Here in the Rangitikei we have our own ‘toilet bowl’ scenario with the recently granted consents to quintuple the size of the Bonny Glen landfill (owned by Midwest Disposals)… to the dismay of many locals especially those who live near it. If you’re driving by Marton any time soon take the Bonny Glen route through to Whanganui/Turakina. Wind down your car windows and catch a whiff of what these folks live with. Folks can smell it in town from 7km away! You can check out the whole story on the Bonny Glen pages. But the usual scenario. An ‘independent’ panel of corporate people (no environmentalists) hear all the submissions presented by all parties who object to the corporation’s new activities (pests, noise, cost, smell etc.) then consents are granted and the corporation gets to do more of the same in spite of all the pre consent promises. For just one example, the dumping of leachate which was at a cited level of 1-2 truck loads per 1-2 days, when folks in the neighbourhood have witnessed up to 12 trucks and more per day.

On that note check out ‘The Corporation’ movie on our Corporations page to see how and why corporations lie and get away with it.

Read local feedback here on the nuisance factors of the landfill

Bonny Glen

Bonny Glen in the Rangitikei, was originally settled by Highland Scots people, its name conjuring up a mental scene of delightful beauty and rural tranquility. Situated just 7kms west of Marton in the Rangitikei, it is now the home of a landfill that is the subject of several much debated resource consents to extend its capacity. Lest I offend anybody, the countryside there still is  beautiful, and  hats  off to all the folk who still live in  the  area

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAas I’ve heard on some days it smells pretty foul out in the wind. And it’s been reported recently in a local newspaper that the leachate from the facility is probably harming the health of the local Tutaenui Stream because the consented levels are being regularly exceeded. The landfill or tip was sold by the local Council to Midwest Disposals some 15 or so years ago. They’re seeking consent to dump rubbish from as far afield as New Plymouth, South Taranaki, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Wairarapa and Horowhenua (over 200 km away) until the year 2055.


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Bonny Glen Landfill (Midwest Disposals) in the Rangitikei District

~ To view or download the Horizons reports indicating compliance and non-compliance by RDC scroll to the end of the submission ~

This item features submissions to the consent hearings conducted at Feilding in February 2015. (See ‘Bonny Glen Landfill’ page for a background to the process so far).  The page also includes other information and updates that relate to the topic. You can access some of the other submissions yourself in their original form at the Horizons website. 

To read all articles and updates on Bonny Glen go to ‘categories’ on the left side of the page, or scroll to the bottom of the ‘Bonny Glen Landfill’ page.

 Submission on RDC’s Leachate Disposal into the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Marton

On February 24th Hamish Allan, a Marton resident, presented a submission to the panel on a topic that is not considered to be part of the hearing. Neither, as was pointed out prior to the hearings, were property values or trucks.  Ironically, since these are the very concerns which automatically arise when a neighbouring landfill announces plans to quadruple in size.  Nevertheless, Mr Allan’s submission concerns the leachate that is disposed of through Marton’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and has been for nine or so years (deemed the RDC’s concern, not Midwest Disposals’) . This has been, rather than a formal arrangement on paper … a ‘gentleman’s agreement’. The levels have been poorly reported, not tested consistently and there are many non compliances, as Mr Allan’s submission demonstrates. He has supported his submission with documented evidence. Just prior to Christmas 2014 the Wanganui Chronicle reported that the exceeded leachate levels had likely been harming the local Tutaenui Stream. There have been by all appearances, no penal consequences issued by Horizons for these failures in compliance by the RDC. Following is Mr Allan’s submission which outlines the history of how the Marton Community Committe (MCC) of which he was a member at the time, tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to address this in 2011. There needs to be accountability here … as Mr Allan points out in his submission …

‘there can be no economy on a dead planet’. 



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