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So now they are going to use mRNA tech to cure those mysterious heart attacks

How the US FDA, NIH & CDC use Gilead’s Remdesivir

Investigation: U.S. D.O.D. issued contract for ‘Covid-19 Research’, three months before Covid was known to exist, to a company in Ukraine

Why some Kiwis won’t take the jab

Those PCR swabs (here) and (here)

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    1. SDGs lol. Aren’t THEY a scam? I always laugh when I see their Sustainable Development rhetoric plastered all over the council websites NZ wide. And councils said one of our neutered & silenced Mayors, are the biggest polluters. Pity so many still believe their lies. As for equality & no hunger, don’t get me started! Thanks anyway zrpradyer. On it all lumbers.

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