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‘More have died in NZ already from the VX than died with CV’ – hear NZ lawyer Sue Grey on Counterspin

From CITIZEN Journalist Bridget Biss NzUnderAttack

Sue Grey NZ Jab Court Case Update

“There’s no respect for the law, for the people, for the future of our country.”

“They say safe and effective, they mean un safe and ineffective.”

“If you use the same criteria, death with a vaccine and death with covid. It would be orders of magnitude more have died in NZ already from the vaccine than died with covid.”

“I’m talking fit healthy people who were leading active lives, who had no known risk factors, had the vaccine and just dropped dead.”

“Since the court case… we’ve tried to meet with them to take a team of scientists and doctors to meet with their scientists and doctors… to talk through why we see things differently. Of course they won’t meet.”

Full Interview: Counterspin Episode 16


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