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Hungry Bees 1080 Poison Risk to NZ Honey Says DoC

Published on Nov 18, 2017

1080 poison is a broad-spectrum pesticide spread across New Zealand’s forests and waterways to kill possums and rats, but insects like bees are also falling to this in-discriminant mass-poisoning campaign.
See our 1080 pages at the main menu for further info and links to the Graf Boys’ sites and YT channel plus more info on 1080 use in NZ. 
Header Photo Credit: Carol Sawyer

The Kea are nearly all gone thanks to 1080

Published on Nov 17, 2017

Pete Lusk tells us how few kea there are left in New Zealand after 1080 poison use

Published on Sep 25, 2016

Kea are one of the most endangered parrots on Earth. The New Zealand Govt agency – Department of Conservation – continues to aerially drop poisonous food directly into kea habitat to kill rats, possums and deer … but it’s not just rats and deer that are dying …

See the unloading of 1080 just meters from housing, defying all the rules

Published on Oct 25, 2017

This is what i stumbled upon on Tuesday 17th of October 2017. Around 20 tonne of the deadly eco-toxin 1080 (Sodium Flouroacetate) being handled and loaded onto trucks by workers contracted by the Department of Conservation. As you can see, i was able to proceed into the heart of the operation unhindered, as there were no warning or hazard signs present. This took place on a public through road and parking area close to retail stores. The fence you can see behind the trucks is the back fence of about 3 or 4 residential properties. No public safety measures were taken to inform the public of what was happening. Shame on you D.O.C!!!!!! Video is my own. Song is my own. Benny Rebel – Expect Resistance… STOP THE DROP BAN 1080 IN AOTEAROA

Habitat loss & species extinction … discussing Nelson’s Brook Valley ‘sanctuary’ & 1080

Published on Oct 29, 2017

Jenese and Jim talk about the effect of poisoning Brook Valley and poison industry in NZ. Please share these interviews if possible on facebook, google, email etc. Lets get the word out. Here is te quick link for it: BVCG Facebook Group:

With growing cracks in the 1080 edifice the censorship scramble is ramping up

The outrage is growing as the glaring cracks in our ‘clean green’ image get too big to disguise!

Last week my site some may recall was hacked & a piece on the Green Party’s 1080 stance DELETED which was not clever as it merely moves the formerly conspiratorial belief in the existence of a ‘thought Police’ (for some) to, well … factual evidence doesn’t it? Not only was it removed from this site, it had just previously been taken down off Facebook. Please ask yourself ‘why?’

So the cracks are widening ever so gradually & like the proverbial dam stoppage the establishment are dashing hither and yon running out of proverbial fingers to stop up the leaks. I’ve said this before, this site gets literally thousands of views & shares on 1080, hundreds on other pressing issues and some only tens. The 1080 poison issue is by far the one that Kiwis are most angry about.  And the issue that clearly is also policed by trolls who endeavour periodically to convince me that 1080 is harmless stuff you’ll find in your morning cuppa, after all it is derived from camellia leaves they tell me. As if we have never read a piece of scientific data in our lives. I’ve also said before I don’t entertain or invite long convoluted time wasting-discussions on the pros of 1080 poison. If you have those views, head off to mainstream media and discuss them where they’re the status quo. Some of us would prefer to eliminate pests with eco friendly methods, period.

Anyway a recent piece of good news comes from a certain bus company in the Wellington region that placed 1080 ads on its buses. Ads that provoke one to think about the science behind poisoning and the possibility of alternatives for conservation. This piece of news serves two purposes actually. One that there was somebody willing to put their money where their mouth is & tell the world what’s really happening with the poisoning program and how it is threatening to damage our export base (aside from ruining our ecosystem). And secondly, the fact that the ads are now being taken down through opposing pressure, proves my initial point, the thought Police are alive & well. The ads aren’t lies but it’s preferred it seems that we the public don’t draw our own conclusions about that. Please share this information far and wide. I’ve heard it’s already gone global. It becomes more farcical by the day, the outrage growing as the glaring cracks in our clean green image get too big to disguise. 

Following is Carol Sawyer’s post on the anti-1080 bus ads (slightly edited):

Copy of 23172810_2013478095599173_3030130981011950940_n.jpg

The header image shows the “Kea” bus, in Courtenay Place, Wellington around the 6th November 2017. The signs on the buses are being removed! The image above points to the possibility that 1080 is in some of our honey. 

It looks as though there has been a campaign against the ads, and one that appears to have successfully bypassed the normal channels, those being the Advertising Standards Authority.  

It appears the signs are to be removed from the buses because of the complaints. The buses are from Newlands Bus Company and Mana Coaches. If people want to let the companies know they support the signs they should phone MetLink & let them know (details below).

They seem grateful for the calls, and have been flooded with complaints, so a lot of praise is needed as a counterbalance !!!

Absolutely no bad language or threats.


MetLink ( 0800-801-700 ) who handle complaints, etc for Newlands/Mana is is the best place to phone. Let them know you are extremely impressed with their bus advertisements, on Keas and honey, and congratulate them on their free-thinking and progressive attitude. 

Alternatively email them:
Contact Us | Newlands Coach Services
Coach Hire Porirua Paraparaumu Newlands



THREE years on, two women alleging 1080 poisoning while picnicking STILL waiting for answers from NZ Health

From radionz

Two women who believe they were poisoned by 1080 more than three years ago say it’s ridiculous they are still waiting for answers from health officials. Gwen Gardner and her sister were having a picnic inland from Greymouth when a helicopter flew over them. A while later they began to feel sick, and when they returned to their car they noticed 1080 pellets nearby. The West Coast Medical Officer of Health gave the women a draft report in 2015 but they have not heard from her since.


The cat’s out of the bag in NZ with 1080 – from a BSc

Published on Nov 5, 2017

Jim Hilton talks about the poison industry in NZ. Please share these interviews if possible on facebook, google, email etc. Lets get the word out. Here is the quick link for it: BVCG Facebook Group:

Petition For Inquiry into the storage of bulk 1080 in the Whitianga Central Business District – please read & consider signing – it could be your district next

We the undersigned petition the Mayor, Chief Executive, and elected councillors of Thames Coromandel District Council to undertake a full and independent enquiry into the storage of 1080 in the Whitianga CBD at 20 Joan Gaskell Drive, behind Department of Conservation offices.

We further petition Council to protect the health and safety of ratepayers by undertaking independent water monitoring for poison residues following all 1080 aerial operations, within the parameters and time frames set by Manaaki Whenua /Landcare Research, and with public notification of the results.

Was it legal to store 1080 adjacent to residences and food and beverage outlets? Who knew about this storage? Who was notified? Who should have been notified?

We request that the answers to these all these questions are made public.


The Greens’ official stance on 1080 is probably not what you think it is

Following on from the recent post on 1080 & the Green party that had been mysteriously removed by those who would censor what we believe, a short commentary here on the meaning of ‘Green’ particularly with regard to the said party that claims ‘green’ … time for a re evaluation …
What springs to mind here is Kermit the Frog’s song ‘It’s not Easy Being Green’ for the older among us who remember it. It can’t be easy being really green these days, by traditional standards. Especially on poisons & insecticides like 1080 which ironically is green but nevertheless a  “highly hazardous broad spectrum poison that kills all oxygen-breathing animals and organisms” according to Dr Meriel Watts (but which officially, somehow, manages to target certain pests only, such is the brilliance of our esteemed leaders).  It’s especially not easy when the government/corporation you (at least partially) represent OWNS the poison factory. Especially when your government/corporation has been consuming 85% of the world’s supply even though it’s banned most places on the planet. Such is the conundrum of being green these days. Time for a name change praps? Bring it into line with reality. If we’re to teach our kids honesty then best be real methinks. They’ve already cottoned on to the lies we live with, praps part of why we have the highest teen suicide rate in ‘clean & green’? And the filthiest river in the Southern Hemisphere to boot.
So going by the removal of the said article regarding Michelle Read’s communications with the Green party from both here & Facebook, seems the latter is not green either? (and possibly don’t want you seeing evidence to the contrary so to speak?). It’s all getting way harder to cover up nowadays.
EnvirowatchRangitikei  (proudly Green)
coro 5.png
Untitleddiagram 2


My site was hacked & a post about the Green Party’s 1080 stance deleted!

Two days ago I had an as yet unpublished post featuring communications with and about the Green Party’s stance on 1080, hacked into and deleted.

I find this particularly disturbing and believe it illustrates the reach now of surveillance note particularly  ‘Five Eyes.

How this came about was curious in that it involved Facebook initially. The information contained in the item was in fact was posted on Facebook by a fellow blogger and consisted simply of a record of communications between another blogger and the Green Party about their stance on the use of 1080 poison in NZ. That original information with names, is posted below.

The information was taken down by Facebook actually, with no explanation given as would normally be the case. It contains no offensive remarks (as can be seen) and did not appear to violate any of the rules. A discussion ensued where I asked to be given a copy of the information so I could post it to this site. I duly copied it and dated it to be published on Saturday 4th November 2017 (next day).

When I returned that day to finish off editing the post, my own comments remained but the communications between the Green Party and the blogger had vanished completely. On there was an information video by DoC NZ about 1080, a link for which was in the Greens communication. I deleted the video thinking it must be an error of sorts, and then replaced the information that had been deleted, thinking I must not have properly saved the original post.

Whilst I was doing so, in between saving it and previewing it (whereby a copy of how it will look once published appears) the information DISAPPEARED AGAIN and the video REAPPEARED.

Now to cover bases, my site is a free WordPress site. I had availed myself of their two step authentication process which means aside from the usual login password to WordPress, I was also sent a text message each login with a one time new SECOND password. So the hacker (presuming this was the work of a hacker & perhaps a more savvy internet user may be able to shed more light on this) had gotten past the two steps, and supposedly had access to my text message.

I’m left wondering why of course, this person was keen to delete the Greens’ communications. And curious about the progression from Facebook to WordPress. WordPress, having taken a while to respond to my query on this, eventually advised me to change my password. No other explanation. I’m awaiting further information.

Here is the original post to Facebook, posted by Carol Sawyer, citing communications by Michelle Read:



Michelle Read wrote to the Greens, a comprehensive, lucid letter, complete with scientific tables and facts, with this accompanying note:

30 October, 2017

Dear James Shaw,

Thank you for replying to my email of 14th September via Geraldine Molloy and Stephen Lungley. It was good to hear the different views put forward by your party. Congratulations on the outcome of the election.

Please find some more helpful information which I hope you decide to appropriately distribute to those in your party who will make important decisions for our environment.

It is vital we reduce our pesticides use in line with the ‘developed world’ instead of escalating them on the basis of an ideology. We cannot afford to keep pretending that poisons are an answer to a problem that may not even exist in the way it has been presented to the public. Please do take a moment to read this.

Whilst the other OECD nations are reducing pesticide use, New Zealand alone is bucking the trend and escalating the use of these chemical poisons. The compound known as 1080 is such an example of extraordinarily high use of a deadly poison… some would say it is overkill.


Here is the reply she received ( I have even been nice enough to correct the spelling in the credits Geoffrey Woodhouse has at the bottom of his letter. He had “Assiocate Minister for Environment” ) :

2 November, 2017

“On behalf of Hon Eugenie Sage, Minister of Conservation, thank you for your message of 30 October regarding the use of 1080 in pest control operations.

There is a lot of good information provided on the Department of Conservation website that can answer the concerns you raise. The following page covers most of the key points:

Here’s a video from New Zealand’s Threatened Species Ambassador that explains why 1080 is an essential tool in protecting endemic species:

I recommend that you read the recent report of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment on this issue; it is very approachable and provides an independent, scientific assessment of the points you have raised. I have attached the link here:…/evaluating-the-use-of-1080.p…


Geoff Woodhouse | Private Secretary (Conservation)

Office of Hon Eugenie Sage

Minister of Conservation, Minister for LINZ, Associate Minister for Environment


And here is Michelle’s response to that :

That is a very disappointing response and does not address my complaint.

The current failed aerial poisoning programme has existed for 64 years. It doesn’t work. There are no credible DoC reports or data to show net benefit to any species in the New Zealand forests, apart from rats and mice that is.

Please read the following:

A recent review highlighting several reasons for concern regarding the New Zealand Government’s policy of widespread aerial poisoning with sodium monofluoroacetate (1080), was sent to several Government ministers and staff (in August 2016). A letter in reply, in support of the ongoing use of 1080, was received from the Department of Conservation (DoC). The letter claims that there is foundational evidence aerial 1080 poisoning is ‘safe’, will retain its efficacy against rats throughout repeated applications, has desirable biodiversity outcomes, and that there are no current alternatives to its continued use. These claims are refuted based on documented evidence. Further, examination of documents concerning the management of two species, kea (Nestor notabilis) and mohua (Mohoua ochrocephala), reveals no scientific, ecological basis supporting pest control by DoC. There is an urgent need to review conservation management in New Zealand.

Response to the Department of Conservation’s reply to “Aerial 1080 poisoning in New Zealand: reasons for concern” (PDF Download Available). Available from:…/313881837_Response_to_the_De… [accessed Nov 02 2017].