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A leading AIDS & Ebola expert & WHO spokesperson, about to expose Ebola bioweapons lab trials died with 100 other researchers in the MH17 air crash

These people were off to an AIDS conference in Australia. This info is of relevance right now in light of the current virus situation classed as a pandemic. It is not new news,  some will already be aware of it. (The article is originally of Italian origin hence the translation in paragraphs. I’ve included that original however there are numerous other straight translations on the net if you search). Of particular interest again is the existence of the bio weapons labs. See this article from a few days back on Ebola.
Glenn Thomas was one of two prominent experts who were heading to the conference along with 100 other researchers. According to the article Thomas planned to highlight trial operations of the Ebola virus that had been going on in a lab in the hospital at Kenema in Sierra Leone, a lab the Sierra Leone  government had recently shut down. They never made it as they were shot down over Ukraine, their aircraft being the MH17. No mention of the researchers or their destination in Wikipedia either … predictably. It just gets more interesting doesn’t it?  And the familiar names of eugenecists Bill & Melinda Gates appear with connections to all this as well. Think vaccine research.  EWR

“Bill and Melinda Gates have connections with biological weapons labs located in Kenema, the epicenter of the epidemic of Ebola developed from the hospital where they were doing clinical trials in humans for the development of its vaccine, and now, following the opening of an informal survey, it appears the name of George Soros, through its Foundation, is funding the laboratory of biological weapons”


“Glenn Thomas , AIDS and Ebola expert and spokesperson for the World Health Organization.
Ebola expert Glenn Thomas was among the 298 people who were killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down and crashed in Ukraine. It is understood he was one of more than 100 researchers who were aboard the flight on their way to an international Aids conference in Australia. Among the other delegates aboard the plane was Joep Lange, a leading AIDS researcher and former president of the International AIDS Society (IAS)”
Glenn Thomas, a leading consultant in Geneva, an expert in AIDS and, above all, Ebola Virus, was on board the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines cut down on the border between Ukraine and Russia.
Glenn Thomas era anche il coordinatore dei media ed era coinvolto nelle inchieste che stavano portando alla luce le controverse operazioni di sperimentazione di virus Ebola nel laboratorio di armi biologiche presso l’ospedale di Kenema.
Glenn Thomas was also the coordinator of the media and was involved in the investigations that were bringing to light the issue of trial operations of Ebola virus in the laboratory of biological weapons at the hospital in Kenema.
Ora che questo laboratorio è stato chiuso per volontà del Governo della Sierra Leone, emergono ulteriori particolari in merito agli interessi che nascosti dietro la sua gestione.
Now that this workshop was closed by order of the Government of Sierra Leone, more details emerge about the interests that hidden behind its management.
Bill e Melinda Gates hanno connessioni con i laboratori di armi biologiche situati a Kenema, epicentro dell’epidemia di Ebola sviluppatasi dall’ospedale dove erano in corso trial clinici sugli esseri umani per lo sviluppo del relativo vaccino, e ora, a seguito dell’avvio di un’indagine informale, emerge il nome di George Soros che, tramite la sua Fondazione, finanzia lo stesso laboratorio di armi biologiche.
Bill and Melinda Gates have connections with biological weapons labs located in Kenema, the epicenter of the epidemic of Ebola developed from the hospital where they were doing clinical trials in humans for the development of its vaccine, and now, following the opening of an informal survey, it appears the name of George Soros, through its Foundation, is funding the laboratory of biological weapons.
Glenn Thomas era a conoscenza di prove concrete che dimostravano come il laboratorio aveva manipolato diagnosi positive per Ebola [per conto della Tulane University] al fine di giustificare un trattamento sanitario coercitivo alla popolazione e sottoporla al trattamento sperimentale del vaccino che, in realtà, trasmetteva loro Ebola.
Glenn Thomas was aware of evidence showing that the lab had manipulated diagnosed positive for Ebola [on behalf of Tulane University] in order to justify a coercive medical treatment to the population and to submit it to an experimental vaccine that, in fact, sent their Ebola.
Glenn Thomas aveva rifiutano di andare avanti con il cover up, a differenza di taluni che lavorano al nostro Istituto Superiore di Sanità e sono adesso ben sono consapevoli che Glenn Thomas è stato assassinato.
Glenn Thomas had refused to go along with the cover up, unlike some who work at our Institute of Health and are now are well aware that Glenn Thomas was murdered.
I canali ufficiali dei media non hanno mai riportato una sola notizia in merito alla presenza del laboratorio di armi biologiche a Kenema, men che meno la disposizione di chiusura, né l’ordine di interrompere la sperimentazione di Ebola da parte della Tulane University.
The official channels of media have never reported a single news about the presence of the laboratory of biological weapons in Kenema, much less the disposal of closing or the order to stop the testing of Ebola by Tulane University.
Quindi, quali altri canali ci sono rimasti perché queste informazioni diventino di pubblico dominio, e siano diffuse attraverso le reti sociali, se anche l’OMS e le istituzioni sanitarie evitano di rilasciare informazioni e di agire?
So, what other channels are left as this information becomes public domain, and are spread through social networks, even though the WHO and health care institutions refrain from releasing information and act? – See more at: translate.googleusercontent.co…

Ebola virus expert dies on Malaysian Airlines plane – We report two reports related to the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight to Ukraine, a charge attributed to Russia, and the death of a passenger particularly important as an expert in infectious diseases such as AIDS and Ebola virus . These are too obvious coincidences to go unnoticed. Even iltempo.it reports this news that can only leave you dumbfounded and suspicious.

Glenn Thomas, authoritative WHO consultant in Geneva, expert in AIDS and, above all, in Ebola Virus, was aboard the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 shot down on the borders between Ukraine and Russia.

Glenn Thomas was also the coordinator of the media and was involved in the investigations that were bringing to light the controversial Ebola virus testing operations in the biological weapons laboratory at the Kenema hospital. Now that this laboratory has been closed by the will of the Government of Sierra Leone, further details are emerging regarding the interests hidden behind its management.

Bill and Melinda Gates have connections with biological weapons laboratories located in Kenema, the epicenter of the Ebola epidemic that developed from the hospital where clinical trials were underway on humans for the development of the related vaccine, and now, following the start of an informal investigation, the name of George Soros emerges who, through his Foundation, finances the same biological weapons laboratory.

Glenn Thomas was aware of concrete evidence that showed how the laboratory had manipulated positive diagnoses for Ebola [on behalf of Tulane University] in order to justify a coercive health treatment to the population and subject it to the experimental treatment of the vaccine which, in reality, transmitted them Ebola. Glenn Thomas had refused to go ahead with the cover up, bet88 unlike some who work at our Higher Institute of Health and are now well aware that Glenn Thomas has been murdered.

The official media channels have never reported a single news about the presence of the biological weapons laboratory in Kenema, least of all the closing order, nor the order to stop the testing of Ebola by Tulane University. So what other channels are there for this information to become public, and to be disseminated through social networks, if the WHO and healthcare institutions also avoid releasing information and taking action?

Billionaire George Soros, through the Soros Open Society Foundation, has for many years made “significant investments” in Sierra Leone’s “Ebola death triangle”, bola88 Liberia and Guinea. Therefore, George Soros had a motive for killing WHO spokesman Glenn Thomas to stop spreading news through official channels that the Ebola epidemic was orchestrated on the table in a biological weapons laboratory

Holland is a country dazed by the anger and the impossibility of explaining the reasons for the disaster, to the point of investigating a war crimes investigation. Even more bewildered is his Prime Minister who, after asking to repatriate 40 bodies of the MH17 victims, says that “the remaining 200 victims will be repatriated by train”. But if the Dutch were only 193, where do all the others come from?

As for the train that transports the bodies of the remaining victims, there are still as many colossal inconsistencies on the numbers reported by the different sources: international experts speak of 282 bodies while Kiev reports that in the 5 refrigerated wagons there are 252 bodies. These figures further punch the official 298 passenger list.

In all this chaos, the total silence of the official media on the news of the closure of the Kenema laboratory published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health of Sierra Leone is particularly interesting.

News taken from Tempo.it

Top secret experiments. A doctor who knows too much. A plane shot down to silence those who might warn the newspapers. A mutant virus that got out of control. There is a thriller “thriller” behind the Ebola epidemic that has infected Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria and is now threatening the world. A long series of strange coincidences that start from Kenema, the research center where Shiekh Humar Khan, the doctor-hero who died on July 29 after being infected with the virus, worked. Khan ran the laboratory where tests were carried out on the local population to find new cases. Laboratory that has a partnership with the Tulane University of New Orleans, famous for its tropical diseases department that conducts research on Ebola.

Kenema Hospital also collaborates with the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease, the U.S. military sector that deals with infectious diseases. Tests and experiments, according to official press releases, to find vaccines on yellow fever and Lassa fever to immunize soldiers. Testing of bio-weapons, new viruses to be used in war, according to the local population who attacked the center of Kenema because all those who went to Ebola for screening came out sick. So much so that the Ministry of Health of Sierra Leone closed the laboratory and hospital on 23 July, transferred the patients to the Kailahun treatment center and ordered Tulane University to “stop testing on Ebola”. What tests? It is not explained. The dicastery also ordered the CDC,US Center for Disease Control, to “officially send the conclusions and recommendations of the Kenema laboratory assessment.” About what is not clarified. What was being experienced?

According to research published in July by the CoC and signed by Humar Khan, Randall Schoepp, Cynthia Rossi, Augustine Goba and Joseph Fair, it is reported that “the Ebola virus that infected Sierra Leone could be the result of a Bundibugyo virus or a variant genetics of Ebola ». On 31 July, the president of the small African country Ernest Bai Koroma declared a state of emergency by talking about Dr. Khan’s research and wondering if Ebola’s virulence was obtained with a genetic mutation. Because the virus that brings hemorrhagic fever to Africa has existed (and killed) for centuries, keeping within certain boundaries. On August 1, WHO director general Margaret Chan also began to wonder whether there is an Ebola mutation or a natural adaptation of the virus. Speaking of “man made variant”.

Fourteen days before this statement, Glenn Thomas, WHO Ebola and AIDS expert, died. He was aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 shot down by a missile. On 17 July he had embarked in Amsterdam to go to a conference in Melbourne, Australia, where important news were reportedly announced. And, given that he was also the organization’s spokesman in charge of speaking with newspapers and televisions, there are those who see in the shooting down of the Boeing 777 the solution found to stop any of his revelations regarding the experiments without the knowledge of the Africans to make vaccines and earnings millionaires with the spread of the epidemic. However, sacrificing 297 more lives. «Captivating thesis but far from science», according to Giuseppe Ippolito,scientific director of the Institute for infectious diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani” in Rome.

«Epidemics occur systematically. They can appear when we least expect it. ” And in order not to be taken by surprise, the President of the United States Barack Obama on July 31 changed the list of diseases for which quarantine is necessary with an executive order by inserting all those that present with fever and respiratory problems and are contagious enough to risk the pandemic. However, flu is excluded. The mutant Ebola virus seems to pass from man to man also through sneezing and not only coming into contact with the blood, urine and body fluids of the sick. Meanwhile, the Californian company Mapp Biopharmaceuticals is working, together with the Canadian Defyrur, on the ZMapp, cocktail of antibiotics to treat Ebola. On January 14 last Tekmira,who has a $ 140 million contract with the US Department of Defense, had announced the testing of human vaccines.




The US Military and the Ebola Outbreak


Photo: wikipedia



A US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone was at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak .. if WHO was serious about protecting your health they would close these labs down

NOTE: from 2014. It was shared at themilleniumreport site via birdflu666.wordpress.com which no longer exists … EWR

*US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic

*CDC admits hospitals and vaccines cause Ebola

*UK and US mainstream media fuel Ebola hysteria

*The Telegraph hypes Ebola as a threat to Britain

*Epidemic and pandemic plans allow for implementation of martial law

A stunning piece of propaganda in establishment newspaper The Telegraph seems to be preparing the British public for a false flag Ebola outbreak at the Commonwealth Games starting in Glasgow on July 23.


The Telegraph buries a key aspect of the Story – the evidence that a US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone with links to the Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is likely the origin of the current Ebola outbreak.

While The Telegraph buries facts about the existence of this hospital bioweapons research lab and also ignores information in the US Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Ebola fact sheet which identifies hospitals as the place where an Ebola outbreak is most likely to occur, Washington Post reporter Terence McCoy has entered the realm of fairy tales by blaming the current Ebola outbreak on deforestation,.


“Like most matters involving an Ebola epidemic, chronicling its first horrifying infection is not an easy endeavor,”  McCoy sighs.

It is easy, Terence. Just read the CDC’s  Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Information Packet which says that Ebola comes from hospitals and vaccinations in most cases.


The CDC Ebola fact sheet admits on the very first page that clinics and hospitals are “frequently” the places of Ebola outbreaks.

The CDC  fact sheet also states that the first ever Ebola deaths in 1976 were caused by ” …(close personal contact and by use of contaminated needles and syringes in) hospitals/clinics” .

In the second ever Ebola outbreak in 1976 in Sudan killing 151 people, the “[]Disease was spread mainly through close personal contact within hospitals,” says the CDC in language which could not be plainer.

McCoy prefers, however, to misrepresent the dry facts concerning Ebola originating in hospitals, which everyone can read online, to excite fear in readers with entertaining theories.

“But even in circumstances in which details are hard to come by, certain similarities have emerged,” McCoy breathes to create suspense like the best fiction writers. ” The first contact often occurs in remote, rural communities where a victim handles an infected animal carcass, and things quickly progress downward from there.”

His own report quickly spirals downwards by attributing the current Ebola outbreak to deforestation while providing no evidence.

McCoy also hypes the notion that infected animals cause Ebola, again ignoring the CDC fact sheet, which admits that in cases when humans came into contact with infected monkeys in US quarantine facilities, humans did not get sick or die from Ebola.

Local people in West Africa appear to know without having to read the CDC Ebola fact sheet that hospitals and medical staff are spreading Ebola. The Telegraph reports people wielding knives surrounded a Red Cross vehicle in Guinea.

The involvement of hospitals would also explain why Ebola has appeared in this part of Africa for the first time ever and in so many different locations at almost the same time.

Given that the CDC itself admits that hospitals are, in fact, the likely source of any Ebola outbreak, the question arises which specific hospital could be the origin of the current Ebola outbreak?

At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.

US biodefense scientists have been working at the lab on viral fevers such as Ebola since 2011 at least.


The partners and people leading the viral fever bioweapons lab inside Kenema Government Hospital read like a roll call of New World Order organizations.

“”The Consortium is a collaboration between Tulane, Scripps Research Institute, Broad Institute, Harvard University, University of California at San Diego, University of Texas Medical Branch, Autoimmune Technologies LLC, Corgenix Medical Corporation, Kenema Government Hospital (Sierra Leone), Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (Nigeria) and various other partners in West Africa. …The Consortium intends to expand this program to include other important infectious agents such as Ebola, Marburg and other Arenaviruses that are of great concern to public health and bioterrorism,” states the bioweapons lab website.


The website admits that Professor Robert F. Garry is ” currently managing the consortium of scientists who are developing modern diagnostics for several biodefense pathogens.”


Dr James E. Robinson ” is a collaborating investigator in four large consortia projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”


Dr Pardis Sabeti has received fellowships from the Rhodes Scholarship, the Soros Fellowship, L’Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship, according to the website.


Scientist Stephen Gire has links to the CDC and US military.

He “spent time at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researching vector-borne infectious diseases. He then moved on to complete a Masters of Public Health at Columbia University and a three-year fellowship with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). He has researched viruses such as West Nile, Dengue Fever, Monkeypox and Ebola, and he conducts on-site training in biological techniques to laboratory staff in the developing world.”


Connecting the dots, it is reasonable to ask for an investigation into whether this particular US bioweapons lab at the geographical epicentre of the current Ebola outbreak actually caused the Ebola outbreak.

In 2009, Baxter in Austria was caught contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the deadly bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 laboratory. It later emerged from documents posted on Wikileaks that Baxter was a US defense or military asset.

Facts and documents as well as current mainstream media hype point to plans for false flag Ebola bioterrorism attacks in hospitals and clinics against US and UK citizens using occasions like the Commonwealth Games in Scotland  to spread panic.

The purpose is to implement martial law measures contained in epidemic and pandemic plans and so gain total control of the population at a time when the financial system is close to collapse.



Image by 272447 from Pixabay