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See the unloading of 1080 just meters from housing, defying all the rules

Published on Oct 25, 2017

This is what i stumbled upon on Tuesday 17th of October 2017. Around 20 tonne of the deadly eco-toxin 1080 (Sodium Flouroacetate) being handled and loaded onto trucks by workers contracted by the Department of Conservation. As you can see, i was able to proceed into the heart of the operation unhindered, as there were no warning or hazard signs present. This took place on a public through road and parking area close to retail stores. The fence you can see behind the trucks is the back fence of about 3 or 4 residential properties. No public safety measures were taken to inform the public of what was happening. Shame on you D.O.C!!!!!! Video is my own. Song is my own. Benny Rebel – Expect Resistance https://soundcloud.com/ninjaskilla/be… STOP THE DROP BAN 1080 IN AOTEAROA