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Hear Jacinda Ardern, NZ’s PM, in her speeches at the Agenda 2030, WEF meetings. Listen at the link below:

Agenda 21/2030 in brief … a 5 minute clip:

“We are at present working discreetly, with all our might, to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.”                                                       Arnold Toynbee – International Affairs, p.809, November 1931

Because of the covert nature of Agenda 21 people are not aware of its nature or its intent. It comes under the guise of ‘sustainable development’ … a most worthy cause, it would seem? The true agenda however, is quite different. Here is a timely book written by a New Zealander on the topic. It contains information on how the principles of UN Agenda 21 are being applied right now. Following is an introductory letter supplied by the author, Dr Naomi Jacobs.

January 2013

“I decided to write the book following my initial shock in reading the New Zealand Herald, November 3, 2012, article, ‘Kaipara rates rebellion grows,’ about the huge, extortionate property rates/tax increases being imposed by Kaipara District Council on ratepayers in New Zealand.

After an extensive study of Marxism/Socialism/Communism over many years – upon reading the article, it immediately became plain to me that what was happening to Kaipara citizens and ratepayers was not only unique to New Zealand – but was part of a global plot now taking place in all countries planned many years ago by the British Fabian Society.

Basically, I believe, Kaipara District Council is being insidiously used as a “test case …”

Read More:  January 2013 Letter Naomi Jacobs (pdf)

“In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”                                            Karl Marx – Communist Manifesto chapter 2, 1848

Here is an excerpt from Naomi’s 82 page book with a link to download:

“All around the world, increasingly “socialist” central/local governments and councils, in collusion with the international bankers who fund them, are frantically getting deeper and deeper into unsustainable debt – or worse, are going bankrupt. Harsh austerity measures are being implemented, with drastic cuts in spending, privatization of assets and huge, onerous increases in rates and taxes on property owners  – Is all this happening just by chance – or is it a deliberate plot?  Is it a global phenomenon? Who is responsible? Where will all this eventually end? Using the small country of New Zealand in the South Pacific as an example, this account attempts to unmask exactly why all this is happening, and provides some unique answers how it may be stopped.”


“While this little book is largely based on events and law as it exists in New Zealand, it still has poignant ramifications for the rest of the world because city council rates and taxes are beginning to spiral out of control in almost every country, often leading to bankruptcy. The author has tried to keep the account short and sweet and as simplified as possible for the average reader in what can be a rather extensive and very complex subject. In New Zealand, the biggest local government taxes are called “rates” and these are calculated on the value of each individual property.

At present all around the world countless countries, states, city councils, regional councils, counties, provinces etc. are either in the process of rapidly introducing severe austerity measures on their citizens …”


Copyright © Dr Naomi Jacobs, New Zealand, January 2013

“The copyright of this book is only for the purposes of protecting the original text. In the public interest, this book may be freely reproduced in full or in part, for profit or not, by whoever wishes to use it, without the author’s or publisher’s permission.”

THEREFORE …. PLEASE SHARE …. as widely as possible!

Published on Apr 30, 2016

Do you know who “Safe Communities Network” is? Perhaps “Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network”? WHO? United Nations? Have I got your attention yet? Your community may already be a member, using your money without YOUR knowledge!
This page shows you how:…
Watch this video to learn more.


People watch for this. It will ring bells for folks who are familiar with Agenda 21. It sounds great on the surface. ‘Safer Communities’ yes we want those don’t we? … but why would it cost our District Council $2000 to instate this in our communities on behalf of WHO and UN? Can’t we protect our own communities? Aren’t we already? There are now 26 NZ DCs signed up that have paid rate payers’ money without prior consultation. ‘Safe’ also includes vaccination – we know the push is to make those mandatory. Other key words in there are ‘global governance’. All UN rhetoric … it’s what former NZ PM Helen Clark is now working at at the UN. The New World Order. That which US presidents have been mentioning for nearly 3 decades now. They’ve been incrementally removing our sovereignty & getting us used to the idea of a one world government. A ‘New World Order’ they call it.


“Mangawhai ratepayers and residents face massive rates rates increases, initially proposed at +1800% to raise money for a “sewerage scheme” it turns out that something much more sinister and far smellier is in the works.
No democracy, no accountability, no rights and no access to justice, worst case scenario right? Well how about the disputed rates payments that are before the high court being stolen directly from citizens bank accounts?
So much stolen that you can’t even make your next mortgage payement?
This might be one of the most important cases in recent New Zealand local government and yet the media are completely ignoring it and leaving those in this community to fight for themselves.
Luckily, people like Alan Preston and chairman of The Mangawhai Residents And Ratepayers Association Bruce Rogan are there to give light to this very important issue!”

Info from video information section


Because of the covert nature of Agenda 21 people are not aware of its nature or its intent. It comes under the guise of ‘sustainable development’ … a most worthy cause, it would appear on the surface.  The true agenda however, is quite different. This is a timely book supplying information on how the principles of UN Agenda 21 are being applied right now. Take note also, that the removal of our sovereignty is one of the particular concerns associated with the signing of the TPPA, for this will enable corporations to sue our nation for non-compliance with their profit making privileges. This has already happened elsewhere.

For further information on Agenda 21 visit the Agenda 21 pages on the site. Watch the recommended videos by those who have studied it, in particular the testimony of Ann Bressington, a former Australian politician. Also, read the articles and educate yourself on this important issue.



Kaipara rates rebellion grows
Inside Kaipara’s ratepayers revolt
KaiparaConcerns  (updates from Kaipara citizens)


Vinny Eastwood Episode 2 of PARADIGM broadcasted on Face TV Sky Channel 083 on September 14th 2015 at 9pm NZT

TOPIC: Local Governance & Corruption
GUESTS: Bruce Rogan from the Mangawhai Residents and Ratepayers Association with activist and Mayoral candidate Penny Bright.

•How privatisation and secretive powerful roundtable groups (comprised mostly of large companies) have led to the rise of unelected, unaccountable officials.

•The utter refusal of EVERY SINGLE AUTHORITY in New Zealand to investigate corruption.
The police, the judiciary, the ombudsman, the minister for local government, the auditor general, political parties, the list goes on, every authority whose job is to investigate, prevent or punish corruption actually supports it!

•Why local citizens have no rights and why local government has no rules.

Believing NZ is corruption free was the very mechanism by which criminals took control of our country. The only reason NZ is #2 on Transparency International’s “perceived” least corrupt countries in the world list, is we’re the 2nd best in the world at concealing our corruption.

I lost My Home Business Freedom For exposing Corruption Russell Malcolm 5 Oct 2013

NZUncovered  Published on Dec 30, 2013

Filmed by Vinny Eastwood “Mr News” . “An account by Russell Malcolm of Dairy Flat being his experience’s involving the Pinchgte affair, Corruption that escalated from questioning an extortion attempt by former Rodney Council to Criminal retaliation by Auckland Council, covered up from the Mayor Len Browns office.

When Russell acted on his threat to go public, he was promptly arrested with Gag orders imposed by Prime Minister John Key in bail conditions. Police acknowledged the matter came from the highest level of Government.

Russell’s home and business is raided twice, forcing business closure. Then his home and investments properties are seized without warning in a police operation, in conjunction with ASB Bank.
Russell exercised his right to refinance his properties, ASB blocked the completion of refinancing in denying access to an independent valuer to complete the process, while allowing dozens of strangers through those same properties to sell at half their values.

This matter is still before the court, Police have repeatedly offered a discharge without any cost or conviction if Russell will plead guilty to posting a comment on the internet referring to a corrupt town planner who blocked processing of an application for over 12 month as a Smart cow and Evil Bitch, in a blog she did not read and was not party to.

No one has ever been charged with this type of alleged offence before and it appears no law makes it an offence. The police are clearly under pressure from the highest level of Government to obtain a guilty plea or verdict on what is not an offence.
The damage inflicted on Russell’s life is devastation to health, business and losses in the millions of dollars.”


NZUncovered  Published on Dec 31, 2013

“Thanks to Vinny Eastwood Mr News for this item.
Russell Malcolm questioned extortion at Rodney Council, several years later Auckland Council staff retaliated by blocking the processing of a consent application, after 2 years of stalling Russell advised council he would be going public. As he commenced to he was arrested and silenced by gag order bail conditions, coming from Prime Minister John Key. The mater was highly embarrassing to John Keys Govt at election time. 3 hrs after his urgent arrest and detention a townplanner is contacted to be the complainant, after being referred to as an evil bitch in a blog she was not party to. No one has ever been charged for such an offence before and no such offence exists under NZ law.  Three months latter his home and business is raided twice by Police, forcing the loss of his business.the reason given is because he has pleaded not guilty. A year later his home and other properties are seized in a joint covert police ASB Bank operation. Russell arranges refinancing with another Bank, which ASB prevent by blocking access to a valuer. ASB then undersell the properties at half value. ASB move the new buyers in immediately a month before settlement, who steal Russell possessions which have been trapped in the property by ASB banks action.”


Watching our environment … our health … and corporations … exposing lies and corruption

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