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Kary Mullis, (awarded Nobel Prize for his PCR method) – full interview

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Kary Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993 “for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.”

He is of current renown given he said his PCR test should not be used for diagnosis of disease… and we all know it is, world wide. The elephant in the room. (He passed away just a few months prior to the practice run of the pandemic). Learn more in the interview at this link:

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In May of 1996, Gary Null interviewed Nobel Prize Winning Chemist Kary Mullis on his views about the scientific establishment, HIV, AIDS and many other issues. Here is the full interview. Excerpts from the interview appeared in several of Gary Null’s AIDS documentaries including AIDS: A Second Opinion and Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS.

While this isn’t specific to vaccines, and while I am trying not to diverge from that topic on this channel, the conversation is incredibly apropos to what is going on during the current virus panic.

R.I.P. Kary Mullis, and thanks to Dr. Gary Null. Head over to Gary’s YouTube and show him some love!

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Gary NullKary Mullis – The full interview by Gary Null

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More information about the AIDS scam:

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Japan has just invented Robo-bees that can ‘legitimately’ pollinate the earth – why?

Here we go, let’s firstly kill off all the bees that we know are the 100% foolproof method of pollination with insecticides, pollution, EMFs, geoengineering and world wide pollution, then in order to keep polluting, let’s create bees that might not work. The insanity continues… until they’ve killed us all off of course.
Photo: a real bee from Pixabay

From techly.com.au

In an example of life imitating art, scientists have come up with a technology straight out of an episode of Black Mirror: Bee-like pollinating drones.

A team at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan engineered the devices using a combination of horsehair, $USD 100 drones and a sticky ion gel.

It’s pretty simple really – first, the drones fly into flowers much like a bee would. Inside the flower, pollen gets stuck to the drone due to the combination of the ion gel and horsehair. That same pollen is then shaken off into the next flower, and so on. It’s just your run of the mill birds and the robots bees.

Popular Mechanics reports that Eijio Miyako, a chemist at AIST actually created the sticky ion gel by accident in 2007. The gel, which Miyako considered a failure, sat unused for a decade. When Miyako picked it up again recently he was pleased to find that it was still sticky and figured it would be perfect for his new project.

Miyako is now the project leader behind the “Robo-bees”. In the video above, you can see the first time that a drone has successfully pollinated a flower, in this case Japanese lilies. Blink and you’ll miss it!