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The NZ govt is Making up the rules as they go along

By Nigel Gray

As yet another “red flag” (and I do mean RED) of this government’s instability and whimsical dealings, in the last few weeks they announced a further wage subsidy for businesses affected by COVID 19. When they first announced it they offered assistance to businesses with a downturn of at least 50% of their revenue from the preceding year (2019) from January to June 9th. They then altered that to only 30% decrease required to qualify. On 5th June they announced it would be 40% and only using the period 40 days prior to the day the application was made compared to the equivalent period for 2019 for the subsidy!

Are you understanding what I just wrote? If not read it carefully and read the following link if you don’t believe me! This is literally “making up the rules as we go along”! Don’t even try to ask them why; the “reasons” or “justifications” will be as valid as those of a cheating lover trying to explain away the lipstick on the collar!