I’ve added a housing page to this site in light of our growing problem of homelessness … we are currently at around 42K homeless as at June 2017. No thanks to the Nats who have escalated their giant sell off of the country’s family jewels. All in the name of greed in my opinion. Our status as a country that cares for its own has rapidly deteriorated and now we are on UNICEF’S list of concerning problems. Child poverty, highest teen suicide IN THE WORLD and homelessness is climbing. No shortage of EMPTY homes in Auckland though. Thirty three K last time I looked, ghost homes they’re called, speculators’ nest eggs sitting empty and owned by people who don’t even live in NZ. We’ve returned to colonial days. And the aforementioned homelessness, we have folk living in garages, sheds and cars even. Or sleeping on the streets, God forbid that however, as businesses bustle about dreaming up methods to shoosh them along. Like we’re hearing in the U.S. Don’t feed them, make it illegal etc etc etc. Our caring nation has descended into a dark and horrific abyss. Gandhi once said that a nation is made great by how it treats its most vulnerable.

Andrew Little (Labour) rips into Paula Bennett, Min for Housing for her neglect of State Housing (that was 2015) and her insistence that cancer sufferers be on the WINZ job-seeker list! How far this nation has sunk into the shameless corporate trough!

NZ wide we have the gentrification of areas, sweeping aside the poor to make way for the rich folks and their mansions. We also have the sell off of not only the state homes our forbears built, but the community/pensioner housing that provided a safety net for more vulnerable elderly folk. With euthanasia on the books and a shrivelling health care system the elderly are fast becoming expendable. So much for Rogernomics & the new neo liberal capitalism. Profits matter & people don’t. That principle if you like, for want of a better word, played out recently in London’s Grenfell tower fire. Listen to Dr Lisa McKenzie speak on topic.


goingundergroundRT   Published on Jun 17, 2017

We speak to Dr. Lisa Mckenzie, research fellow at the London School of Economics, about the fire in Grenfell Tower and how austerity is responsible for killing worker class families.


Controversy Radio

Published on Jun 17, 2017

British media have censored the death of hundreds of people who have lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London.
The more than 500 people unaccounted from Grenfell Tower fire are dead, Nadia, whose family name was not given and identifies herself on social media as DJ Isla, told Press TV.
DJ Isla
London Police Commander Stuart Cundy told reporters on Saturday that 58 people are feared dead in the fire.
According to reports, however, the building was home to about 600 people.

Nadia DJ ISLA told Press TV’s correspondent in London, Camilia Shambayati, that only 76 out of some 600 people who were living in the building where she grew up, had been accounted for and more than 500 residents were still missing.
DJ ISLA says aid effort for Grenfell Tower victims is in vain because they are all dead and no one will admit it, least of all the authorities.

Another video on gentrification with the poor displaced in London. This again concerns the Grenfell Tower fire but is right on topic & accurately dissected. This video also belongs in the Agenda 21/2030 section;
We have social cleansing going on in NZ as well with the gentrification for instance of Tamaki. Part of the privatization of our assets. Selling off the family silver whilst ignoring (& creating) a mammoth homeless population.

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