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Very important video that will challenge all you’ve ever learned about sickness

Thanks to Marcus for this link:

This will challenge everything you were ever taught about health. The basic focus of this blog has been the exposure of lies and deception all coming to the surface now. Here is yet another set of information most of us have not been privy to to date. Listen at the link:


An interview with NZ’s Dr Sam Bailey on viruses

Our own NZ MD, Doctor Sam Bailey (who takes her Hippocratic Oath seriously). (EWR comment)

From JermWarfare@jermwarfare Odysee Channel

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Jerm Warfare@jermwarfare

Dr Sam Bailey (https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c) chatted to me about Germ Theory and why it needs to be challenged because of its potentially false premises.

And we chatted about her brilliant book, Virus Mania.