Home Made: the best sports drink in the world!

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Sujon blackcurrant, or any NZ blackcurrant, has been shown in several studies to improve performance and recovery. I have even met Professor Mark Willems from the UK, who did the original research. It may have something to do with how the berry adapts to the berry to high UV in NZ. Here’s a quick summary: https://www.sujon.co.nz/post/which-fruits-are-higher-in-antioxidants

So, I use it daily in my sports drinks when training and in recovery. Everyone will benefit but best when combined as follows:

  1. https://www.garymoller.com/product-page/sujon-blackcurrant-powder-500-grams
  2. https://www.garymoller.com/product-page/bioceuticals-ultra-muscleze-energy-advanced-magnesium-blend
  3. https://www.garymoller.com/product-page/orthoplex-nac-natural-berry-flavour-150-grams


Image by Ratna Fitry from Pixabay

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