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Defender Europe 20: the largest military deployment in the last 25 years, right on lockdown

There will be a similar readiness exercise in the Pacific later this year (see third video below). Intriguing that this one rolls out after the plandemic kicks in. And no protective gear, no distancing or other rules observed at all. We’ve been seeing this trend of military drills incorporating many nations for some time now. Part of the new global village scenario. Military on the streets more, training & interacting with the public. All the while we are seeing a greater police presence enforcing the lockdown rules as folk protest.

And meanwhile the military’s been rolling out in certain parts of the US also. EWR


“Defender Europe 20 is the largest deployment of the US, the UK, NATO allies & its partners in the last 25 years. The exercise will rehearse our ability to rapidly project a large scale, combat credible force and its equipment into Europe. Our squadron are the only one of its kind in the army. We’re designed to move tanks & other heavy pieces of equipment to wherever the end destination needs to be. During Exercise Defender Europe we’re going to move the squadron & all of our heavy equipment transporters into Belgium. We’ll move all of the American armour including …. from Belgium across mainland Europe and into Poland. Delivering our primary role in challenging & complex conditions, operating during winter in Poland…” (British Army, transcribed from the first video below).

Update : “In response to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and recent guidance by the United States Secretary of Defense, we have modified exercise Defender-Europe 20 in size and scope. As of March 13, all movement of personnel and equipment from the United States to Europe has ceased”.  https://shape.nato.int/defender-europe/defender/newsroom/exercise-defendereurope-20-announcement-covid19-implications




Whilst Italy is in lockdown the US has sent 20K troops to Europe for ‘Defender Europe 20’ exercise (without hazmat suits or masks)

Very odd isn’t it? 20K troops to join the 10K already there. Worldwide outbreak of a supposedly deadly virus, countries in lockdown, quarantining of travelers … and the US ‘super’ troops show up WITH NO PROTECTIVE GEAR! Doesn’t it just get ‘curiouser’ now? In France this morning (17th March 2020) I heard they may declare martial law. Perhaps it will be handy that 30K troops are ready to deploy.  Anyway this video is from the Crowhouse, Max Igan. Do have a listen it’s short. (A PS, just noticed UK also in lockdown). EWR



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From dvidshub.net

“The first US military convoy containing soldiers from 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division crosses the border between Germany and Poland at the border crossing of Kołbaskowo. The convoy, which included vehicles such as Humvees, Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks and Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTVs), is taking part in exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20. To limit the impact on civilian traffic, military vehicles and equipment are usually moved at night. DEFENDER-Europe 20 is a US-led multinational exercise that includes 16 NATO Allies. It is the largest deployment of US-based forces to Europe in the last 25 years, with 20,000 soldiers deploying directly from the United States to Europe. As such, it demonstrates US commitment to NATO and its resolve to stand by its European Allies. Footage includes various shots of vehicles arriving and leaving border crossing and various shots of Polish border authorities and US soldiers working together to conduct border crossing.”



Photo: screen shot from the dvidshub video