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Jacinda is going to “break the stranglehold” major fuel companies have in New Zealand … might that have anything to do with it being election year?

Isn’t it great that your corporation cum govt is concerned about your pockets? ‘They’ think we are paying too much for petrol. Wow the coming changes will ” “swiftly” break the supply dominance of big fuel companies”. And the competition will bring the prices down ‘they’ say. Hmm. Didn’t ‘they’ say that about the powercos away back? And didn’t the power prices go up, and up, and up ad nauseum?

But then of course it’s election year isn’t it?

(Big Oil will of course manage to navigate a few loopholes & ramp prices up again when you’ve all voted ‘correctly’ & forgotten about this).

Minister expects to see fuel prices drop 18-32 cents a litre because of new petrol company rules


Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay