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About NZ Nat Library cull of 600K books: Are We Becoming Little New Zealanders/Aotearoans?

From pundit.co.nz

Terrified of being unable to cope with the world they look inward. The National Library seems to join them.

The National Librarian has told us the National Library is disposing of 600,000 books from the Overseas Published Collection to make way for a larger Māori and Pacific collection. That is, of course, absurd; there are not 600,000 Māori and Pacific books waiting to get into the library. I doubt that there are even 600; it will take centuries to fill the space. She says ‘the library’s decision to get rid of the books links in with its work on diversity and inclusion of all New Zealanders’.

It is important that a library should have such objectives, but for what sort of New Zealanders? Are they huddling down at the end of the world, ignorant and frightened of everywhere else? Or are they confident New Zealanders engaging with the world. Instructively, there is nary a hint of the latter in the National Librarian’s statement. Indeed, to suggest a library should play a major role in engaging with the world would underline the absurdity of the disposing of the Overseas Published Collection.

This Little New Zealander attitude probably arises from the remit of the Library’s host, the Department of Internal Affairs, which sees it (and National Archives) as a cultural depository with a very narrow definition of ‘culture’.

Underlying the inferiority complex of the Little New Zealanders is the terrifying vision that New Zealanders cannot engage and embrace the world, and achieve eminence at an international level. It is also not true. Most of us engage, and have always engaged, with the rest of the world. Yet there are strong pressures for retreat.

One instance is the ambitions of those promoting Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge). I have to be careful because we are told that those who have no specific expertise should not comment on it. The same must apply to those who have no expertise on science (the vast majority of experts on Mātauranga Māori as far as I can judge) so there cannot be much of a dialogue about the relationship between the two.

While respecting Mātauranga Māori, I side with Garth Cooper, one of our most internationally eminent (medical) scientists, with Māori ancestors, who has done much to promote the development of Māori scholarship (as well as our health). He cites Ross Ihaka — a Māori mathematician who co-created the R open-source programming language — with producing ‘the most important thing that’s come out of New Zealand in the last 100 years’. Cooper worried about ‘young Māori scholars that would be the next Ross Ihaka basically missing out because they were told that science was a colonising influence of no interest to them’. I am not sure I agree with his ranking of R – there have been many great innovations that have come out of New Zealand despite the timidity of Little New Zealanders – but I agree with his broad sentiment, that teaching ‘Māori kids about the colonising effects of science [may] lead to loss of opportunity’. It would be a terrible New Zealand if those of Māori descent were discouraged from engaging with the world.

And not just in science. I’ll give you two first names and let you finish the paragraph: Inia, Kiri.

Little New Zealanders don’t realise how much we have to offer the world. I offer a couple of examples where I have a little expertise.

A key work in the development of economic anthropology is Raymond Firth’s Economics of the New Zealand Māori, the first version of which was published in 1929. Firth was not Māori but had been fascinated by them since childhood and drew on their traditions and practices to introduce the notion of the gift exchange economy (first developed by the French sociologist and anthropologist,  Marcel Mauss) to English anthropology.

I used Firth’s work in Not in Narrow Seas to describe the premarket economy but I became increasingly aware that these early exchange relationships persist. You can think of economic development as the transition of a society from where the transactor is more important than what is exchanged – the gift exchange economy of personal transactions – to one where what is exchanged is central and those involved are not – the commercial economy of anonymous transactions. Cognoscenti will recognise this as a development of Karl Polayni’s The Great Transformation. Were I Māori, I would be enormously proud that my ancestors’ economy was so influential on modern thinking.

My second example is Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Close analysis suggests it is a social contract; at least two of the drafters almost certainly knew of the notion. When the notion was debated at the end of the eighteenth century, David Hume pointed out that it might be good in theory but there was no practical example of a country based on a social contract. Now there is – us. Did the Māori signatories see it as the sort of social contract which Hume and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were discussing? Almost certainly not, but the roots of their approach came from Christianity, which Māori had adopted; they talked about the Tiriti as a ‘covenant’, the Christian precursor of the social contract.

One day someone will explore this Māori foundation of the Tiriti, but they won’t be able to via the National Library if it disposes of the Overseas Published Collection which includes work related to Hume, Rousseau and the Christian theologists.

Consider Allen Curnow, who is judged to be one of the internationally outstanding poets of the second half of the twentieth century. His early poetry was strongly ‘nationalist’ but as his confidence grew he shifted to wider international themes, although his last poems show that he was never far from home.

Or go to the Wellington City Gallery, which is currently showing a major exhibition of the works of the Swedish mystic and spiritualist artist Hilma af Klint. Fortunately, the gallery is not under the wing of the Department of Internal Affairs which would, no doubt, deem such a display as an improper matter for its Little New Zealand approach. Perhaps it would applaud an exhibition across the road at the exhibition of Te Papa of paintings by New Zealander Rita Angus. Actually, it was developed by Te Papa and the London Academy of Arts. Unfortunately the overseas exhibition had to be abandoned because of Covid; it would have demonstrated this intensely local artist can hold her head up internationally – like af Klint.

As can Colin McCahon who as been bracketed with Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell and Mark Rothko. (I imagine that the intention is to throw out all the books about the three, so we will never know even if the rest of the world does.) Just behind him, Ralph Hotere insisted he was an international artist who was a Māori, never a Māori artist.

Once the National Library has got rid of its Overseas Published Collection, thoughts will turn to purging the foreign holdings of the Alexander Turnbull Library, which includes one of the world’s major collections of the works of John Milton and some wonderful works by William Blake. They have said they won’t; do you trust them? The ATL’s holdings are protected by law; when told he was contemplating breaking the law, a little man pointed down from the ninth floor to Parliament’s debating chamber, saying ‘Heh, heh; We have a little room down there to change it.’

I want to live in a nation where ‘if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’. I don’t want to live in a pitiable country dominated by introverted Little New Zealanders terrified of the great world outside.

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Exposing Bill Gates

Brilliant Video MUST READ/WATCH!   I’ve replaced the Twitter upload with a YT one (if you go to the Twitter link you can still watch it there but the YT one is slightly longer) … I imagine it won’t last either place for long. Anyway enjoy an accurate coverage of what is going down with Bill & his cronies. EWR


The Nightingale Files

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The Dir General of DoC claims 1080 doesn’t kill non-target species whilst DoC’s own studies show it does


From ‘NO to 1080’ facebook page, it was written by Joel Lund of Wanaka, who had the chance to meet up with Lou Sanson at a function recently, and made the most of the opportunity.  Now I’ve seen this decried recently in social media in that the CE was attending a funeral and therefore this was a reluctant ‘interview’. My response to that is, as unfortunate as the setting may have been & all due respects to the departed, nevertheless this is what goes with the territory surely of CEs on their vastly bloated salaries. In bed with the banking fraternity & the greenwash club, and heading up a corporation that is in it for profit only (corporations do not consider humans, just profits, don’t believe me? Watch ‘The Corporation’ movie on the Corporations page, they are literally not allowed to consider the effects of their activities on humans)  … that means you get what you give. Why should Joel Lund therefore be obliged to return human ethics to a steely cold corporate entity? This particular corporation is shutting out all questions from the public on the ground level (witness the folk who have been phoning them up lately with pretty basic questions about imminent aerial 1080 operations who are hung up on and treated like the so-called terrorists media is making anybody who is against 1080 to be). Anyhow …. read on …

Lou Sanson


A few weeks ago I met the boss of DOC Lou Sanson and took the opportunity to explain the possibilities and current technology available for the development and use of “Smart traps” to control predators of our endangered native species.
Lou’s response to my quick explanation of the technology and capabilities of such trapping systems was,
“Whats wrong with using 1080 ?”
I responded with,
“Well 1080 is toxic, extremely dangerous and kills so many non target species.”
His abrupt and seemingly angry response was,


Even though I was a bit shocked to hear such a totally blatant lie from the boss of DOC I quickly and calmly said,

“1080 kills about 65 dogs in NZ each year and kills many native birds such as Kea which DOC’s own studies show.”

I am not sure I have quoted the following exactly correct word for word but will be close to it. The conversation continued with Lou Sanson making up excuses as to why the development of advanced “Smart Traps” would not be suitable for predator control instead of 1080 poison.

He said such things as,
“It will cost too much.”
My response was,
“Smart traps would initially cost a hell of a lot to develop and set up but would become much cheaper over time.”

He gestured at the distant snow capped Southern Alps and said,
“Look at that area, the area is too big, their is too much land to cover and so much of NZ is inaccessible.”

I argued that,
“Nowhere in NZ is inaccessible because everywhere is accessible by helicopters and we don’t need to trap every single part of Public Conservation land to save endangered species. Some scientists have also recently made it clear that it would be possible to have many small areas of intensively monitored and predator trapped areas in NZ which could be enough to ensure the survival of endangered species and possibly even allow them to flourish.”

His response was,
“You would know how hard it is to get good staff.”
Which I agreed to and responded with,
“I am absolutely sure good staff can be found as their are plenty of people who would be very happy to be in the bush trapping especially if they could make a reasonable living out of it.”

I explained how camping and working in the bush is dramatically easier than it was in the old days due to advancements in equipment such as cheap satellite communication, GPS, ultra light weight technically advanced hiking and camping equipment that I use myself now such as my ultra light down insulated mattress.

Lou then said,
“So how do you kill all the deer, pigs and chamois ?”

I would describe this as a clear admission from Lou that big game animals are targeted to be killed by 1080 poison and reinforced what I am absolutely sure is fact,  that DOC’s current long term goal is to try to eradicate all big game on public conservation land.* [Editor’s note, they are indeed, see the link below].

I said to Lou,
“After World War 2, deer cullers managed to get the massive deer numbers down without out all the extremely advanced equipment we have today such as helicopters, jet boats and thermal imaging equipped hunting rifles etc.”

Lou went on to ask what my profession or skills were before saying,
“It sounds like you should apply for a job with DOC.”
Then he handed me his DOC business card. I expressed my interest in developing trap technologies but did not take up what seemed to be a job offer.

I spoke further about how companies such as some helicopter companies will be very worried about losing big long term lucrative government 1080 contracts if 1080 is banned but they need to wake up and realize that the 1080 contracts could be changed to contracts to fly in trappers and trapping equipment into Public Conservation land which might actually generate more profits for them than 1080!

It appeared he was in a bit of a “huff” when he finally said he had to talk to other people and walked away.

My impression of Lou is that he is a devout salesman that won’t let the truth get in the way of business deals and feels under pressure to honour the massive multi million dollar long term 1080 logistics and application contracts he has no doubt signed up with various companies. Those companies that have invested in the growing 1080 industry and no doubt gone ahead and financed such things as new trucks and helicopters on the back of long term government guaranteed contracts will not be very happy with him if the 1080 industry came to a screeching halt!

I won’t be feeling sorry for Lou Sanson when that day (hopefully) finally comes as it is hard to have any respect for a man that is so quick to lie to you even in person by saying,
“1080 does not kill any non target species”.

Disgusting conduct from the Boss of DOC!

*All over the world the word has gone out that all creatures great and small that are not indigenous to that land will be terminated.  It’s not just New Zealand

Photo: CEO Magazine
Header: Pixabay

NOTE: For further articles on 1080 use categories at left of the news page.

If you are new to the 1080 poisoning program, a must watch is Poisoning Paradise, the doco made by the GrafBoys (banned from screening on NZ TV, yet a 4x international award winner). Their website is tv-wild.com. Their doco is a very comprehensive overview with the independent science to illustrate the question marks that remain over the use of this poison. There are links also on our 1080 resources page to most of the groups, pages, sites etc that will provide you with further information to make your own informed decision on this matter.

If you are pro poisoning of the environment, EnvirowatchRangitikei is not the place to espouse your opinions. Mainstream would be the place to air those. This is a venue for sharing the independent science you won’t of course find there.

Finally we don’t endorse violence in any way shape or form.





Prince William whose family owns one sixth of the planet argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

Prince William recently warned that the population growth in Africa is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the natural world and driving many species of animals to extinction…. naturalnews.com

Those with the largest land assets have hastened to the propaganda barricades to prove that there is hardly any land in the world at all …. Kevin Cahill

I really don’t think William’s mother Diana would be too pleased with his plug right now. He is clearly following obediently in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather who are also advocates of depopulation. Note however that culling of the population never includes themselves. I’m introducing here Mike Adam’s excellent exposé of what is going on in America with regard to depopulation, right under your noses. The African American population is being targeted (and has been for a long time) for depopulation. Many will know of course (who have not hitherto been believed) that indigenous people have been targeted from day dot literally. That meaning since the colonizer set foot and proceeded to rape & pillage the resources of the respective nations, erstwhile brandishing bibles and pronouncing peace and good will to all. Later brandishing treaties and the like in efforts to acquire most of the lands of the said peoples… by hook or by crook. Crook mostly. As we know they’ve been most successful at that (ironically for the ‘civilization’ cause of course) …. what’s lesser known is their genocidal/depop efforts back then. If you’ve read the true histories you’ll know this. The poisonings for instance of Australian Aboriginal people, hunting with guns and cruel man traps, poisoning in NZ of non-sellers (sugar and flour policy), many many more of outright brutal wholesale slaughter, witness the atrocious genocides in the Americas. Not room here to cover all that, there is just so much & I will leave it for another post, but with this item about Prince William, whose great great grandmother was instrumental in claiming for his family enough of the planet that they boasted the sun ne’er set on it, I think it’s a bit rich for him to be calling for Africa’s depopulation. I’m reminded also in this of the late Russell Means’ interview, ‘Welcome to the Reservation’. So now we are all being culled yet indigenous people have endured culling for hundreds of years. This is truly shocking and still most don’t know about it because our history books lied by way of omission.

So also we are currently being lied to about the amount of land available on the planet to sustain all of human and animal life because it suits the agenda well. Enter here the research of Kevin Cahill who looked at the actual ownership of lands planet wide. It hadn’t been done before, surprizingly he says.

“…land is not scarce. In fact there are 33,558,400,010 acres of land on earth, and only 6,600 million people to occupy those acres…”

So why is a totally unrelated member of British ‘Royalty’ assuming speaker rights for the conservation of Africa under the banner of ‘no room for us all’? And advocating the culling of that nation’s people? This subtle and constant dig at overpopulation in Africa as being the cause of hunger and all manner of problems is merely a cover up for all that’s gone before. Most folk balk at that information and won’t believe it because of what we’ve been led to believe by mainstream media … but the information is all there if they care to read it. For starters read Susan George’s exposé on why there is hunger in Africa and other so called ‘underdeveloped’ nations, titled ‘How the Other Half Dies’ (download at our resources page). It exposes the modus operandi of greedy agribiz corporations. Then read the late Walter Rodney’s ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ (also available at resources). And after that, Kevin Cahill’s ‘Who Owns the World: The Surprising Truth About Every Piece of Land on the Planet’ – you’ll learn some surprising facts about land ownership from the latter. Cahill can also be found on Youtube. He uncovers from his research, the fact that our human population is relatively landless and has been throughout history. A very small elite owns most of the land.

“…the ethical question arising from the history of land ownership is simple” says Cahill: “Why did the planetary population put up with a continuous crime, a crime committed mainly by the ethical leadership of the planet in the form of sovereigns and their supporting priesthoods? The leadership preached morals and good conduct, while engaging in the basest of greed and misconduct, a greed for land that regularly killed thousands, hundreds of thousands, and in many cases, millions. Hypocrisy is bad enough of itself. In relation to ethics and land, it has proved continuously lethal to the race throughout history … the issue of land ownership is almost universally the subject of deceit by those in authority and those behind it … ”

Further he nails it by saying …

“The core greed of sovereigns – now replaced by states … [operating on the same principle] – has, through the misuse of land and the resources that go with the land, put the future of the planetary population at risk. The ecological and environmental leadership never properly address, indeed never address, the issue of land ownership & its role in conservation. To do so they would have to address their masters in governments and ruling establishments and profoundly disturb them – something they will never do.”

Who owns all the land has been kept fairly under wraps. Cahill found in researching that the Queen of England owns one sixth of the planet. And if you’ve a mind to research this, do, because how it is held and the law around that is very interesting indeed & more than I can describe in this short article. Just read the book, it’s an eye opener. My point here is to introduce you to the concept that what we’ve been led to believe for years is not factual. The last quote there from Cahill about why the use of land’s not been addressed properly is important. The author tells us that land is not scarce. In fact there are 33,558,400,010 acres of land on earth, and only 6,600 million people to occupy those acres (as at 2010). (This excludes Antarctica, not added into the land mass tally). So, there are 5.2 acres of land available to every man, woman and child on the earth. If you are rich says Cahill, this acreage will seem minuscule, but if you are among the 85% of the earth’s population who own no land at all, it will seem like a dream. Others who have crunched the numbers tell us the entire world’s population could fit into the state of Texas. Or NZ.

So as per this article from naturalnews.com you will learn more of the history behind this carry on. They are currently in the business of depopulation, as William is urging, and blatantly targeting blacks. The background history of this phenomenon is eugenics and the story is not pretty. All on the video.



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