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Timaru’s ban 1080 protest

Thanks to Darrell McGrath for this fantastic coverage of the Timaru protest on Saturday 8th September. They had a great turnout. Well done Timaru!

Darrell McGrath

What can one say, Timaru you did a great job in turning up to a very important cause.
8th of September 2018 will go down in the record books for the amount of people who came together, to stand together and to voice their concern over the use of a poison, 1080.
Throughout New Zealand, from the Cape to Bluff, over the last 5-6 months, two blokes set about creating awareness on both islands. Alan and Emile began the HIKOI OF A POISONED NATION.
Incredibly brave move as it was the cold winter months and the 8th Sept was the day they would congregate in Wellington outside the Beehive.
Not sure on the actual number, but with Wellington holding the main event, many, many towns throughout both islands, came together in full support for the banning of 1080.
I was born and bred here in Timaru, I went away for a few years but returned. Only the day before (the 7th) I saw some post that was looking like a typical Timaru response, ONLY 6 were showing as going. I thought that was just typical of Timaru, so many voice their own opinion, so many not having much knowledge on many topics, but when action takes place, you don’t see them.
I was absolutely wrapped in what i saw outside the Timaru City Council building. One by one, the people gathered and in the matter of 4–50minutes, an incredibly great turn out.
Well done to ALL who showed, well done to the ones who organized the Timaru 1080 Gathering and as we all get together, country wide, lets hope that common sense takes place and this government actually KILLS 1080 ONCE AND FOR ALL.
I see many posts where the blame points to the immediate government, it can’t just be blamed on this one, as over the last 30 years, this criminal element has been going on through many puppets, of different parties.
If this Government now, run my Jacinda Adern wants to put herself and party on the map of good, NOW IS THE TIME. KILL KILL KILL 1080!!!

Timaru, this video is for you, all those that supported a worthy cause in exposing and bringing an end to this democidal ingredient.

The peaceful anti 1080 protest Saturday 8th Sept: find a venue near you

Updated here when information becomes available:

The NORTH ISLAND HIKOI was at FOXTON about 2pm yesterday walking South toward LEVIN and PARAPARAUMU.
Dan Lane and Emille’s daughter Te Ora are now with the Hikoi.

Alan Gurden will be having a rest day with his family in Wellington.
Meet Alan again at the INTERISLAND FERRY TERMINAL at 10 am on Saturday for his final walk to Parliament.

“Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation” is a PEACEFUL PUBLIC PROTEST march from Bluff and Cape Rienga.
It FINISHES at PARLIAMENT, Wellington on SATURDAY 8 SEPT. (See simultaneous events around country below)

In WELLINGTON the SOUTH ISLAND HIKOI will start from the INTERISLANDER FERRY TERMINAL at 10am, walk silently along the footpath and meet the NORTH ISLAND HIKOI at the RAILWAY STATION. They will then walk to PARLIAMENT for the main Peaceful Public Protest 12.30pm – 3pm (with speakers). Afterwards people may gather on the Wellington WATERFRONT near TE PAPA Museum.
Some people may choose to stay in Wellington until Tuesday 11 September when MP’s will be present to hear the outcome of negotiations IF we do not get the answer we want from from Government on Saturday.

BRING YOUR WHANAU – it is the kids we are doing this for!
You could WEAR BLACK to show your grief for the victims of this poison.
You could bring A WHITE CROSS in memory of the wildlife, farm animals, pets and people killed or maimed by1080 poison.
You could wear a CHEMICAL HAZARD SUIT AND MASK to show the danger of this poison (good for anonymity too, if you are shy to protest).
You could bring PLACARDS and BANNERS. No swear words please –
Have respect for our children.
Some placards will be available for people who can’t bring one.
You could wear a NAME TAG. There will be people you will never get a chance to meet again.
You could bring laptops/tablets to show pictures of death caused by 1080 to unbelievers.
We are expecting a big crowd.

SATURDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 2018 In alphabetical order.

AUCKLAND, (AOTEA SQUARE) 1pm- 3pm (Wear Black)

AUCKLAND (MANUREWA), Montford Park, Weymouth 2pm


Route provided at location. Silent Protest, hazard suits and anonymous masks provided if you do not have them).

CHRISTCHURCH, (EASTSIDE), 250 Pages Rd 10-11am.

CHRISTCHURCH (RANGIORA) 32 River Rd, 10-11am

CHRISTCHURCH (ROLLESTON) at Pest Control Research (PCR) 1080 poison factory 8 Centrum Lane 9am-11am then move to SH1 and to city for the main event. (bring your own disposable white chemical hazard suit and mask if you can, some provided)

EKETAHUNA, Meet at the Big Kiwi, 12.30pm

DUNEDIN, John Wickliffe House, 265 Princess St,1-3pm

FRANZ JOSEF GLACIER, outside DOC Office, 12pm

HAMILTON, Norris Ward Park 12pm

INVERCARGILL, Wachner Pl, 12pm

KATIKATI, Memorial Hall, 2pm

KAWAKAWA, War Memorial Park on HW entrance to Kawakawa. Family friendly peaceful bbq protest 12.30-3.30pm

KERI KERI, Domain 10am-2pm for chat, speakers, sharing ideas and march. Shared bbq lunch.

MOTUEKA, Starting from Memorial Park, Pah St along Main St to DOC office, High St, 2-3pm

MOSSBURN Outside the Stag, 11.00 am – 2.00 pm.

NEW PLYMOUTH, Taranaki District Council, 12-3pm

OPOTIKI, 10-11am Outside DOC office on Bridge St.

QUEENSTOWN, Memorial Gates,corner of Marine Parade and Church St, 12.30

ROTORUA, Lakefront, 12.30 – 3pm

STRATFORD, Memorial Hall carpark, 11am

TAIRUA, outside Community Hall, 10.30am-12pm

TAUMARUNUI, Hakiaha St by Police Station near Morero Marae, 10am

TAURANGA, Mount Maunganui, Mt Drury, 2pm

TAUPO, Lake 12.30

TIMARU, District Council Building, 2 King George Pl, 2pm

TOKOROA, outside info Centre on Main Rd, 12.30-3pm

TURANGI, Bridgelodge carpark by coffee cart to farewell convoy, 7.30am

WAIHI, ? ,2pm

WELLINGTON, 10 am from Interislander ferry terminal – walking the footpath silently to Parliament. Start time there at 12.30pm for guest speakers etc

WELLSFORD Community Centre 10am

WHAKATANE, Walking from info centre, along Strand to Council, Boon St etc back to Gap then driving to HUB Shopping Centre grassy area. 10.30am-12.30pm

WHANGANUI, River Markets, 11am

WHANGAREI, Mander Park, Western Hills Dr, 12-2pm


HAMILTON SUNDAY 23 September 2018 1.30 pm.
Bikers against 1080 Protest Ride. Gate 1 Carpark at Hamilton Gardens.
Supported by the Bush Bashers

EVENTS ALREADY HELD: in alphabetical order.

D-beAtmAstAblAstA’s #BAN1080 BUSK-A-THON!
This is a musical event to draw attention and inform the chch public of the detrimental affect 63years of govt, doc poisoning our wildfood and waterways with 1080 poisons and it’s torturous affect on our ecosystem that is being turned into a toxic wasteland for our future generations!
We must stop these Terrorists!!! Please come and be informed of the truth.! Raising funds for travel to Wellington Sept8 #Ban1080 Rahui Hikoi!Private · Hosted by Gary Gurden and Sharn Nu’u

MOTUEKA About 30 people marched up the main street from 12- 2pm.

NAPIER A protest was held outside the DoC office Friday 24 August.

NELSON CITY SATURDAY 25 AUGUST A SILENT PROTEST of 120 people dressed in White greeted the Hikoi on the CATHEDERAL STEPS.
Support meetings were held on Monday 6 August and Friday 17 August.

RICHMOND (Nelson) About 30 people marched from Three Brothers Corner to the Tasman District Council office on Friday 24 August.

PICTON The Hikoi greeted Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage at the ENDEAVOUR CENTRE on Thursday 30 August 2pm.

TE PUKE protest


Starts at the Lake front, then march down Tutanekai St to the corner of Fenton/Amohau Sts, then back to the Lake Front.

WAITOMO, 31 August, Brown Town, Stop the Drop Fundraiser at Riverside Lodge.

WANGANUI hosted a well supported two day event held in on the 10 -11 th of August including a Peaceful Public Protest (PPP) at the Wanganui Poison Factory now called Orillion.
Orillion was until recently called Animal Control Products (ACP) a New Zealand State Owned Enterprise (SOE) and before that simply “The Wanganui Poison Factory” set up by the NZ Government in the 1950’s.

A Hikoi is a protest WALK, a long journey taking days, weeks or months.
This Hikoi started on 15 June so it is now in it’s 11th week.
North Island leader Emile Leaf started at Cape Reinga
South Island leader Alan Gurden started at Bluff.
This Hikoi is ORGANIC. IT WILL GROW naturally.
START TIME 9.30 – 10 am AM DAILY.
Average 30 kilometres per day, Daily distances decided by weather, camping spots, health & safety, etc
Join it wherever you can, for as long as you can.
Feel free to organise a satellite hikoi or support network in your area to support the main Hikoi.
Follow ” Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation” or “Kaitiaki of Aoteoroa” facebook pages and you will get an idea of when the walkers are close to you.

Take photos and videos and SHARE them on Facebook pages, Facebook Community Groups and your local newspapers, TV stations, etc.
When you make posts on Facebook, Instagram etc be sure to hashtag#hikoiofapoisonednation #ban1080 #KaitiakiOfAoteoroa. (get someone to show you how) and SHARE SHARE SHARE with your friends.

If you want to DONATE online. BNZ acc.no 02-0844-0118658-000
Acc name A. Gurden & Mr E . Leaf There are always expenses.
Please text only to leaders Emille Leaf 021 0237 7287 or Alan Gurden 022 4971 825.
Please respect other road users.
This is a PEACEFUL PUBLIC PROTEST to STOP the use of DEADLY POISONS in New Zealand.