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The Truth About Pike River that Mainstream Media Won’t be Telling You

“The Pike River Mine disaster occurred at a location 46 km North East of Greymouth on the West Coast of NZ’s South Island. Commencing on Friday, 19th November, 2010, it resulted from a huge methane gas explosion in the mine tragically leaving 29 people trapped and presumed dead, and was followed by subsequent explosions and a fire. It was arguably one of the greatest mass media’s globally publicized disasters of 2010.” 

Following is an article by Dr Jacob Cohen that exposes the background to this disaster, the very big picture that mainstream does not want you to know… 

“The incestuous collusion between corrupt fascist, international corporations, banks, global mining companies and compliant politicians – and how the inexorable love of money by those who run them supersedes everything else” 

“What was the real truth behind the Pike River coal mine disaster in NZ killing 29 men? Was the tragedy simply an ‘accident’ or was it premeditated murder? Involving people at the highest level of the NZ Government and international business and banking community? Does this case have implications for the world?”
Dr Jacob Cohen

Download the pdf file at the link to Dr Cohen’s article on this disaster. This is an exposé that you won’t read in mainstream media and his article tells you why, a must read:  murderatpikerivermine (1st edition)
Murder-at-Pike-River-Mine 2nd edition


Pike River Mine, Jacob Cohen interview – Emergency Services Criminally Prevented From Doing Their Jobs

This video below is from thisweek.org.uk & discusses as described the holding back of rescue/firefighting staff, as happened in the Manchester attack & the Pike River Mine.

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EMERGENCY RESPONDERS CRIMINALLY PREVENTED FROM DOING THEIR JOBS, SO PEOPLE DIE UNNECESSARILY Manchester attack: Firefighters did not respond to bombing for two hours because of false alarm over ‘active shooter’. Dr Jacob Cohen discusses the Pike River Mine explosion in New Zealand in 2010 where 29 men died –  insurance job.  Jacob’s book: Murder at Pike River Mine, 2nd edition Jacob Cohen, Tony Gosling, Martin Summers http://www.thisweek.org.uk – 30 March 2018

Below is a video about the disaster (there were two, one is now gone from Youtube) then the latest in the ongoing ordeal for the families (29 Nov 2016). Here is a link to other Youtube videos about the disaster.

The explosion that ultimately took 29 lives with nobody as yet held accountable

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A group representing some of the families of men who died in the Pike River Mine say critical evidence disappeared during the initial investigation. Feb 17, 2019
READ MORE: https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2019/02/21/pike-river-families-claim-vital-evidence-from-mine-explosion-has-been-lost/

Pike families take control of mine road

A flame burns from the end of a ventilation shaft of the Pike River coal mine near Greymouth on November 30, 2010.
© REUTERS/The Press/Iain McGregor/Pool A flame burns from the end of a ventilation shaft of the Pike River coal mine near Greymouth on November 30, 2010.
The families of the men who died in the Pike River coal mine say the owner of the road accessing the mine has given control of it to them.

The families of the 29 men who died in the mine in November 2010 have been fighting the sealing of the mine, saying the drift, a tunnel leading to the mine proper, is safe to enter.

The mine was privately owned at the time of the explosions but is now owned by state-owner coal miner Solid Energy, which says the mine is not safe to enter.

Newshub.co.nz  7th Dec 2016

Solid Energy has released an open letter to the New Zealand public in a bid to “put the record straight” on the Pike River Mine.

In the letter, Solid Energy insists there’s been no improvement in the condition of the mine and a number of potentially fatal risks prevent the possibility of re-entry.

“There has been no improvement in the conditions within the drift since we discussed the decision with families and announced in November 2014 that re-entry was too dangerous and could not be made safe.

“Our decision was based on an exhaustive investigation into the feasibility of safe re-entry and was backed by independent international expertise,” the letter reads.
View letter here

Te Karere TVNZ

(This is not all in te reo Māori so keep listening if you are not a speaker)

Published on Dec 6, 2016

Solid Energy’s penned an open letter defending its plan to permanently seal the Pike River mine reiterating it won’t change its stance. The company’s directors maintain it’s not safe to re-enter the mine, and say anyone who disagrees is being ‘reckless’. But families of the 29 men who died in the in the 2010 explosions are protesting near the site and say Solid Energy is ignoring ‘expert research’ that shows the mine can safely be re-entered. The mine is expected to be permanently sealed by February.

Pike River mine families have sworn they’ll continue protesting at the mine site after Solid Energy’s CEO told family representatives this afternoon the company would push ahead with plans to seal it. 

TVNZ 30 Nov 2016
Solid Energy Chief Executive Tony King met with Pike River families group spokesperson Bernie Monk in Greymouth for the first time since protest action halted work at the site earlier this month.

The families of the 29 men killed in the 2010 disaster say they want the miners’ bodies recovered, but owner Solid Energy says the mine is full of methane and too dangerous to re-enter.

Anna Osborne, whose husband Milton died in the explosion said the fight is not over.

“We actually deserve that right to see if our loved ones are up that drift and not seal that mine. Because that will be the lid on our guys’ coffin if we allow that to happen. We are so close to them. And to be denied entry would just be criminal,” she said.


Court declines Pike River families’ review bid

27 November 2015

He had faced 12 health and safety charges relating to the deaths of 29 men after a series of explosions at the West Coast coal mine five years ago.

Peter Whittall.
Peter Whittall Photo: AFP (Radio NZ)

The prosecution was dropped after an insurance payment of more than $3 million was made to the families of the men who died.

Two women who lost family members in the disaster had asked the court to review the decision by Worksafe New Zealand not to offer any evidence on the charges.

Anna Osborne, whose husband was killed in the mine blast, and Sonya Rockhouse, whose son died, were assisted in their legal bid by the Council of Trade Unions (CTU).

Pike River mine survivor: ‘there are people in that mine that survived, just like I did’

Nov 14, 2016

“I think they’ve just tried to ease us into it by delaying it and pushing it back and back year after year. They’re just kicking us in the guts once more.”

There is no doubt in Daniel Rockhouse’s mind that he and Russell Smith were not the only two who survived the first Pike River mine explosion.

Rockhouse made his way out of the mine after a methane blast on November 19, 2010, dragging Smith with him.

The friends were the only two men who came out alive after the explosion ripped through the West Coast coal mine, leaving 29 trapped inside – where they remain today.

He calls Solid Energy’s plans to permanently plug the mine with concrete “disgusting”.

Rockhouse said the fight for answers had been traumatising, stressful and emotional – to the point where he had stepped away. But his mother continued to battle.




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