Fast food DISASTER: Industrial chemicals found inside many samples, NEW study

(NaturalHealth365)  If you love fast food like nearly 37% of the United States population who eat it a day, you may be consuming industrial chemicals.  That is exactly what a study published by George Washington University recently found.

The study examined the top fast food chains in the country by purchasing 64 fast food items from establishments in the San Antonio, Texas area, including Chipotle, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

Upon testing their samples, the researchers found small amounts of harmful chemicals called phthalates in most food samples.


4 thoughts on “Fast food DISASTER: Industrial chemicals found inside many samples, NEW study”

    1. True it isn’t new. I’m digging up some of my very old posts … reminders I guess. I fear even our organic is compromised by what I hear. Who can we trust? That’s right, not corporations!!


      1. There were some discussions about the poor quality of fast food here maybe 20 years ago, that finally forced McCrap etc. to change (a bit), but still use industrial oils when deep frying. Yes, then we have the recent news about modifying plants with C19 toxins … That’s the regular GMO style … Few GMO stuff like some types of modified maise, soy and a type of beet are legal in EU. (People that got the mRNA drug are not on the GMO white list …) If sold within EU, the products have to be marked as GMO and even meat, if the animals was feed with it. Even though I don’t eat maise due to the carb’ content, I check them in stores and so far no marking, but I doubt … If it originates from N. America, the chance of being GMO is ~95%. Like drugs, no one can tell what’s in it …


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