CDC Releases “Urgent Health Advisory” to Vaccinate the Unborn

Pfizer’s published medical experiments testing coronavirus concoctions on children showed promising opportunity to influence a entirely new market. Now, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has announced a new wave of propaganda: a campaign to target pregnant mothers, and their unborn.

The result, Big Pharma companies make sales, gain new customers, and profit, before their clients are even born. What are the long terms risks for your unborn child?Could this out-of-control medical experiment have finally gone too far? Will injecting unborn fetuses with coronavirus vaccines lead to complications or other negative consequences?

“[The] CDC recommends ‘urgent action’ to help protect pregnant people and their fetuses/infants.” reads an official health advisory published by the CDC.

Taking advantage of this open market opportunity, the CDC published a report via Twitter, referring to it as an “urgent” health advisory. The tweet reads, CDC issues urgent health advisory, strongly recommends #COVID19…

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