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DoC thugs attack senior citizens

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“The sinister side of DoC is starting to emerge as it appears DoC were caught off guard while illegally storing and handling 1080 poison …

(see our previous post on this also)


Unbelievably, the victim of an unprovoked assault (two reliable eye witnesses) who was concerned about 1080 storage in a CBD has been charged with assault!

Folk will recall the recent incident at Whitianga with the unloading of 1080 by DoC in the CBD, totally against the rules of storage of poisons. And Graeme Sturgeon who went to the public location and was assaulted whilst still in his car, with two reliable eye witnesses to the attack. If you visit the article you will see the eye witness statements made to the Police. Including Graeme’s. Here we have an update from Carol Sawyer on the unfolding events… (see petition at the link for enquiry into storage of 1080). Strange isn’t it, the vagaries of NZ law and justice? This will be most interesting to watch… read Carol’s update on events. EnvirowatchRangitikei



Well it was the other way round according to witnesses to the event, (retired Victoria University Senior Lecturer Dr. Wendy Pond and local artist Diana Halstead) and also Graeme himself.

Graeme was assaulted while still in his vehicle and had a bloodied nose and torn clothing to show for it. All these people are in their seventies and do NOT deserve this kind of treatment just because they oppose the aerial deluging of a World Health Organisation, Class 1A, EcoToxin onto their land and particularly onto their “home patch” and precious waterways! But…. the best form of defense is attack and we have seen this all before from DoC, haven’t we?!

Graeme said to me today that he “ABSOLUTELY REFUTES ALL ALLEGATIONS, and will be defending the charge against himself vigorously”. He has employed a criminal lawyer to defend him. He will be appearing in Thames Court on 30 November and will be pleading NotGuilty.

(I foresee a fundraising campaign, fellow anti-1080 people. DoC has large pockets, supplied by all of us. Graeme does not !)

The NZ Police are laying the charge, though it has taken a month for them to do this. I suspect it has been ‘up to the top and back again’ and has little if anything to do with the local constabulary.

Graeme is charged with assaulting a DoC security guard in the Liquor King carpark, Whitianga, where 20 tonnes of 1080 poison (stored there in secret for the previous 6 weeks) was being loaded in the dark, again in secret, in a public carpark, on the evening of October 17th, 2017. This was to enable a 1080 poison drop in the area the next day. The poison was being stored in Whitianga’s CBD, adjacent to residential homes and supermarkets, without appropriate signage, with unprotected loading staff (not even face masks or gloves!), all unknown to the building’s other tenants and, incidentally, unknown to the fire department too, locals tell me. It was, frankly, one of the most blatantly “up yours” efforts by the Dept of Conservation to date!

Many of you will be familiar with the events of that night, as I and others reported them in great detail at the time, and it happened only one month ago. However I have attached this latest information to one of my original posts to refresh memory, and I have added Graeme’s comment from that night too.

Graeme will appear in Thames Court on November 30, 2017. I do so hope many are there to support him. Please add this important date to your calendar, Coromandel people – and anyone else who is prepared to make the trip ! Bring your banners!!!

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