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Bring a little Magic to your gardens (Wally Richards)

How would you like to bring a little Magic to your gardens, all plants as well as your house plants?

There is a very simple way which many gardeners have found to their delight; MBL – Magic Botanical Liquid.

You could call it Magic Prehistoric Compost Tea as it is derived from sediment that was formed millions of years ago when the planet was new and bursting with life.

Things grew ginormous back then plants were several times larger than their counter parts of our times and the animals or dinosaurs were in most part monsters as well.

What made them so?

It was the rich minerals of the time along with the highest levels of CO2 the world has ever known.

CO2 varied between 2000 to 4000 ppm 65 million years ago.

We currently are only 387 to 420 ppm which means plants do not grow as big as quickly as they did 65 million years ago.

That is except in commercial glasshouses were we use CO2 generators to pump the gas into the house and speed up growth and size of crops.

It is an interesting cycle as plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen, we need oxygen to breathe and we expel CO2!

So if we use logic to the common denominator and we reduce CO2 we have smaller plants (combine this with massive deforestation) Less OXYGEN for us.

If you want to find out how that feels without having to climb mount Everest where at high altitudes there is much less oxygen then take a paper bag and breath in and out into the bag for several minutes.

Your brain will become deprived of required amounts of oxygen you will feel sleepy, lose concentration and your body functions will start closing down. Organ damage will start to occur as your blood is now not carrying oxygen to the cells only CO2. Not good.

Oceanic plankton which provide about half the worlds oxygen but most of that is used by the marine life.

A problem also lies in the oceans called algae bloom which when it dies it uses more of the ocean produced oxygen than can be replenished at that time.

This can create extremely low oxygen concentrations, or hypoxia which are dead zones as no marine life can live there.

We see algae blooms occurring in NZ as a result of nitrogen and phosphorus run off combine with temperature, sun light and low flow of water makes perfect algae bloom conditions.

So the old saying; breathe out and make a plant happy (and grow) is very true.

Everything in Nature has natural balance we need oxygen and plants need CO2, the more CO2 the bigger the plants, the bigger the plants the more oxygen we have to breathe.

So if you go for a walk in the park where there are lots of trees and plants or better still go for a walk in the bush and you will feel good as a result of higher concentrations of oxygen for you to breath in.

Back to our Magic… My partner has a lot of house plants which she started collecting in the last year or so and recently her friends commented on how really big they had grown and healthy they are.

They want to know her secret which turns out to be MBL that she adds a little to the water every now and then when watering them.

That is why I have been prompted to write again about MBL.

Other interesting comments from gardeners have been: Regular spraying of roses with MBL has reduced considerably leaf diseases and now some roses have perfume never detected previously.

Seedlings produced to sell only take about half the time as they did without MBL.

Seeds germinate far quicker in one case pumpkin plants from seed in one day.

Vegetable crops twice the size in just about half the time.

Combine MBL with Mycorrcin or/and molasses and increase the effectiveness of both growth and less diseases. Why? It is MAGIC.

MBL ( Humate and Fulvic acid ) is a growth booster for plants, it makes for much bigger root systems, stronger and healthier plants.

It is been used with balanced NPK fertilisers to create world record vegetables in America such as 26.7 kg Celery and a 14 kg cauliflower to mention two of many.

If you are into growing record breaking vegetables for shows this could be for you.

Benefits may include; Aids and speeds up germination of seeds.

Helps to release locked up fertilisers from past applications especially phosphates.

Helps increase availability of chemical fertilisers and organic foods for plants.

Helps reduce many common plant disease problems.

Helps clean up many toxic compounds, chemicals and oil spills in soil.

Helps to establish plants in areas where they cant or struggle to establish.

Stimulates growth of soil micro organisms.

Increases root respiration and formation.

Increases availability of micro nutrients.

Can increase permeability of plant membranes, which will enhance nutrient uptake.

Increases vitamin content of plants.

Improves seed germination.

Accelerates root development.

Stimulates plant enzymes.

Contains a number of trace elements such as Si, Mg, S, Mn and more.

Increases ability for photosynthesis.

Contains silica which strengthens cell walls, helps block disease and regulates cell temperature which increases drought and frost tolerance.

Increase pH buffering properties of soil.

Retains and releases water soluble fertilisers for plants when needed.

Increases soil aeration.

Improves soil structure.

Makes soil more friable.

Has a capacity to detoxify chemical residues and heavy metals.

A powerful, natural chelating agent.

Improves taste and shelf-life.

Fulvic acid can promote prolonged production, as it tends to delay the aging process.

Fulvic acid increases the metabolism of proteins.

Used at the rates of 20ml per litre as a soil drench as required and 10ml per litre as a foliar spray once or twice a month.

A must for roses, tomatoes and all vegetable and fruit crops.

Green keepers are using it for better turf so onto the lawn for better healthier lawns.

If you have brown patches on the lawn where dogs have urinated use MBL to help restore or re-establish grass.


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New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. Part II of the Act covers a broad range of Civil and Political Rights. As part of the right to life and the security of the person, the Act guarantees everyone:

1The right not to be deprived of life except in accordance with fundamental justice (Section 8)

2The right not to be subjected to torture or to cruel, degrading, or disproportionately severe treatment or punishment (Section 9)

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 Furthermore, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 guarantees everyone: Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion.
This includes the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief,

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Over 31,000 scientists say global warming is a total hoax; now they’re speaking out against junk science

(Natural News) Over 31,000 scientists have united against the political agenda of global warming. The scientific consensus, which includes over 9,000 scientists with Ph.D.s, supports the necessity of carbon dioxide and sheds light on the agenda of global warming, which includes industrial energy rationing, central economic planning, and global taxation schemes. These scientists are now speaking out against the hoax of global warming and how global agreements to limit greenhouse gases are actually destructive to all plant and animal life on the planet.

The petition, which includes important peer-reviewed research, is backed by various scientists with a wide spectrum of expertise. The petition warns the United States about signing international treaties that only put a financial burden on the citizens of the country, steal national sovereignty, and restrict its energy production. The global warming alarmism, in other words, is pseudo-warfare designed to take down a country.

A letter from Frederick Seitz, President of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, is also being circulated with the petition. The letter warns about the flawed science against carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is essentially a miracle molecule of life, not a dangerous pollutant that needs to be eradicated from the atmosphere. His letter also shines a light on the dangers of the U.S. entering global treaties which will ration energy and confiscate the Nation’s wealth.

Just because climate alarmist Al Gore can walk a stage, point to a graph, and correlate rising temperatures over oceans with a rise in greenhouse gases, does not make global warming a real issue or some kind of “settled science” that is going to destroy the planet. As the scientists point out, the vapor pressure of CO2 over sea water is temperature dependent. It’s natural for the two data sets to go up together. It’s not something to be alarmed about.