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Follow the money – Lloyds of London Insurance won’t cover wireless radiation hazards – that includes smart meters 13 Sept 2015

UK Energy Firm Caught Forcibly Installing Smart Meter Against Person’s Consent – Shocking! 12 Sept 2015
The real reason they are pushing Smart Meters, plus other related updates from Josh del Sol 12 Sept 2015
How Smart Meters Are Harmful, Raise Costs and Invade Privacy 28 Aug 2015
NEW ZEALAND-Smart meters refusal urged 20 August 2015

Otago Daily Times article cited by Smart Meter News

Latest news from stopsmartmeters NZ   9 August 2015

1) Special (koha) community screening of the award-winning smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power in Kaitaia on August 14

2)  Smart meter roll out in Oamaru area and local community education initiatives

3) Links to share (including a discussion of claims regarding smart meters’ safety and “smart” gas meters andhow one company plans to turn smart meters into a giant super computer…plus other interesting news…)

4) Request for feedback

Can Humans Really Hear the Infrasound Generated by Wind Turbines and Smart Meters? 29 July 2015

Do Wind Turbines Really Cause Health Problems?

“Health effects due to low-frequency components in noise are estimated to be more severe than for community noises in general” – World Health Organization [1] 

Electrical Engineer explains billing increases with Smart Meters … from stopsmartmeters NZ site …  28 July 2015
With escalating electricity bills, some of our elderly are struggling to keep warm!   24 July 2015

This article from illustrates that our elderly are staying in bed to keep warm and avoid turning on heaters, citing some bills of $500!  Read More HERE

Britain’s IoD: “Smart Meters are a government IT disaster waiting to happen”   9 April 2015
Hundreds of smart meters simultaneously explode

5 April 2015   “The utilities lied when they said “smart” or AMI meters would make the electricity grid “resilient” and“self-healing.” Nothing could be further from the truth…”  Read at the links HERE

Smart Meters: they AREN’T compulsory … learn why they’re risky in more ways than one

5 April 2015  Do you have one of these new meters on …  or worse … in your house? Near where you sleep or work? The little known information about smart meters … read HERE

Could the TPPA make the smart meter situation in NZ worse?

27 March 2015     This article is from the stopsmartmeters NZ website: “The smart meter situation at present in NZ is not good. Companies in the electricity industry …”   Read Article HERE

26 Feb 2015 … Updates from

April 1 “deadline” for electricity meter certification NOT true

Take Back Your Power Auckland
February 24

Heart problems resolve after smart meter modem disconnected

Environmental Sensitivities Symposium

Smart meters are a waste of money


3 thoughts on “Smart Meter News”

  1. A new process is being released to put a stop to smart meters. NOL – Notice of Liability is a process to hold utility companies, PUC commissioners, any government official involved in deploying these smart meters that are harming people, animals and the environment – Invading our privacy and DOES NOT SAVE YOU MONEY –

    Go here and download your free documents and a Guide to walk you thru the process:

    Please share with everyone you know!!!!

    We the people must RISE UP NOW and TAKE BACK OUR POWER.


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