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America’s new animal cruelty law that ignores 99% of animal cruelty is not unlike NZ’s that sanctions a long cruel death by 1080

This post on changed laws in the US reminds me of NZ’s situation with 1080 that allows the long slow cruel death a vet has described as 2+ days of slow electrocution. The NZ authorities tweaked the Animal Welfare act to exempt the spreaders of aerially dropped 1080 poison from prosecution for cruelty. Same thing really isn’t it? Cruel but it’s deemed ‘okay’ because they are killing off everything non native for the biodiversity program we were signed up to under Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030. A truly ‘sustainable’ (not) practice. Unless of course it’s your pet dog, cat or other animal. EWR

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“According to The Washington Post, the PACT Act “outlines exemptions for humane euthanasia; slaughter for food; recreational activities such as hunting, trapping and fishing; medical and scientific research; ‘normal veterinary, agricultural husbandry, or other animal management practice’; and actions that are necessary ‘to protect the life or property of a person.’”

Of course animal cruelty to dogs and cats by private citizens should be dealt with severely. But what about the billions of animals tortured each year on America’s factory farms? Or how about the tens of thousands of animals, including dogs and cats, who are tested on and mistreated in laboratories?

Can we actually say we’re cracking down on animal cruelty when we still allow SeaWorld to keep cetaceans captive and force them to perform? Or permit insanely cruel practices like fur trapping and bow hunting?”



How much does Medical School teach about Vaccines?

How much do Medical students learn about vaccines in medical school? You might be surprised!
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‘Everything is the light’ … a read interview with Nikola Tesla

“It bothers me not that they steal my ideas; it bothers me that they have none of their own.”–N Tesla

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Everything is the Light – An Interview with Nikola Tesla. Narrated By: Gary Lite Read the full article here:… My understanding is that this story is from a play, but if you listen carefully you will find gems of information! Part of this interview is dedicated to Tesla’s critics on Einstein’s theory of relativity that discards the ether as energy. I have proved in the new Theory of the Universal Law why Einstein’s theory of relativity is entirely wrong and why there is no vacuum (void), and that everything is energy. Thus I confirm Tesla’s ideas as expressed in this interview. Universal Truth –

Former Salesman for vaccine maker Merck & Co. tells why he would not vaccinate his own son

48.7K subscribers – “If you believe what you are told by the AMA and the CDC and your doctor, you’re not doing enough research.” In 1991 Scott Cooper and his wife researched vaccine safety and efficacy, determined vaccines are NOT safe or effective, and refused to vaccinate their son. Interestingly, their son was much healthier than his vaccinated peers throughout childhood. At the time, Scott worked as a sales rep for Merck & Co., a large vaccine manufacturer, and he had dived deep into researching vaccines and the risk associated with vaccination. His Pediatrician was befuddled that Scott would not vaccinate, especially because he worked for a large vaccine manufacturer! His son continues to be healthy, and Scott and his wife have no regrets about not vaccinating their son. A STOP Mandatory Vaccination Production Produced by Larry Cook Founder and Director of Contribute here: The Vaccine Research Library
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Full Rocket Lab Briefing 30 minutes.

By Ben Vidgen

Rocket Lab launches July 24th 2020 Olympic games opening ceremony Tokyo high tech “shooting star” show launched from a satellite that Rocket Lab, Hawkes Bay Mahia Pensinular. This comes after the November 29th stand down.

Japanese company ALE has a satellite booked on Rocket Lab’s next Electron rocket, which launched from the Māhia Peninsula near Gisborne New Zealand yesterday 9;18 P.M Decemebr 6th. A Japan space agency also hired satelite to study Kairoura on November 16 2016 the day of the Kaikoura quake. This was done in connection with the Awarura space tracking facility in Bluff. One of several recenty built space base application including Leo Lab Space radar built this year on private property in Otago. The facitlities have duel military and civilian functions.

This image is an interferogram, produced using data from a Japanese Space Agency satellite.  Each set of rainbow-coloured contours represent 11.5cm of movement. Where the coloured contours are closest together is where the largest changes in land motion are occurring.

The first stage of this Electron was upgraded, “equipped with new guidance…

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Smart Meter News


Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc
Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland
Chief Editor of Radiation and Health specialty of the Frontiers in Public Health, Lausanne, Switzerland
Science Blogger at BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place


• Education:
• DSc in Molecular biology (Poland, 1983), PhD in Biochemistry/cell biology (Finland, 1990)
• Currently
• Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, Helsinki University (1992 – )
• Chief Editor of Radiation and Health, specialty in Frontiers in Public Health
• In the past
• 22 years (1992-2013) at STUK
• 2003-2007 as Head of Radiation Biology Laboratory
• 2000-2013 as Research Professor
• Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, USA; 1997-1999
• Guangbiao Professor at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China; 2006-2009
• Visiting Professor at Swinburne Univ. Technology, Melbourne, Australia; 2012-2013

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Walmart, Lowe's, Hotels, Restaurants, and Grocery Stores Now Have Robot Employees

Reality Decoded

There are a number of stores that have started the first rollout of robots to do jobs assigned to human workers.

Big boost to the bottom line for the rich:

  • Zero wasted money on Yearly Salary
  • Zero wasted money on Health and Dental Insurance
  • Zero wasted money on Retirement Packages
  • Zero wasted money on Injury Claims
  • Works nearly 24/7
  • No Vacations or Holidays ever
  • More money for Executive Bonuses
  • More money for Share Holders

Walmart has robots deployed to 50 stores across four states. They are working with the fully autonomous robots’ manufacturer, “Bossa Nova Robotics”.

The robots scan aisles for out-of-stock items, things that were put in the wrong place by customers, incorrect prices, and wrong or missing labels. They continuously go up and down the aisles of the store.

The robots are often more efficient than employees performing similar tasks.

Lowe’salso has robots in stores to help customers…

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Big Pharma Bought Access to Your DNA From Genealogy Company and What They’re Using It for Should Concern Everyone

The New Dark Age

12 December 2019 — Real Farmacy

By Joshua

Have you paid for an ancestry report? Perhaps someone gave it to you as a gift. Either way, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline now owns your genetic fingerprint.

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BIG PHARMA: The 8 Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth…Are You Taking Any of These? – By S. D. Wells (Archive)


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“…Many “Western” medicines are made in laboratories using chemicals and are highly experimental, and worse yet, they’re never tested on humans, except when they’re actually prescribed, applied, or injected into them. Humans are the ultimate guinea pigs in America, while Big Pharma pockets trillions in profit”

The 8 Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth… are you taking any of these? – By S. D. Wells

“It’s time to take your medicine, honey.” “But Mom, it’s making me feel weird and horrible, and I’m not getting any better.” “Well, it’s what the doctor prescribed, so it’s what we have to do.” Have you ever been told to listen to your gut? There’s a reason for that. Actually, several reasons.

Many “Western” medicines are made in laboratories using chemicals and are highly experimental, and worse yet, they’re never tested on humans, except when they’re actually prescribed, applied, or injected…

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Neonatal nurse says government-mandated vaccines are “destroying an entire generation of children”

 The VAXXED II film bus is currently touring the country in promotion of this groundbreaking sequel to the original VAXXED documentary. And one of the people interviewed by tour host and actress Polly Tommey was Michelle Rowton, a neonatal nurse who wasn’t shy in declaring that the conventional medical system is “destroying an entire generation of children” with toxic vaccines.

With more than 17 years of experience working in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), Rowton has seen more than her fair share of premature babies whose lives have been destroyed by vaccination. She specializes in children ages two years and younger, especially those that are premature and sick, and it’s this particular demographic that’s perhaps most harmed by these government-recommended jabs.

While in undergraduate training, Rowton recalls never being taught anything about vaccines other than how to administer them. In graduate school, Rowton was further indoctrinated into various methods of “coercive…

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