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Dealing to those dry patches in your lawn (Wally Richards)

There are two problems that I was asked about this week and they may be ones that also affect your gardening endeavors.

The first is brown patches in lawn which often people mistakenly think of grass grubs as the cause. This is not to say that grass grubs don’t cause problems eating the roots of grasses but they are in the main seasonal. At any time of the year you may find a few white grass grubs in your gardens or lawn but the main populations start of from eggs laid deep in the lawn some time about November December when the beetles are active .

During their short period of life they are mating, laying eggs and eating holes in your plants at night. The grubs will hatch out and start feeding on the plants roots. If the soil becomes very dry as in a drought they will stop eating and lay dormant in the soil till the autumn rains moisten up the earth. Then they will continue eating roots towards the surface.

If in autumn you lift a square of lawn you may find a number of the grubs in the top 50mm of soil. If there is several in a square foot of area then it is worth while treating for control.

Control methods are either Wallys Neem Tree Powder or Wallys 3 in 1 for Lawns. Brown patches of grass at this time of the year is unlikely to be grass grub damage. It could be porina caterpillars which come out of their earth tunnels at night time to feed at the base of the grasses. This will cause bald patches. In gardens they may chew through the trunk of young seedlings and next day you will see the top of the seedling laying on the soil shriveling up in the sun.

Control treatment for lawn and seedlings is simply spraying the grass with Wallys Super Neem Tree Oil late in the day onto the recently mowed lawn. Like wise spray the seedlings for total coverage including the trunk near soil level. The porina when they come up to feed at night will get a dose of Neem and stop eating to starve to death.

The next possible reason for dry brown grass is a Thatch Problem. Thatch in lawns is the debris that builds up on top of the soil making a layer of organic rubbish. Over time unless treated the layer becomes dense and several mils tall. You will notice that when walking on the lawn a spongy feeling like walking on a thick carpet.

Thats the thatch.

When it rains or you water the thatch collects and hold the water in it layer which makes the grasses feeder roots grow up into the thatch for moisture. That not only makes the grasses weaker but also go brown when the thatch dries out. Sun and wind will dry thatch leaving the grasses without moisture so they will go brown.

The easy way to solve the problem is to use Wallys Thatch Busta on your lawn.

You dilute the product and spray it over a freshly mowed lawn or even better apply with a Lawn Boy if available. Thatch Busta is a high food which feeds the microorganisms to increase their populations and they will break down the thatch converting it to food for your lawn. The area needs to be kept lightly moist while this is happening and if no rain give a light watering once or twice a day to ensure the thatch is kept moist.

Warmth is the other requirement for success and at this time of the year there is ample warmth. Thatch Busta is best used in spring and autumn when there is adequate warmth and moisture from rain or dew.

Now the real problem of brown patches in the lawn if none of the above is what we call Dry Spot. Dry spot is when the soil surface tension caused but a period of dryness is such that water will not penetrate into the soil and instead sheds off into the surrounding area where it will sink in. The result is a brown area of grass with lush green grass around the perimeter. The easy way to solve dry spot is to fill the watering can with warm water, give a good squirt of dish washing liquid into the water and lather up with your hand. Water the soapy water over the brown grass and it will break surface tension so when you water or it rains the water will penetrate and the brown grass will green up again.

You will have likely seen in dry times playing fields that have gone brown looking like all the grasses have died. Not so once the rains come they will bounce back green, they were only laying dormant though lack of moisture. It takes a real dry drought for the sun to bake the grasses roots in the dry soil to kill the grasses. Dry spot or dry areas can also occur in your gardens and the soapy water will also fix the problem. Dry surface tension over larger areas are a cause of concern when it rains for the first time as the water cant sink in and flooding occurs. I always water regularly and in particular before rain to prevent that happening.

Now the next problem is container plants in big containers such as half wine barrels. Perennial plants such as shrubs and trees in those containers need root pruning every two to three years. That means lifting the plant out, cutting off bottom third of roots, putting fresh compost into the container (to height of removed roots part) and popping the tree/shrub back in. Not easy to do but if not done the plant becomes root bound and eventually dies.

Now some containers have either a bulge in the middle as in some types of urns or the top is more narrow than the container below. Containers like that should never be used for planting perennials in, only annuals. Always make sure the top of a container is the widest part and no pregnant like bulges. But not all is lost if you have the wrong type of container with a shrub or tree growing in it. After say 3 years in the container with a sharp long knife cut four wedges out of the root mass at the four cardinal points. Cut as deep as you can and remove the roots and soil. Then sprinkle some Blood and Bone and Sheep Manure pellets down the wedge holes and then fill with fresh compost. You may need to repeat this operation every two years and cut your wedges in a different area from last done.

Another way is if you have a drill bit that is about half a metre long and about 4cm wide you could drill some holes down into the container to cut roots and then fill holes as above.

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Happy Gardening

Photo: pixabay.com

Infant immunity Part 1 – Important information from Dr Suzanne Humphries on pregnancy, nutrition, vaccines, antibiotics & more

Published on Mar 23, 2015

In part one Dr Humphries discusses ‘the three year pregnancy’, the importance of epigentics, nutrition, the microbiome and the trouble with vaccines and antibiotics.

Euthanising the Elderly – the Not so Human Face of Agenda 21

This is the real face of Agenda 21, already operative in governments (corporations parading as governments) and local governments world wide. (To learn more about Agenda 21 visit our Agenda 21 pages at the links in the article). It is about the plan for global governance that our former PM Helen Clarke is currently working on. The real agenda is not so much governance as control.

This is a real Agenda 21 commercial shown on The Blaze channel in the US. It is a thinly veiled ad for euthanasia. Watch your loved ones in hospital because already hospitals are making decisions about whether they live or die often without family consent. Yes I’ve heard of this happening in NZ from many people. Patients are given ‘nil by mouth’ which means also, no water. Your loved one can die of thirst. Research for yourself the Liverpool Care Pathway. Here are some links to start with:

A pathway to euthanasia? Family revive father doctors ruled wasn’t worth saving

  • Andy Flanagan was rescued from dying on debated Liverpool Care Pathway
  • Doctors told his family that he was close to death after a cardiac arrest
  • His family gave him drops of water that helped him come round before doctors agreed to put him back on a drip
  • His sister Lesley Flanagan said the method was ‘licence to kill’

Read the full story here:


Police probe the death of mother on ‘care pathway’: Son claims ‘cruel’ withdrawal of fluids and food was ‘attempted murder’

  • Peter Tulloch, 55, of Bedfordshire, had visited his mother Jean in hospital
  • Said she had been isolated and her intravenous drip had been removed
  • Wants police to probe if ‘extremely cruel’ treatment was attempted murder

Police were last night investigating a complaint by the son of an elderly woman who died in hospital after her food and fluids were allegedly withdrawn without his agreement.

Peter Tulloch says his 83-year-old mother Jean had her intravenous drip removed even though she was ‘far from being dead’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2215395/Police-probe-death-mother-care-pathway-Son-claims-cruel-withdrawal-fluids-food-attempted-murder.html#ixzz4BXhw38pY

See also:

Cancer mum denied chance to say goodbye ‘because doctors did not try to keep her alive’: Grieving husband says she could have lived another two years

  • Mother-of-six Andrea West, 35, went into palliative care centre last month
  • But she died within days of being admitted for what was a ‘routine infection’
  • Her husband Chris had found her labelled with ‘do not resuscitate’ notice
  • This was against the wishes of her family, who wanted to prolong her life

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216503/Cancer-mum-denied-chance-say-goodbye-doctors-did-try-alive.html

This can be called little other than thinly veiled euthanasia … an agenda originated to assist those suffering with terminal illness, however as is always with thin ends of wedges, people with other illnesses that weren’t life threatening have been drawn in.

Denying water to a dying soul hastens on death & increases suffering. Agenda 21 is a UN document that sounds benevolent with all its spin on sustainability – but is really about depopulation & control. It is also behind the rate hikes we are seeing now. Agenda 21 policy is found planet wide now in our governments (really corporations) and local government. It is here in NZ. Again, watch out for your loved ones in hospitals. Guard them like a hawk. These are different times to a generation ago. Lives are not counted highly especially those of the elderly.

While currently I’ve seen articles saying the LCP is no longer, I am still seeing ‘nil by mouth’ here in NZ. So really, is it over? I doubt it.

[Thanks to Federaljacktube4 for the video.]