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News & Updates

France Bans Pesticides in Public Green Spaces
Dec 31 2016
paris-1175022_1280.jpgFrench children will soon be able to frolic in the grass without risk of intoxication. 
Pesticides will be banned in all public green spaces from Sunday (January 1 2017) while non-professional gardeners will no longer be able to buy pesticides over the counter.
The new measure is part of a larger green program adopted by French lawmakers that also includes a ban on plastic bags for vegetables.
The pesticide ban covers public forests, parks and gardens, but local authorities are still allowed to use pesticides in cemeteries.
The new law also stipulates that pesticides will be prohibited in private gardens from 2019.

Study reveals almost all Germans contaminated with glyphosate – that ‘probable carcinogen’  29/03/16

New Study: First Commercialized GM Crop Was Toxic to Farm Animals over Long-Term
A unique new study led by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini has shown that the first genetically-modified GM crop commercialized for animal feed, Bt176 from Novartis (now Syngenta), was toxic to cows over the long-term.


Links between Glyphosate and a Multitude of Cancers that are “Reaching Epidemic Proportions” 23/1/16

Monsanto sues to keep herbicide off California list of carcinogens 23/1/16

Pediatricians Target GMO Farms as Cause of Increased Birth Defects 12 Sept 2015
Latvia, Greece win opt-out from Monsanto GM crop 12 Sept 2015
Latest news on pesticides, herbicides, Monsanto & more 12 Sept 2015
Here’s good news – California May Soon Label Monsanto’s Roundup as ‘Known to Cause Cancer’ 11 Sept 2015
World Health Organization Only Requires 90 Days ‘Safety Testing’ on GMOS – Not Long Enough for Tumours to Show 30 Aug 2015
Scotland Announces Total Ban on GM Crops 19 Aug 2015

“Growing genetically modified (GM) crops will not be permitted in Scotland, Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead has announced as he moved to protect Scotland’s clean, green status. Read more

More news on Glyphosate … including the Netherlands, Colombia and a Jeffrey Smith Interview   4 July 2015
Sunshine Coast Council Follows France’s Lead in Phasing out Weedkiller   24 June 2015
Swiss Supermarkets Stop Sales of Glyphosate over Health Concerns   8 June 2015
Will Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Soon Be Banned?  23 May 2015
More on glyphosate: Major oat buyer says no to glyphosate; German State Ministers Call for EU-wide Ban on Glyphosate 21 May 2015
Court upholds $50 million award for girl whose life was destroyed by Johnson & Johnson’s Children’s Motrin  20 May 2015
Bees and Glyphosate   19 May 2015
Colombia gov’t confirms suspension of aerial coca spraying – Reuters  19 May 2015
International Doctors Demand Immediate Ban on Glyphosate Herbicides … from GM Watch  18 May 2015
Monsanto knew 35 years ago that its glyphosate-soaked ‘food’ causes cancer   15 May 2015
Bermuda Bans Glyphosate Indefinitely   14 May 2015
German REWE Group removes glyphosate herbicides from its DIY range … from GM Watch
Monsanto gets sued for falsely advertising glyphosate as non-toxic to humans … from NaturalNews   7 May 2015
The Carcinogenity of Glyphosate … from the Lancet Oncology … 7 May 2015
The RDC and Glyphosate: The Convoluted Process and Protocols of Council Pt. 3 … Outcome   6 May 2015
The RDC and Glyphosate: The Convoluted Process and Protocols of Council Pt. 2 … Question Time
Rangitikei Mail reports on Rangitikei District Council’s Spraying decision …  16 April 2015
Monsanto Employee Admits an Entire Department Exists to “Discredit” Scientists …Natural Society     15 April 2015
The RDC and Glyphosate: The Convoluted Process and Protocols Pt 1
New Study Shows Roundup Herbicide Causes Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

8 April 2015   Link to article HERE

Report Finds Gerber Baby Food Filled With GMOs … Don’t feed this to your baby

7 April 2015    (Note: Food with GMOs contains Roundup; the crops are modified to tolerate Roundup and subsequently sprayed with it) …. Link to the article HERE

Wally Richards’ Weekly Column: This Week, WHO’s latest announcement on Glyphosate

29 March 2015   Here is Palmerston North’s gardening guru Wally Richards’ weekly garden news & commentary. Wally gives us his thoughts on the latest findings from WHO … “Glyphosate probably causes cancer”….Read HERE

WHO Glyphosate Report Ends Thirty Year Cancer Cover Up

27 March 2015   “Following on from last week’s Word Health Organization (WHO) report on glyphosate, which confirmed the world’s most used herbicide probably causes cancer…” Read Article HERE

WHO Declares that Glyphosate Herbicides Probably Cause Cancer

21 March 2015    Read article HERE


From ‘Rural Women New Zealand’

“Massey University Research Nurse, Heather Duckett, wants to talk to farmers (sheep & beef, dairy, deer), orchardists and horticulturalists/flower growers in the Lower North Island from Taranaki across the Central Plateau to Hawke’s Bay and south to Wellington as part of her research into the use of sprays (pesticides, fungicides and herbicides) and the effects on health.

She wants to contact 50 farmers … READ POST HERE

27 Nov 2014  Presentation to Marton Council Forum on Roundup Spraying

A presentation was made to the Council Forum regarding  the lack of parameters and clear guidelines around the spraying of chemical herbicides in public places …. read HERE

ALERT: Certified Organic Food Grown in U.S. Found Contaminated with Glyphosate Herbicide

– See more at:

The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)                                         Allergy issues linked to process called ‘dessication’ where the wheat crop is sprayed with glyphosate pre harvest. Read the article Here:

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