Herald reports on Bonny Glen … ‘Smelly & Ugly but Necessary’

Well now this is predictable. I recall clearly the man pictured in this article making his Freudian slip regarding the upcoming decision regarding the thirty five year extension of Midwest Disposals’ Bonny Glen Landfill. ‘When’ … ah … ‘if’, he said, ‘the consent is granted’ … adding something to the effect of ‘we have no guarantees it will be granted’. Sold off a decade ago by the RDC to a Chinese conglomerate, the tip sat as a smaller operation until last year’s announcement they’d applied for consent to expand to quadruple the size.

Hopefully the RDC will have the good sense to end the clearly cushy gentleman’s agreement to dispose of their leachate that has been polluting our local Tutaenui Stream.

Smelly and ugly – but necessary

LEACHATE poisoning the Tutaenui Stream, rampant vermin, toxicity, litter, bad smells, increased truck traffic … the crime sheet against the Bonny Glen landfill near Marton is long and ugly.

That is the way it usually is for those lords of the underworld – rubbish dumps.

The application by the waste facility’s owners, Midwest Disposals, to significantly expand the site has naturally prompted fierce opposition from those who live sufficiently close to suffer from its operation….

Read the full article HERE


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