

Think on this. Over 98 million people received a cancer-causing virus via a vaccine. Joining dots anybody? Our cancer rate is currently 1 in 3. This is part of the reason why in your circle of friends and relations there are several stories of cancer cases and even deaths. I can think of four people in my extended family, plus two friends who’ve died from it. And several treated for it. There are many and varied sources whereby we are exposed to the elevated environmental risk of contracting cancer, and this is just one of them. Dr Samuel Epstein was writing about environmental risks back in the ’70s (see his book The Politics of Cancer). Instead we are lead to believe, or would get the impression going by the establishment, that it’s very mysterious and often just plain bad luck we’re cursed with the big C. Truth is, your finding out just makes a dent in corporate profits. Why else is there a war against organic food, stopping the use of chemical pesticides, natural medicine and anything else that’s healthy pretty much? So here we have cancer added to vaccines. You should be shocked and if you haven’t already you need to examine thoroughly the independent research on vaccines.  See our site for links. EnvirowatchRangitikei

Published on Mar 27, 2017

Another important consideration conveniently omitted on the CDC fact sheet about SV40 is that the virus is somehow being passed down from generation to generation.
The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio shot which was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40).

The article:

“To further confirm this unbelievable admission, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago Dr. Michele Carbone has been able to independently verify the presence of the SV40 virus in tissue and bone samples from patients who died during that era.

He found that 33% of the samples with osteosarcoma bone cancers, 40% of other bone cancers, and 60% of the mesothelioma’s lung cancers all contained this obscure virus. This leaves the postulation that upwards of 10–30 million actually contracted and were adversely affected by this virus, to be deadly accurate.






CHAPTER 8: ‘Crises of Confidence?’ Vaccine controversies and medical and public responses 1973-1990 . GO TO PAGE 234 .


“The Health Department had had several months’ warning of the Baguley and Glasgow research when it provided details of the polio vaccine campaigns to the two doctors. Consequently the Department conducted its own inquiry ‘behind closed doors’ regarding the effects of SV40 which led it to conclude the vaccine was ‘safe’.10 Although press statements had been prepared in advance, the Department was taken aback by the intensity with which Truth attacked its subject over 22 weeks from December 1973 to July 1974. Headlines such as ‘2 million candidates for cancer?’11 and ‘Killer Slip? Health men & a dirty vaccine…’12 abounded for weeks with accusations by Truth that the Department was trying to cover up or give different versions of what happened.13

4 D. M. Baguley, G. L. Glasgow, ‘Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis and the Salk Vaccine’, The Lancet, 6 October 1973, pp.763-65. They also thought there might be a link to killed measles vaccine. 5 Editorial, The Lancet, 6 October 1973, p.772 and also N. McD. Davidson, ‘S.S.P.E. in New Zealand’, The Lancet, 8 December 1973, pp.1332-33. Usually SSPE takes about five to seven years to develop and hence it was argued that a measles epidemic in 1952-53 was more likely to be responsible for cases of SSPE than the SV40 in the Salk vaccine three to four years later. 6 D. M. Baguley and G. L. Glasgow, ‘Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis and the Salk Vaccine’, p.765. 7 Report to the Minister of Health of the Special Committee to Investigate the Safety of Poliomyelitis vaccines, 7 March 1983, Wellington, p.30. 8 C. J. Rutty, ‘Do something!… Do Anything! Poliomyelitis in Canada 1927-1962’, PhD thesis, University of Toronto, 1995, p.376. In the United States from August 1961 all lots of vaccine had to be tested for SV40 by the manufacturer. Any batches that contained SV40 were to be destroyed. See also EAC Minutes 14 March 1974, ABQU 632 W4452/913 144/17 Polio Vaccine 1973-92, ANZ, Wellington. 9 Connaught was granted a licence to manufacture the vaccine by the Canadian government on 2 March 1962 with the proviso that the vaccine was free of SV40.

Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine.


Anticancer Res. 1999 May-Jun;19(3B):2173-80.

Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine.



The presence of SV40 in monkey cell cultures used in the preparation of the polio vaccine from 1955 through 1961 is well documented. Investigations have consistently demonstrated the oncogenic behavior of SV40 in animal models. Early epidemiologic studies were inadequate in demonstrating an increase in cancer incidence associated with contaminated vaccine. Recently, investigators have provided persuasive evidence that SV40 is present in human ependymomas, choroid plexus tumors, bone tumors, and mesotheliomas, however, the etiologic role of the virus in tumorigenesis has not been established.


Using data from SEER, we analyzed the incidence of brain tumors, bone tumors, and mesotheliomas from 1973-1993 and the possible relationship of these tumors with the administration of the SV40 contaminated vaccine.


Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.


These data suggest that there may be an increased incidence of certain cancers among the 98 million persons exposed to contaminated polio vaccine in the U.S.; further investigations are clearly justified.

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Diagnosed with Incurable Lung Cancer, Man Outlived His Doctors by Refusing Chemo

More great news on someone who has won over cancer successfully!

“Cancer is the magic word for the medical doctor to trigger his patient’s “need for chemotherapy,” soonest possible, or the deathbed is just nearby.

Incidentally, the word is also a great cause for psychological stress which could throw off the patient’s homeostasis, effectively inducing a chemical imbalance which makes “incurability” a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fortunately, this was not the case with a Greek war veteran named Stamatis Moraitis, who came to the United States for a treatment of a combat-mangled arm, in 1943, but was diagnosed with an “incurable lung cancer,” one day in 1976….”


Source: Diagnosed with Incurable Lung Cancer, Man Outlived His Doctors by Refusing Chemo

Photo Credit: myeclinik.com

How to Heal with Raw Foods – Featuring a Raw Food, Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivor

Matt Monarch has a live raw food show in the US that features on Youtube (his channel at the links here) … I just recently discovered him. The info looks fantastic, especially given all the amazing testimonies I see of all the illnesses cured. At his channel just click on ‘videos’ and you will see them all … MS, cancer, and many more. What also appeals is the use of cooked whole foods as well. It is all about detox he says. Note also, in the cancer testimony, there is mention of the healing power of trees! A very interesting & worthwhile watch.

Matt Monarch

http://news.therawfoodworld… If you want to know exactly how to heal yourself naturally or if you simply just want to feel healthy with more energy and a higher quality of life, I created a step-by-step video below covering exactly how to do all this. If you watch this 27 minute video, you will have all the information you require at your fingertips, so you can do this for yourself and feel 100% empowered. Don’t worry, this is not an “extreme raw food” approach. This can be achieved by anyone, no matter what you eat.

The next video is a short intro with the woman who healed from Stage 4 lung cancer using Matt’s raw food protocol.

And below is the longer interview with her describing her diagnosis and road to healing