Jacinda’s resignation

So Jacinda Ardern has resigned.

Great excitement for many in NZ, others not so much. For the former group, don’t get too excited. Remember Smiling Assassin Key resigning? He’s now a ‘Sir’. And just this week, in similar vein to that predecessor, there have been disturbing revelations of alleged lies (a serious must read) from our single source of truth.

Could these have hastened her departure? We’ll likely never know for sure.

Those who are aware of the globalists’ strategies will know that timing is everything. Their global leaders are greatly rewarded for the paths of destruction they create whilst in office. Remember Sir Roger Douglas? Wrecked NZ on claims of improving the economy, now nicely and comfortably retired in the sunny north. (Meanwhile the rich got richer and the poor are even poorer). Ms Clarke, who let the GE corn crops into ‘clean green’ EnZed, beavering away on global governance at the UN. These young global leaders, servants of Klaus & Co, are suitably stepped aside at the right time (that being when too many of the public are waking up and/or they are widely hated), and either way, they know they will be well looked after.

It’s fairly likely Jacinda will in due course become a Dame and like others before her, will be well rewarded for her more recent years of discomfort at the hands of an awakening public. A nice well paid job in realms offshore until the public’s pain has worn off and the wounds are less raw. By then the newly installed leader (be it a Nat or a Labourite, same bird, different wings) will be well along the way in the next phase of installing the (not) great reset.

It’s a globalist script people, we have the mere illusion of democracy.

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7 thoughts on “Jacinda’s resignation”

  1. Is this a sign that some of the major criminals are noticing that the noose begins to tighten around their necks?

    We see simular behaviour in Davos, Switzerland, where the ‘big names’ are absent at the meeting and those present seems to be more attracted to escort services, than anything else …

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      1. No G7 leaders but Germany, Soros, Gates for starters. Schwab, 4th Reich Führer, only showed up briefly at the inauguration and left, with the ‘excuse’ of health issues (yes, we all know, the head, incurable …).


        (Sorry about the German …)

        In Sweden, media have tried to glorify the meeting, claiming any critics to be conspiracy theories (MSM annual tradition since 2020 at least). Sick doesn’t come close to describe the behaviour of MSM …

        Interesting that the WEF required (ordered) the Swiss military to protect the criminals. Pseudo vaxx free private jet pilots was also required …

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        1. Thanks SasjaL for that info. I’ll have a good look shortly. And I hadn’t realized… thought was biz as usual there but been a bit busy to read wo to go. I did notice the Swiss military presence & Max Igan’s talked about the unvaxxed pilots!! Says it all doesn’t it? Plenty of proof for the nay sayers right there.


  2. From the outset it was obvious she had very limited understanding of how the real world works — ‘I can wave a magic wand [pass a law] and make it all bedder” OR “I can solve that problem by setting up big new centralised bureaucracy that spends billions more dollars”. That’s not too unusual with ‘glass tower’ ideologues. But combined with her narcisstic and sociopathic personality disorders, a plainly visible cruel streak (“yep, yep, that’s exactly what it is”) and the development of a worshipper cult who savagely attacked opponents of her policies and approach in every way they could, it made for an extemely unpleasant scene. All the laws and enforcement apparatus she put in place will still be there. as will most of the very bad advisors in the elite echeolon of the public service. Nothing will change, apart from a welcome absense of that ghastly voice, until the next election. If libertarian parties (National is just an interferring centrist party) can part part of the government after October that works at dismantling at least some of it, maybe things will get better.

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