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(Header image captured by author in the Rangitikei, 2015)


Burning Skies

South Canterbury Sky Watch One has to really wonder what the hell is going on above our heads with all these white lines of crap that are being seen here there and everywhere. Lines that start and stop, lines that cross over each other, from North to South or East to West, these straight looking clouds are NOT natural, they are coming from certain aircraft.
The ingredient in the video is Aluminum Oxide (AO). With so many rain results, not only here in New Zealand,
https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.c… , but around the world, showing Aluminum in rain water, is it any wonder why these fires take hold and become huge infernos? When you see fires traveling so fast across the ground, is this crap, not only the AO but other ingredients also being found, are they acting as a desiccant, absorbing the moisture from the ground, so when fire does appear, it runs rampant, out of control or dam hard to take control back?
Often we hear of fire fighters talking bout how dam fast or how unusual these fires are, fires create big heat but they describe the heat like nothing they have experienced in the years they have been a fire fighters.
Funny thing, when i was watching videos via You Tube, watching what was going on in Australia, with the fires, i saw a video that had an interesting title.. it was something along the lines of a “deliberate” act but strangely this morning went back to find that video… it has now been REMOVED, i find that quite odd.
Another interesting thing was while putting this edit together on this video, i had a break away from the computer and turned on the TV… surprise surprise, there was a National Geographic programme on, titled “Australia`s Inferno”.
I didnt see the whole programme but not once did i hear the word chemtrail or see a chemtrail in the videoing of that programme. It makes one wonder if its all just part of the conditioning, for people to think its just NATURAL behavior of these fires… without the mention of an accelerant. Remember what you see on the television is always true isnt it?? ….. 🙂  (See Links at the source on YT)


Close up it is clumped and looks like dandelion ‘parachutes’, minus the seed

Being a close observer of our environment and various strange phenomena that fall from the skies these days, I observed and collected these dandelion looking samples on 23 December 2015. I had seen them several times on previous occasions over 2015 and wondered about them as they look artificial. Why I believe they’re fake is firstly they look synthetic & unlike a real dandelion seed. They had, to me, the appearance of synthetic dacron padding. They are clumped like dandelion seed parachutes but there is no seed. Secondly they’ve come down with the long filaments that attach to my clothes line & fences most days or that carpet the ground. (People are seeing these world wide, see here for videos). Thirdly they aren’t coming down daily as you’d expect with something natural, instead they appear in one smallish window of time

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1959 Disney film about weather modification – “weather control will both enrich & safeguard our daily lives”  24 Aug 2015

Geophysicist, J. Marvin Herndon Exposes Chemtrails as a Prosecutable Crime  10 July 2015
A must-read on Geoengineering: “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth”  by Elana Freeland    10 July 2015

10 thoughts on “Geoengineering News”

  1. With so many around the world trying to find answers, trying to get the truth about chemtrails this bloke has really put his neck out and put so much information together, one just doesnt know where to start to look but, if you tune into him, take a listen and check out his work.
    I am talking about Jim Lee.
    Here is his latest rant to the chemtrail community, the community should be every person on this planet as it is affecting every one of us but still, so many close a blind eye to what goes on.
    With so much info, so many looking but conflicting stories then trolls and shills, its hard to find someone we can trust on this topic, so as always, keep an open mind and take a listen to what Jim has to say.
    Here is the video link:


  2. Jim’s one of my favourites … I always cite his climateviewer timeline as historical evidence of geoengineering, it’s so irrefutable, factual & well referenced. And agree, everybody should be looking at this issue. Many heads in the sand. Thanks for the link, will watch soon.


  3. Article from just days ago can be seen from the link below but once again, there are the 3 elements that continue to be shown to be in the air, in the rain around the world…. Aluminum, Barium an Strontium.
    For those who have their heads out of the sand, or for those sleepy eyes that are pulling their heads out of the sand, take the time to check out “SHADE”. In this documentary you will hear and see, the world is not the way we think it is. Around the 21.49 minute mark, you will hear the topic of geoengineering.

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    1. If you havent seen this video, open your windows, enlarge the screen, turn the volume up loud then sit back and listen to the bloke on this video. “WHY LOUD???” So your neighbours can hear the message too.
      Not sure who this bloke is but what he is saying is well worth the listen.


      1. Below is a video, this video needs to be watched and listen with both ears. Open your windows, let your neighbours hear, invite your family, your friends over to listen and watch this…..

        As the bloke who narrates this video mentions,… people have been dumbed down. Its incredible to see, so many videos out there for people to look at and educate themselves but when you see views, they are low, when you see comments, there are next to none.
        People it seems are losing their communication skills, people are losing free speech. wake up people and see what is going on.

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